175 Of The Best Things People Found In Thrift Stores, Flea Markets And Garage Sales (New Pics)

Shopping at thrift stores is pretty exciting. You never know what you’re going to find next. Regular stores usually have generic themes and you have a basic understanding of what they offer. But with thrift stores, it’s like opening the old metal cookie box in your grandma’s attic. From a Jesus Magic 8-Ball to a sassy “grandfather” clock/shelf, Bored Panda has compiled a list of unusual thrift store finds you’d pretty much have to buy if you found them. Scroll down, enjoy, and upvote your faves.

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#1 My Daughter, She Gets Me. She Found The Pot At A Goodwill ($2.). It Was Originally Made For Baking Soda But This Is Much Better


Image credits: Amanda Kevern

#2 I See All Your Sassy Teapots, But I Think I Found Something Even More Sassy. I Present To You All The Sassy Grandfather Clock!


Image credits: Jessie Finn

#3 Finally Found A Mushroom Lamp Today!!! I Am In Love!


Image credits: Alexandra McKay

#4 My New Thrift Store Find, With This New Sweater Everybody Will Know I’m A Funguy…


Image credits: Chris Costigan

#5 We’re Redoing Our Bathroom And Discovered Some “Secondhand” Wallpaper Under The Mirror And Light Fixture. I’m In Love With The Doodles. I Took It Off The Wall And Was Able To Keep Most Of It In One Piece, It’s In Great Shape! May Just Have To Frame It


Image credits: Lydia DeTello

#6 I See The Occasional Post Where Someone Finds Their Own Art Etc, So I Guess This Is Mine. The First Photo Is Me At A Vintage/Thrift Sale On Sat, Holding A Dress. The Second Is Me, Age 16, Wearing The Exact Same Dress!

I personally hand sewed all the sequins and appliqués, for competitions in beauty pageants. When I saw it I nearly fell over. No one in my family knows how it got an hour’s drive away, after 24 years. Pretty proud though, my yee haw creation was marked at $80.


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Image credits: Nicole Bee

#7 The Miracle Of Life…


Image credits: Katherine Brown

#8 Fun Little Salt And Pepper Shakers


Image credits: Lisa Dodge Townsend

#9 My Husband Saw This In Front Of An Antique Shop While On A Business Trip In Pennsylvania. It Totally Came Home! It Gets Moved Around A Lot, Because It‘S Huge! Since So Many People Have Asked *adding* He Paid $700 For It…. A Lot For Us But We Are Both Thrilled With The New Addition To Our Family


Image credits: Amanda Bowen

#10 Brace Yourselves. I Found The Thrift Store Holy Grail. Am I Ready For #pride Or What? $7.99 For The Rainbow-Sequined Bodysuit And Worth Every Cent. Boots Were $2.50. Mile High Thrift In Thornton, Co Is My New Addiction


Image credits: Kaz Windness

#11 My Halloween Costume From Last Year. It Started With The Homemade Dress At A Thrift Store In Dallas, Oregon. I Told My Wife “Hey, I Bet I Could Fit Into This” And There Was No Turning Back. I Made A Point To Gather All Other Elements From Thrift Stores (I Already Owned The Shoes)


Image credits: Michael Fairchild

#12 Found This Around The Vases At Fabulous Finds In Port Charlotte, Fl. They Didn’t Know It Was A Hat! I Was Delighted To Find It And Take It Home With Me


Image credits: Eliora Bachman

#13 Found This Gem While Browsing The Thrift Shop Last Night For $6.99

 I asked the husband how i looked, and he said it was “hideous.” I told him it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Paired it with a suit jacket, think i should wear it to my 16 year old’s meet the teacher night tonight?

Image credits: Krystle Getson

#14 Girlfriend Found This The Other Day And Wants To Reupholster It In Purple Velvet. From What I Was Able To Find Out Its Called A Victorian Balloon* Chair And Rike’s (From The Tag) Was A Department Store In Dayton Ohio


Image credits: Aaron Biddle

#15 The Top Is A Random Painting I Bought, The Bottom Is My Dog, Applesauce. I Had To Buy The Painting, The Resemblance Is Uncanny!


Image credits: Birdie Wood

#16 Saw This In Tasmania Australia At The Salvation Army. I Thought “Argh Cute Chair” Turned It Upside Down And Giggled For 5 Minutes


Image credits: Belle Joyce

#17 I Was Invited To An Event At Goodwill Today And Happened To Find This Brand New Burger Sweatshirt For A Mere $8. Still Had Tags On It. Just Call Me Rhonda Mcdonald. The Bag Was A Gift From A Friend!


