183 Times People Captured Turtles Being Ridiculous And Adorable

If you’re thinking about owning a pet but don’t feel like getting a dog or a cat, some people might say that one of the best options is getting a turtle. A lot can depend on an individual, but some people find these creatures to be perfect pets as they live longer and they don’t require as much energy as, for example, dogs. It might seem that turtles are a rare choice when it comes to picking a pet, but here are some moments when people online decided to share their adorable pet turtles or pictures that capture how amazing they truly are. Which one of these is your favorite? Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments down below!

#1 Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin’s 16-Year-Old Son Robert Shared An Adorable Selfie With A Tortoise Named Igloo

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Image credits: RobertIrwin

#2 Baby Snapping Turtles Look Just Like Little Dinosaurs

Image credits: Brick_in_the_dbol

Very often we might hear two names that refer to turtles. These are turtle and tortoise. What is the difference between these two creatures? The main difference is that turtles mainly live in water and only appear on land occasionally, while tortoises live only on land. They also differ in their appearance: while turtles are flat and light, tortoises are found to be thicker and heavier. It is known that turtles live from 20 to 40 years while tortoises live longer: from 60 to 80 years.

#3 I Found My Tortoise Like This. Putting The Clues Together, It Seems He Pooped, Got It Stuck On His Foot, Ran In Circles Trying To Get It Off, And Flipped Over

Image credits: Pigglepoo

#4 They Are Often Seen Following Each Other Around, Sharing Meals And Resting Together. We Hope This Unusual Friendship Continues To Flourish

Image credits: Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand

#5 Welcome To The World Baby Razorback

Image credits: 42acorns

It might seem that turtles are easier to take care of than other pets that need to be watched all the time, taken outside at least twice a day, and in need of special foods or vitamins. These creatures also require special care. One of the main reasons why it is important to think before getting a turtle as a pet is that it carries salmonella bacteria that can be transmitted to people. 

#6 What Do These Two Do On Another Cold Day? Snuggle Under The Heat Lamp Of Course

Image credits: franklinthetortoisee

#7 I Crocheted Our Tortoise A Tank Sweater. She Is Now Frank The Tank

Image credits: WYOmomming

#8 Volunteers Form A Human Wall To Guide Baby Turtles To The Sea

On the first day of July at 4pm, just 52 days after laying, 112 loggerhead sea turtle hatchlings began to climb to the top of their nest in the sand. STCB had Beachkeepers watching closely, as this nest is at risk from the airport lights which can disorientate hatchlings.
When several mini heads appeared above the sand STCB shaded the nest to prevent the hatchlings dehydrating in the hot sand. We then waited until the sun was going down and hatching took place. Here are the images from hatching. Thank you to all the volunteers who formed a human wall to allow the small loggerheads to make their way to the sea in safety.

Image credits: Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire

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For turtles to grow and be happy with the place they are in, they need the right lighting and temperature, as well as filtered water. Having in mind how long turtles live, people should really think before getting one. And even if the responsibility does not scare you, it is recommended to get a turtle from an animal shelter. 

#9 Baby Tortoises Are God-Like On The Cuteness Scale!!!

Image credits: Dummy_Thicc_Shadow

#10 Neighbor’s Tortoise Escaped And Walked Almost A Street Away. At Around 250 Pounds, This Was Their Solution To Get Her Home

Image credits: sweetsugr25

#11 This Turtle Who Loves Getting His Little Tummy Brushed

Image credits: ShopandGuide

Sometimes people come to the realization that they won’t be able to take care of their pet and the best way to act in this case is to contact an animal shelter or animal rescue group. It is forbidden to let them loose thinking that they will be able to take care of themselves back in the wild. This is not allowed as turtles carry diseases and can affect other turtles. Also, very often, letting a turtle out into the wild means that they are not going to make it on their own. 