Image credits: Nicole Rieder

#18 Only $1 And Completely Unused! At The Place Of Forsyth Thrift Store In Cumming, Georgia


Image credits: Meredith Finley-Simonds

#19 At A Local Thrift Store


Image credits: Sarah Kristin Hamlin

#20 Ohhh The Looks I Got Walking Around With This After I Purchased It Today


Image credits: John Rose

#21 Does This Qualify As A House Hippo? About 25 Years Ago I Saw This For Sale At A Furniture Shop, There Was No Way I Could Afford It So It Stayed There. Fast Forward To A Couple Of Years Ago On A Local Buy Swap Sell, Lo And Behold There’s My Hippo – There Was No Way It Was Getting Away This Time!!!


Image credits: Kerrie Murphy‎

#22 Speechless. My Daughter Found This At Renaissance In Laval, Qc, Canada


Image credits: Caroline Huot‎

#23 Behold. Chewbacca, Riding A Giant Squirrel, Fighting Nazis. It’s About 11×14 And Resides In Our Dining Room


Image credits: Nikki Dieball

#24 When You Loose The Head On Your Ninja Turtle…. Improvise !


Image credits: Sarah Myers‎

#25 I’m Gonna Try Posting This Again, Because Everyone Likes The Tiny Stuff. My 10 Year Old Son And I Found This Tiny Cast Iron Stove Last Week At An Antique Store And I Let Him Cook A Tiny Grilled Cheese Sandwich And Tomato Soup On It! It Worked! He Was So Stoked!


Image credits: Sarah Smith

#26 The Amount Of Regret I Hold In My Heart For Not Buying This Is A Level Human Words Can’t Describe. Found At St. Louis Goodwill In Forest Park


Image credits: Natalie Rutledge

#27 My Grammy Has Been Collecting Toys Since The ’60s When She Started An In Home Daycare. I Give To You The Only Working Mcdonalds Ice Cream Machine In Asheville, Nc!


Image credits: Katie Hull

#28 This Unusual Table Was At An Estate Sale Auction I Attended. Sold For $750


Image credits: Sue MG

#29 Found This In An Old Nasa Book That My Husband Recently Bought This Weekend At A Goodwill! Thought It Was Pretty Cool…he Is Going To Plant Them!


Image credits: Katrina Marie Lackhouse

#30 This Is My Jesus “Magic 8” Ball. Over The Years, He’s Lost Some Liquid So The Prediction Portion Isn’t As Legible As It Once Was But It’s Funny Nevertheless!


Image credits: Paige Fettuccine

#31 Kenosha Wisconsin Goodwill


Image credits: Yvonne Carroll‎

#32 First Post! I Came Across This Beauty At One Of Our Local Thrift Stores. It Did Not Come Home With Me


Image credits: Missy Thompson

#33 We Moved Into A Vintage 1962 House With Everything Original. This Dollhouse Was Built Into The Cabinets In One Of The Rooms And I Was Gifted It To Keep Safe And Enjoy. Mary Built This Over A Ten Year Period While She Was Sick. Update:. Thank You Everyone For All The Love. I Was Kinda Crabby Recently And You’ve Made My Week. I Posted A Video Of Part Of The House And The Updated Dollhouse Video Where I Have Moved The Furniture As I Could Back To Its Original Spot. Sadly, The Dust Had To Remain


Image credits: Emily Millar

#34 Someone Put A Lot Of Effort Into This!!! 10 Bucks And Fits Like It Was Made For Me. Yes It Is Mine Now


Image credits: Meaghan Towns

#35 I Dont Even Wear Crocs And I Had To Scoop This Bad Boy Up For 25 Cents


Image credits: James Hill

#36 After 20 Years Of Loving This Towel, We Found The Exact Same One, Completely New, At Goodwill


Image credits: Jay Englishbee

#37 Behold: The “Breakfast Table.” Yes, Those Are Bacon Legs


Image credits: Amber Dawn Dancy

#38 You Could Say My New Hair Dryer Is Packin’ Some Heat


Image credits: Jenna Schmidt

#39 What 1980’s Teenager Donated This? Found It In A Bin Of Donations. I Work At Goodwill


Image credits: Nikki Raymer

#40 All My Childhood Dreams Are Coming True! Now I Can Sing Opps…i Did It Again While Wearing Britney’s Red Catsuit. It’s A Glorious Day!


Image credits: Caitlin Trantham

#41 It’s A Major Award And Yes It Came Home With Me


Image credits: John L Smith III

#42 75 Cents At An Estate Sale. Definitely Came Home With Me


Image credits: MJ Buley

#43 Step 1: Cut A Hole In The Pumpkin


Image credits: Sophie Ryckman

#44 Found The Uranium Glass Honey Hole!!! These Beauties Came Home With Us!


Image credits: Christina Brown

#45 I Found This Awesome Circus Uniform At The Goodwill Near Me. I Looked It Up And The Circus Ran From The 1930s To 2016 So I Have No Idea How Old It Is But I Brought It Home And Now I Run This Circus


Image credits: Sarah Mae Stone

#46 Found This Granny At An Estate Sale In Ft Worth. Yes, She Came Home With Me! Worth The Money For The Laughs We’ve Had. She Will Be Dressed For Every Holiday!


Image credits: Carrie Sexton

#47 Found This Dumpster Diving When I Was 11 Years Old Been On My Wall Ever Since


Image credits: Amanda Dee Harding

#48 I Have So Many Questions. Like Who Is This Brave Kitty? And What Did He Do To Earn His Metal? And How Did They Get Him To Wear That Uniform? Does He Put His Little Helmet On Himself?


Image credits: Sarah Choate

#49 Doesn’t My Friend Have Some Sexy Legs?! The Answer Is No, He Doesn’t. Those Aren’t His Legs Or Even His Butt. That My Friends, Is A Barstool We Found At An Antique Shop In Fort Collins, Co. It Was Already Sold And Just Waiting For Pick Up But We Had To Snap A Picture


Image credits: Siobhan Morrison

#50 Hand Painted Find At Goodwill… This Cat Has Seen Some Things


Image credits: Shelby Albright

#51 Flea Market Find , Metal Molds For Babydoll Heads


Image credits: Ritchie Baird

#52 So I Posted The Lovely Cat Pillow On The Left When I Found It A Few Months Ago At A Goodwill In Indiana. It Was Wonderfully Weird And I Kept Telling My Grandma How I Wish I Had The Money For It, How I Shouldn’t Have Left It Behind. We Went Back A Few Days Later And It Was Gone! So, My Lovely, Very Crafty Grandma Made The Pillow On The Right For Me. And Somehow, I Love It Even More Than The Original


Image credits: Tori Smith

#53 Found This Little Gem Today In A Antique Store, Definitely Came Home With Me


Image credits: Troy Gleason

#54 This Bad Boy Has A New Home In My Kitchen


Image credits: Cassie Lee‎

#55 First Post!! I Found This Beauty In The Window Down At Extra Care Charity Shop In Bulwell Nottingham UK. Didn’t Come Home With Me Unfortunately. Lets Hope They Find A Good Home!!


Image credits: Donnah Henshaw

#56 You You You You You Outta Know That I For Sure Brought This Baby Home With Me!


Image credits: Addison Hamilton

#57 Passed A Goodwill When I Was Heading Back To The Canadian Border. America, You Did Not Disappoint


Image credits: Amanda Tolentino

#58 I Don’t Even Know A Rick, I Just Thought For A Quarter It Was Too Cute To Pass Up. Provided Several Size References


Image credits: Elizabeth Groover

#59 Found This Little Booty And Heck Yes It Came Home With Me. Found At Speedway Antique Mall In Tucson, Az


Image credits: Cate Culek Beech

#60 This Photograph Was Stuck In A Stack Of Vinyl Records I Bought At A Thrift Shop. Makes Me Laugh Every Time I Look At It


Image credits: Amy Krumm Kelly

#61 Mermaid Blanket Found At Goodwill In Spokane. Now I’m All Set For The Coziest Winter Ever


Image credits: Melissa Stoner

#62 Ahhhhhh Real Monsters!! Best 10 Bucks We Ever Spent! Picked These Up A Auction Today. Update: I Didn’t Realize We Would Get So Much Love! We Almost Didn’t Buy Them. Glad We Could Spark Up Your Childhood Memories!


Image credits: Tanaya Holmes

#63 Some Shoepants Comin’ At Ya. These Babies Set Me Back A Whole $.25 At St. Vinnie’s


Image credits: Erin P Christie

#64 Found These Creepy Things At Salvation Army. I’m Only 50% Sure Those Aren’t Real Teeth. They Did Not Come Home With Me


Image credits: Brianna Bailey

#65 I Shall Be The Warmest Lady At The Bus Stop This Year! All For An Amazing $11 At A Pa Barn Sale This Morning. To Frances Sharpe The Maker Of This Ensemble, Your Creation Is Wonderful And I Will Treasure It!