#12 This Fellow Came To Me On The Beach Today

Image credits: Delosisland

#13 Jennifer Slopez Is Forever Determined To Go Downstairs. Had To Put These Gates For Safety. She Does Not Respond To Verbal Commands Like: Turtle! No

Image credits: DefinitleyNot203Eels

#14 My Grandfather Built A Floating Dock For Turtles In The Lake By Their House, And The Turtles Love It

Image credits: marsarose

#15 That Wasn’t Expected

Image credits: SharkBaitOoAaAa

#16 He Do Be Gamin Doe

Image credits: smallsamuraix

#17 Baby Turtle Thinks It’s Skydiving

Image credits: gur4red

#18 Hiding

Image credits: turtle_8_31

#19 We Were Able To Release 170 Hatchlings Today In One Of Our Locations

It is always a calming and satisfying feeling releasing the hatchlings back to where they eggs were laid. All that hard work in the beating sun, watching the females trek through the summer heat, flies, dangerous traffic, predators, and human encroachment… all for the sake of these hatchlings to make it back to the water.

Image credits: terrapinconservationinitiative

#20 Franklin Met A New Friend Today

Image credits: franklinthetortoisee

#21 This Baby Turtle Floating Around On A Slice Of Bread

Image credits: Thunderbirds7

#22 Not Sure If You Think Turtles Are Cute But Squirtle Wanted To Say Hi

Image credits: no_kittens_here

#23 Dad: If We Get A Tortoise I’m Not Looking After It. Also Dad: Get Comfy, Hector, And Let Me Show You Pictures Of Your Brethren

Image credits: MadAL96

#24 Happiness Is A Turtle Eating A Slice Of Orange

Image credits: MyGenericCleverName

#25 Fernandina Tortoise, Are Extinct Since 1906, Discovered In An Expedition. She Was Hiding In The Brush Of A Volcano, And Identified By The Look Of Her Shell And Face

Image credits: blabla123455

#26 My Tortoise Likes To Spread His Legs While Eating

Image credits: BeanJuice9000

#27 I’m Training My 30+ Yrs Old Turtle To Be My Flower Girl At The Wedding. This Will Not End Well

Image credits: bobie_corwen

#28 Ever Seen A Bucket Of Baby Sea Turtles? Got To Release Them Last Night Into The Ocean

Image credits: Redandbluemakepurple

#29 Harvey’s 13th Birthday

Image credits: skaboodles

#30 Extremely Rare Albino Turtle Was Found In India And It Looks Like A Slice Of Melted Cheese

Image credits: deva_iitkgp

#31 Gotta Warm Up That Bum, Honestly Could She Get Any Cuter??

Image credits: ChampAnne

#32 The Face Of A 100 Year Old Turtle

Image credits: Mono_420

#33 Well This Is A First. Couldn’t Find Our Little Man Anywhere, Then We Saw Ralph Basking With Our Two Tortoises

Image credits: feelerfeels

#34 My Dad Keeps Turtles. I Started The Training. Soon I’ll Have My Own Personal Bodyguards

Image credits: Mr_Summerbird

#35 In Creed 2 With My Original Buddies From The First Rocky … Cuff And Link , Now About 46 Years Old

Image credits: officialslystallone

#36 Watching My Girlfriend’s Tortoise While She’s On Vacation. She Told Me To Keep Him Out Of Trouble

Image credits: Consent_van

#37 The Happiest Turtle Ever

Image credits: turtles_of_inst

#38 Turtle On Top A Dog’s Head

Image credits: dangol10

#39 My Tortoise Trying To Eat A Bolt

Image credits: Chomas

#40 Tortoises Are Good Cuddle Partners Aswell

Image credits: turtles_of_inst

#41 My Local Hardware Store Has A Pet Turtle That Wanders The Store Early In The Am

Image credits: millerswiller

#42 This Is Fred. Fred Is 21 Years Old And Lives At Petland In Orlando Florida

Image credits: jasonleedesigns

#43 Bonnie And Clyde Are Two Very Different Turtles In The Morning

Image credits: jmreyes512

#44 A Baby Turtle Tucked Away In Its Shell

#45 Turtles Can Be Cute, Too

Image credits: jcheadrick

#46 Guy In Tokyo Taking His Pet Tortoise For A Walk

Image credits: hi_roshishi

#47 Franklin Wants To Know If This Is Going To Be A Regular Thing. Noodle Says Probably

Image credits: franklinthetortoisee

#48 My 1 Day Old Tortoise Caught Mid-Yawn

Image credits: spongespatula

#49 My Uncle’s 56 Year Old Tortoise He Inherited From My Grandparents

Image credits: Saucy_Lemur

#50 My Tortoise Going On His Daily Prowl

Image credits: fourstringstu

#51 Took My Tortoise On A Bike Ride Today And Blew His Tiny Little Mind

Image credits: imgur.com

#52 Olive The Turtle

Rest In Peace My Loving Turtle. After 15 Years Of Loving You, Saving You From The Street, Old Age Took Hold. Goodbye, Olive.