Image credits: Kimberly Rose Deremer

#66 Dinosaur Chopsticks! I Have Found My Soulmate


Image credits: Madeline Ashton

#67 100+ Year Old Magicians Suit


Image credits: Joe Brotterball

#68 I’m Lucky Enough To Manage A Non Profit Thrift Store In My Town (Matthews, Nc), And Have Wonderful Volunteers That Usually Leave The Weirdest Donations On My Desk Because They Know I Love The Unusual Items. This Is One Of My More Recent And Favorite Finds, Bought It As Soon As I Saw It! Best Knife Set Ever!


Image credits: Lindsay Stokes

#69 Speechless….. To Say The Least!


Image credits: Tracy Tanner

#70 So We Found This Arm Which We Believe Is What Students Practiced Drawing Blood From My Husband And I Take Turns Hiding It In Plain Sight To Startle Each Other Just A Bit Of Demented Fun Lol


Image credits: Reba Lynn

#71 My New Chair So In Love With It


Image credits: Donna Whelan

#72 I See Your Bmo Docs And I Raise You These Ice King Docs!


Image credits: Daniel Kessenich

#73 My Wife And I Found This Framed Photo Of Mr. Bean, With All The Elements Of The Photo Made Of Different Types Of Beans!! One Of Our Strangest Finds Yet, So We Just Had To Have Him. He Now Stares Us Down As We Walk Through The Kitchen


Image credits: Gary Charles Mullins

#74 My Very Own Crustacean Menstruation Station For A Non-Gestation Shellebration… 6 Bucks At St Vincent De Paul In Ottawa, Canada


Image credits: Janel Gee

#75 This Plate Was Found In A Charity Shop In Bath, UK, A Mahoosive 9 Years Ago But It’s Come Up On My Memories And I Had To Share. I Still Have It! Thomas Is A Dick


Image credits: Coral Mariner-McLaughlin

#76 Saw This Yesterday. It Didn’t Come Home With Me


Image credits: Bernard Bosio‎

#77 Whooo Needs Some Salt And Pepper?? Found For $2 At An Estate Sale In Sunfield, Mi And They Definitely Came Home With Me Even Though I Had No Clue What They Were When I Bought Them


Image credits: Heather Boros

#78 I Saw This In The Window Of A Thrift Shop And Literally Screamed To My Husband “Pull Over!” She Wasn’t For Sale, But The Clerk Said She’d Consider Selling Her For (Only!) $25. She Now Has A Place Of Honor In My Living Room Next To The TV Stand


Image credits: Wendy Thompson

#79 Found And Took Home This Authentic Hostess Twinkie Pan From A Closed Factory In St. Louis. It’s Going To Become A Light Fixture


Image credits: Devon Renee Spencer

#80 Found This Buried On A Bottom Shelf. Had To Have It


Image credits: John Rose

#81 I Bought A Blazer At The Thrift Store Yesterday. When I Got It Home, I Reached In To See If The Pockets Were Sewn Shut Or Not. They Were Not, And To My Dismay I Felt Something Gelatinous And Room Temperature In My Left Hand. I Ran To The Garbage Can, Horrified And Prepared For The Worst…


Image credits: Lon Eldridge

#82 My Husband Patrick Is A Massive Cat Lover, To The Point He’s Now Called Catrick. Today We Found Him The Most Purrrfect Vest


Image credits: Amanda Krysa

#83 I Found A Garment


Image credits: Kristie Otis Shackelford

#84 I’ve Finally Found Something I Think Qualifies For This Page


Image credits: Jean Losey Darlow

#85 The Fur Babes Got A Tiny Couch. $30.. What A Steal


Image credits: Valencia Von Diata

#86 Bought This For 25.00


Image credits: Allison Vieira

#87 Went To Visit My Sister At Her Goodwill Store In Newark Oh And David Bowie Was Sitting The In Window Just Waiting For Me


Image credits: Kim Bush

#88 My Favorite Find Yet. A 2 Foot Tall Ewok Candy Bowl


Image credits: Tom McDonald

#89 Omg! My Name Is Never On A Coke Bottle Or Snicker. No Key Chain! It’s Only On A Wine Bottle (Sold Everywhere)! In Many Varieties, Even. But!!!! My Best Friend (Not Even On This Site), Spots This @goodwill In Canton, Nc! I Sat In Front Of This Sign At One Point In A Pizza Restaurant. Trying To Figure Out How To Get It. Didn’t Go Home With Him. He Brung It To Me. I’m Over The Moon


Image credits: Chianti Chambers‎

#90 This Was Dumped At Work.. I’m Trying To Figure Out How To Get It In My Fiat Convertible! Oh My! So Many Responses!! I Think We Found A Way To Get It Home!!


Image credits: Felicia Walter Roberts

#91 Found A Little Waffle(?) Head Cat… 50c He Came Home With Me…i Love Him


Image credits: Rochelle Featherstone

#92 Went To A Thrift Store And Bought Me A $2 Wallet. Searching It In The Car This Fell Out, Someone’s Preserved 4 Leaf Clover! Wonder How Old It Really Is And Wish I Knew Who It Belonged To Bet They Held This Dear. I Hope To Continue To Keep It Safe Might Not Be Much But I Think It’s Pretty Neat And Special


Image credits: Vanessa Carlson

#93 I’m A Bit Of A Nerd Who’s Parents Definitely Raised Him On Star Trek, Among Other Things, And I Couldn’t Pass It Up. It Came Immediately Home With Me


Image credits: Kai Calhoun

#94 I Regret Not Bringing This Home Because I Really Think This Top Tier Comedy


Image credits: Marcella Uzi

#95 I Turned Around And There They Were…starring At Me…


Image credits: Joanna Becker

#96 Someone’s Grandma, Put Some Time And Heart, Into Making These


Image credits: Billy Jacobs

#97 Just My Cat With A Mustache Riding My Goat That I Found At A Thrift Store


Image credits: Linda Buscaglia

#98 Anyone Ever Seen A Toy Gun That Shoots Pigs? Well…i Now Have One And I’m Looking For A Target…the Cat…the Dog…my Husband??!! Only A Dollar At My Favorite Thrift Store In Church Hill, Tn


Image credits: Drea Howman

#99 I Believe, It’s A Funeral Fan, I Have Two Of Them… Way Back When…fans Like This Were Placed On Each End Of A Casket And Were Used To Help Keep The Body Cool…

I unearthed this one from the garage this morning… I consider selling them every time I have to move them because they are so heavy and awkward… and then I look at them and imagine all the weird stories they could tell if only fans could tell stories… and decide to keep them


Image credits: Jennifer Johnson

#100 This Couch. I Wanted It So Bad. It Did Not Come Home With Me. It Was $400 And At The Salvation Army In Oxford, Michigan. Someone Go Give It A Good Home Please


Image credits: Jain Jackson

#101 I Found This Gem In Howell, Mi. I Did Not Take It Home Lol….. This Is My First Post And I Hope It Lives Up To Your Standards!


Image credits: Kathryn Heinrich

#102 I’ve Had Frank Now For 1.5 Years, But He’s Worth Sharing Here. I Live In Mo. He Had Traveled Up Here From Fl To An Auction And I Won!! I Was The Highest Bidder…$100 For This. My Husband Asked Me “What Are You Going To Do With That?” I Said….”Lawn Ornament”


Image credits: Adrienne E Williams

#103 I Don’t Know What Function A 2 Yr Old Would Wear This Too But I Felt It Needed To Be Shared.


Image credits: Amber Buckley

#104 Came Across This At Work Today(I Work At A Local Thrift Store) Yes Its A Wreath Of Mr Potato Heads…


Image credits: Heidi Everling Berry

#105 Look At What I Found Yesterday! What Makes It “Weird” Is That It Has Never Been Sold! It Just Sat In A Warehouse For 60 Years!! That Means Not A Scratch Or Poltergeist In It! Score!


Image credits: ‎Julie Danner‎

#106 A Friend Found This At An Antique Mall. It Was A Perfect Match To My Pet Porch Cow, Bucky! She Gifted It To Me And I Love It!!! (I Painted Its Nose To Match Bucky’s. Lol)


Image credits: Cheryl Stephen

#107 I Wore Them Out Of The Store


Image credits: Ian Anderson

#108 Hi! I’ve Seen Many A Post Of Cool Animal Beds And Wanted To Share Ours! This Is Lexus, She Is 20.5 Years Old. This Is Her Bed Which Was Found At A Consignment Store About 8 Years Ago! She Loves It. In Her Old Age I Have Had To Put A Paint Can Underneath It So She Has A Step…


Image credits: Casey Carolina Hernandez

#109 Sharing This With All Of You Is A Huge Whisk I’m Willing To Take


Image credits: Dottie Dayjäg

#110 Family: What Are You Bringing To Thanksgiving? Me: I Could Give Two Shits


Image credits: Courtney Rae‎

#111 So, It Is Widely Known That I Am Obsessed With Cows Of All Types. I Got A Call From My Friend Last Week Who Was Thrifting And She Said She Found Me Something Perfect. It Did Not Disappoint