Image credits: TheOneNamedZoe

#53 Adorable Turtle

Image credits: GregoryEpstein

#54 Friendship Goals

Image credits: turtles_of_inst

#55 My 8 Year Old Tortoise Just Woke Up From Hibernation. First Meal Of 2019

Image credits: jamieluke

#56 Artist Crochets Adorable Tortoise Cozies

Image credits: Etsy

#57 Gorgeous Baby Turtle With Bright Orange Tummy And Shell

Image credits: reddit.com

#58 Baby Turtle Hiding Behind Val

Image credits: LordOfTheSalt

#59 Have You Got Any Games On Your Phone?

Image credits: teenytinybantams

#60 Tucker The Turtle Eating A Juicy Strawberry Turtles May Not Be A Cat Or Dog But He Is Amazing And Cute To Me

Image credits: Jurgen_von_shmurgen

#61 I Hope I’m Not The Only One Who Finds This Little Snapping Turtle We Found In Our Neighbours Garden Today Cute As All Hell?

Image credits: RiverLover27

#62 Turtles Have Exceptional Color Vision. They See More Shades Of Red, Which Might Be Why This One’s Mistaking A Blue Jean For A Blueberry

Image credits: CaroltrNelson

#63 Boys Can Rock A Flower Crown On The Beach Too

Image credits: cityturtles

#64 Me When I’m In Exams Period

#65 Someone Has To Protecc Turtles

Image credits: Buff_52

#66 Pup Just Met His First Box Turtle, That’s Adorable

Image credits: Mohan_Yadav

#67 I Got A Baby Sulcata Tortoise Today

Image credits: RYANTOE

#68 Super Funny Turtle

Image credits: shlay3

#69 My Turtle Doin My Taxes For Me

Image credits: GuimauveL

#70 Stumbled Across This Little Guy Walking Across My Lawn

Image credits: dinglebary

#71 This Is My Turtle, Aura. Besides All Looks, She Is Not A Hatchling, I’ve Had Her For 2 Years

Image credits: AuraTheMicroTurtle

#72 My Baby Turtle, Opie

Image credits: Rhi093

#73 Stormageddon: Dark Lord Of All, The African Side-Neck Turtle

This is Stormageddon: Dark Lord of All. She’s an African Side-neck Turtle! I rescued her about 16 months ago from really bad living conditions. She was two years old when I got her, and she didn’t know how to swim, didn’t know how to use her swim bladder, didn’t have an appetite for close to 3 months! We had a few trips to the vet, a near drowning that left me sleeping by her tank the whole night to keep an eye on her till morning, different vitamin injections, and a good ol dose of extra warm water in her tank ❤️ And about 4 months after adopting her, she’s ravenous when she eats, she swims like a champ (although the guppies in her tank still regularly out swim her), she’s SO energetic and playful in the water. She doesn’t like being outside of the water and is very nervous outside of it (which is one of the nuts things because where she was living for 2 years before me was in 2 inches of dirty water in a 10 gal tank ?). Her previous owners claimed she just didn’t like swimming that much! She’s definitely a water baby. Anyway, I’m so extremely proud of her and how far she’s come, and she’s so sweet and so beautiful I really just wanted to share a little bit about her and show everyone this picture that I hope puts a smile on your faces! ENJOY! ?

Image credits: ChampAnne

#74 Yummy

Image credits: inoz2

#75 I Made A Turtle Stack While She Was Out For A Walk

Image credits: SneeezingTurtle

#76 Food Service Has Been Good Lately! Keep It Up My Servant Lady!

Image credits: dumpling_and_baobao

#77 This Tiny Fellow Is The First Offspring For Some Critically Endangered Spider Tortoises From Madagascar. His Genetics Are Important, And He Is So Cute!