Image credits: ‎Kelsey Drover‎

#112 I Don’t Know If This Weird Enough For Y’all Cause Of Seen Some Really Off The Wall Stuff On Here But… Found At The Waterfront Mission, I Give You A Cow Bell


Image credits: Pam Turner

#113 This Is Thaddeus. I Found Him At Goodwill. And I Can’t Stop Slowly Zooming In On Him And Playing Sad Music


Image credits: Morgan McCleery

#114 Interesting-Odd-Second-Hand-Finds


Image credits: Kaylin Caz

#115 Nicolas Cage Came Home With Me


Image credits: Kelly Geiger

#116 Just A Chair With Spider Web Print .. No Biggie


Image credits: Cece Gee

#117 First Post If Approved! Who Wouldnt Want A Chameleon Tape Dispenser?! Wasnt For Sale Unfortunately But It Was Found The On The Desk Of A Thrift Store Cashier Such A Cute Little Weirdo


Image credits: Carey Lynn

#118 At Savers Honolulu


Image credits: Michael Walter

#119 I Need A Situation Where I Can Wear A Cow Tie


Image credits: Steven Lesser

#120 I Found A Naked Mole Rat In A Free Pile At A Garage Sale. And He’s Wearing A Sombrero! He Squeaks When You Push Down On His Hat


Image credits: Cat M Turnbull

#121 Found This Beauty At My Local Goodwill. I Think He Deserves To Be Hung Up In The Living Room


Image credits: Lisa Thompson-Grant

#122 Very Specific But, Hell, If You’re A Heather With A Great Casserole Then You’re In Luck. Or Not A Heather At All, And Just Appreciate The Irony. Goodwill In Benbrook, Tx. $5


Image credits: Alandria Cruxiel

#123 It’s A Paint Palette Serving Tray! I Am So Happy Right Now! Found At A Goodwill In Atlanta And There Were Two Of Them But I Decided To Save The Second For Another Artist To Freak Out Over!


Image credits: Tamara Comstock

#124 Meet Jim Chairy… The Tiny Chair And Framed Picture Of Jim Carrey Sold Separately, But Bought Together For A Lifetime Of Dry Humor Arc Colorado Springs


Image credits: Chelsea Sanderson

#125 Found This Seahorse, A Mythical Hippocampus (Greek For Horse Monster!) In An Antique Shop In NY State. They Pulled Poseidon’s Chariot, According To Greek Mythology. Wasn’t Sure, But Then Had To Go Back And Buy It!


Image credits: Jamie Dransfield

#126 Found This Funky Cat Shirt And You Bet I Bought It! £4 And The Septum Actually Moves!


Image credits: Niamh Blakely

#127 My Roommate Is A Goodwill Queen… She Finds This Today And When I Tell Her How Much I Love It She Tells Me To Keep It… I’m Dead


Image credits: Mariah Knauf‎

#128 This Is A Sassy Or Judgemental Cookie Jar. Bonus: That Plug Doesnt Work, It’s Made Of Clay So…decorative…? Goodwill In Litchfield Illinois


Image credits: Makaen Serr‎

#129 Found This At The Local Value Village In Seattle, Wa Yesterday. I Think It Must Be Some Kind Of Ancient Relic From The Lost City Of Atlantis??? Trying To Figure Out What The Numbers Mean. Anyone Have An Idea Of What Kind Of Fossil This Is?


Image credits: Zoe Angelique

#130 Who Wore It Better? Despite My Love For Funky Hats, This One Did Not Come Home With Me. Goodwill, NYC


Image credits: Denise Stillwell

#131 My Grandmother Always Wore A White Apron In The Kitchen That Was Too Big For Her. So, She Folded It Over A Little At The Waist And Tied It Twice. When She Passed Away, My Sisters And I Were Sorting Her Recipes And Cookbooks, I Said I Wanted Her Apron. I Was Not Disappointed!!! My Entire Childhood My Nana Had Been Wearing This Apron Backwards!


Image credits: Gina DiAngelo Petrochello

#132 First Post. Epically Disturbing Find That I For Some Reason Came Home With Because Why Not?


Image credits: Rachel Kristin

#133 I Don’t Dry My Hair Often But When I Do I Have Found This Quite Effective. Garage Sale Somewhere In Sa For A Few Buckaroos


Image credits: Anna Goodhind

#134 I Found My Great Grandmothers Vintage Evening Out/Makeup Coin Purse The Other Day And Shared It On My Personal Facebook Page And Got A Ton Of Feedback! The Buffalo Nickel Is Dated At 1935 And The Mercury Dime Is Dated At 1945. Wanted To Share This Neat Find If Anyone New Anything About It And Would Like To Share


Image credits: Mary Seay

#135 Seen At A Boot Sale Huntsville Alabama


Image credits: Ronnie Minter

#136 Found This Jacket Covered In Pins At A Vintage Market In Philadelphia. It Did Not Come Home With Me


Image credits: Ilana Volain

#137 My Daughter Said “No!!”


Image credits: Judy Harless Cook

#138 Shoulder Pads For Dayyyys. Found At The Payson Az Goodwill


Image credits: Lanelle Horstmeier

#139 Spotted In Chicago, Did Not Come Home With Me As The Random Capitalization Would Drive Me Bananas


Image credits: Amy Cox

#140 I Am The Proud Owner Of This Goodwill Gem Of A Unitard, For No Other Reason Than I Am Totally Obsessed With This Page


Image credits: Terri MJ

#141 Thank You Goodwill, You’ve Made My Funky Fairy Dreams Come True


Image credits: Heidi Blanchard

#142 Duh-Nuh-Nuh-Nuh-Nuh-Nuh-Nuh-Nuh, Bedman!


Image credits: Abby Breann

#143 I Bought This Wax Apple And Was Very Surprised To Find The Secret Inside! An Amazing Scene Featuring A Girl, Woodland Doves And An Amazing Painted Backdrop! The Apple Is So Small (See Pen For Reference) I Have No Idea Who Would Have Been Able To Do This!


Image credits: Adam Garrett

#144 My New Little Salt And Pepper Shakers From Goodwill…… For 99 Cents! The Lack Fuzzy Is From The Feather Boa It Was Next To On The Shelf. Gotta Soak The Price Tag Off


Image credits: Melissa Ervin

#145 Standing In The Goodwill Aisle, Weighing In At 130lbs… It’s Jeeennnniiffferrrr Leeeeewwwwwwis! Embarrassing My Family And Making It Weird For Folks In Goodwill Since 1976


Image credits: Jennifer Lewis

#146 One Of My Favorite Thrift Mall Finds


Image credits: Ute Lajoie Musselman

#147 A Few Weeks Back Someone Posted About Their Potato Bowl. Growing Up My Nickname Was Potato. My Friend And I Have Been Finding These Randomly And Whenever She Finds One She Sends It To Me


Image credits: Jade Ross

#148 I Can’t Understand How A Formalwear Porta-Potty Portrait In A Crystal Frame Ever Got Donated


Image credits: Betsy Ruppert-Kan

#149 This Is Her Napping Chair


Image credits: McKenna Rae Newman

#150 I’ve Seen Your House Hippos (So Cute By The Way!), But They’re Quite Ordinary When Compared To This… Cabbage Dog??? Left It There Though Even If It Was Just 50 Cents… Cause You Know, Kids… And Cats! I’m Not Sure It Would Survive In My Home!


Image credits: Melanie Dionne

#151 Back In The Early 90s We Lost My Great Grandmother, Very Old School Italian Catholic. She Had Collected These Over The Years And In Amongst All The Family Dramas My Grandfather Shoved These In My Pocket And Told Me To Keep Quiet (I Was Around 9) Later Discovered That It Held All Her Saints Medals From Around Europe Etc. I’ve Always Loved Them Cause They Were Hers. No Clue Of The History That I’m Sure This Box Is Full Of, But I’m Sure It’s Amazing. She Even Had The Collection Blessed By The Pope At The Time During Her Trip To The Vatican. I’m Not Religious, But I’ll Love These Forever


Image credits: Lindsey Primeau

#152 Found This Gem About 5 Years Ago At A Random Yard Sale In The Middle Of Nowhere. It Did Not Come Home With Me


Image credits: Laura Hohman

#153 $1 At Goodwill The Cashier Didn’t Want To Sell It To Me Due To The Profanity


Image credits: Krista Rann

#154 Found Another One!


Image credits: Cody Pollard

#155 Found This Beauty At A Garage Sale In Kansas City Missouri. All Nails And Screws. I Absolutely Love It


Image credits: Brandy Pierce

#156 Found This Cutie In A Small Thrift Shop From Romania (My Home Country) And He Definitely Came Home With Us


Image credits: Ani Dima

#157 I Was Doing A Bit Of Vintage Shopping And Found This Lovely Turban And Portrait At The Same Shop In Different Booths. The Hat Came Home The Portrait Did Not…but I Really Think I Want To Go Back For The Photo Now


Image credits: Donna Smith LaRiviere

#158 First Post: My Sushi Cat Keychain. Found It At An Estate Sale For $1.00. We Actually Got 3 Different Ones, This Is Just The One I’m Using. My Mom Says Its Creepy


Image credits: Melanie Loeb

#159 I Found Them!! I Finally Found A Pair For Me! ( A Little Wide, But Inserts Should Handle That!) I’m In Love, Now I Have To Try Walking In Them!


Image credits: Genevieve Levangie

#160 I Found Him At S Rummage Sale Today. I Named Him Buck. I Wish He Could Stay In The Car But I’m Afraid Someone Might Break Out My Window To Save Him


Image credits: Sherry Bruno

#161 I Bought This Lamp From A Very Lovely Woman During A Moving Sale Recently And I Don’t Think I Was Able To Express My Gratitude Enough For Selling Me This Amazing Piece. Yes, It Is A Woman Riding A Dolphin. Yes, It Is Now My Favorite Thing Ever


Image credits: Savannah Crutchley

#162 This Dragon Is Freaking Amazing! It Was At The Gw In Green Bay Wi And Sadly Was Already Sold. It Breathes Smoke And Lights Up And I Think The Wings Move As Well. Holy S**t! I Was Honestly Floored By Its Size And How Realistic It Looks


Image credits: Melissa Warburton

#163 I Went To An Estate Sale Which I Knew Was A Distant Relative. Things Were Pretty Much Picked Over…but Then I Looked In The Back Of A Cupboard And Saw This Teacup. I Turned It Over To See Who Made It…

“To my surprise this piece of tape was on the bottom. It reads ‘From Aunt Mandy on our 25th wedding anniversary Dec 1961’, ‘Cup given to Grandma Lange’s mother on her 25th ann.’Soooo….I have a Great Aunt Mandy and my Grandma was a Lange. With a bit of research we determined that this cup was given to MY great great grandmother approx in 1868!!!”


Image credits: https://www.facebook.com/groups/WeirdSecondhandFinds/permalink/1328018740715669/

#164 Ah Yes, Just What I’ve Always Wanted – A Human Arm Covered In The Ripest Of Smallpox


Image credits: Sharna May Richardson

#165 This Is Siouxie Sioux Cat Eye Earring. An English Artist From Siouxie And The Banshees. I’m Sure Some Of You Recall The Band


Image credits: Feather Robley

#166 I Found This Yesterday At Goodwill. I Go To Goodwill A Lot And This Is By Far The Weirdest Thing I’ve Ever Found, Because Of That It Has A Special Place In My Heart


Image credits: Teresa Kessenich-Chase

#167 Found In Mobile, Al For $100 For The Set. Mission Of Hope Thrift Store Yes-One Hundred For The Set


Image credits: Catherine J Harvey

#168 My Daughter Was Gonna Sit On It So I Could Snap A Quick Pic. I Saw The Price Tag And Told Her “Dont You Dare Sit On It!”


Image credits: Polly Calvin

#169 Found This Happy Little Guy And Had To Bring Him Home. (Goodwill In Palatka, Fl.)


Image credits: Blabi Gale‎

#170 Was Out At An Estate Sale And Found This Perfect Little Halloween Sweater For My Bearded Dragon. I Couldn’t Resist


Image credits: Alli Curtis‎

#171 My 8 Year Old Asked To Go To The Op Shop Whilst His Sister Was At Her Friends House…… $3 Later He Walked Out With These Weird Unusual Shoes For His Sister Because They Didnt Fit His Feet, And He Thought They Were Too Aweaome To Leave Behind


Image credits: Stace Dever

#172 Found At An Antiques Shop In Milton, Nc. No, They Did Not Come Home With Us


Image credits: Becca Bertok

#173 I Found This Great Vomit Clock This Weekend For Only $5! But I Left It For Someone Else To Enjoy


Image credits: Lanell White Keith

#174 Fun Find At A Gw In Oldsmar, Fl Yesterday. Haven’t Stopped Wearing It Since!


Image credits: Kara Lotabotchu

#175 I Got This At Marburger During Our Round Top Texas Trip Last Year. It’s A Victorian Mourning Ring. This Ring Has The Braided Hair Of *jane Under The Center Piece And The Date She Passed Away On The Underside. I Did Buy This Ring! Some Think This Is Very Creepy- But I Actually Thought It To Be Beautiful


Image credits: Holly Carroll Wells

Source: boredpanda.com

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