Image credits: MalsPrettyBonnet

#78 This Is My Turtle. Thought I’d Show You Guys This Cute Picture

Image credits: vanicorn

#79 I Get To Work With Some Pretty Cute Box Turtles

Image credits: ojhatsman

#80 Happy To Be Born

Image credits: turtles_of_inst

#81 Meet My Friends Turtle, Squirt

Image credits: Ieatassonthe1stdate1

#82 Found A Baby Snapping Turtle Walking Across My Driveway

Image credits: 0neMemeyBoy

#83 Found A Picture Of My Old Turtle… Forgot How Cute He Was

Image credits: Kaydotkaydot

#84 Pocket Turtle

Image credits: turtles_of_inst

#85 I Just Learned That A Group Of Turtles Can Be Referred To As A Bale… So Here’s A Bale Of Baby Albino Turtles

Image credits: Boojibs

#86 Today I Released Baby Sea Turtles On Sumba Island. Thought This Pic Was Epic

Image credits: Alibean4932

#87 Move Over Baby Yoda… Pink Turtle Has Arrived

Image credits: VerbotenPublish

#88 27 Little Baby Turtles

Image credits: phantasmas

#89 What An African Helmeted Turtle Looks Like

Image credits: KingJacoby1

#90 The Size Difference Between A Full Grown And A Newborn Galapagos Tortoise

Image credits: HarisMih

#91 Cute Grape With A Turtle For Scale

Image credits: Lobsterbib

#92 My Turtle Sometimes Dips A Foot In The Water When Basking, So Cute!

Image credits: julphi

#93 Fact: This Little Guy (Or Girl) Is Adorable

Image credits: natureswoodwork

#94 Well Hello There Guys

Image credits: De_Rerum_Dirennis

#95 My Grandma Didn’t Want Me To Get A Tortoise. I Come Home And My Tortise Is Wearing A Watermelon Sweater

Image credits: banalez

#96 This Turtle Is Sitting Like A Dog

Image credits: sleepylittleghost

#97 Researchers Estimate One In Every 100,000 Turtle Hatchlings Is Albino. Here You Have Two Siblings

Image credits: skiradev

#98 I Work At A Zoo, And Today A 500lb Tortoise Tried To Escape

Image credits: LightofAvalon

#99 Albino Leatherback Sea Turtle Baby

Image credits: tb1649

#100 This Teeny Tiny Baby Turtle

Image credits: TedderFace

#101 Found A Baby Snapping Turtle At The Park Today

Image credits: huphelmeyer

#102 My Cute Red-Footed Tortoise Dixie Acting Like Bulbasaur

Image credits: Captain–Koala

#103 Cute Leopard Tortoise

Image credits: cocainenavel

#104 Diamond Back Terrapin Baby Turtle

Image credits: olowe_13

#105 Yes, I Still Sleep With My Teddy Bear. Don’t Judge Me

Image credits: cityturtles

#106 Beware Of The Tortoise

Image credits: solosier

#107 Chin Scritches Please

Image credits: spcmspiff

#108 My Friends Tortoise With His Cardigan On

Image credits: The_Timeless_Man

#109 I Watched An Eastern Painted Turtle Dig A Nest And Lay 5 Eggs By My Apartment

Image credits: dizzy365izzy

#110 A Very Rare Blue Eyed Box Turtle

Image credits: sashafromspace

#111 Tiny Turtle (Coin For Scale)

Image credits: fish_and_chisps

#112 If Your Presents Arrived Late, It’s Because Santa’s Helpers Are A Little Slower Than Normal

Image credits: kristianroberts

#113 I Found A Tiny Baby Turtle Today. Best Day Ever

Image credits: scharff421

#114 We Monitor Sea Turtle Nests For The State And Sometimes We Find Baby Sea Turtles That Didn’t Escape The Nests. We Release Them To Give Them Another Shot At Life

Image credits: emmzilly

#115 Three Months Ago I Watched A Painted Turtle Dig A Nest And Lay 6 Eggs Near My Apartment. All 6 Baby Turtles Are Healthy And Ready To Go To The Pond

Image credits: dizzy365izzy

#116 Going For A Walk

Image credits: sulcata_ksa

#117 Baby Herman’s Tortoise

Image credits: missladylay

#118 My Russian Gaming Tortoise

Image credits: monke_balls69

#119 Family Of Tortoises Enjoying Breakfast

Image credits: MooMooCow789

#120 Meet Jonathan. The 187-Year-Old Tortoise Photographed In 1886 And Today

Image credits: chickflickclips

#121 What You Got In There?

Image credits: bute-bavis

#122 I Know It’s Not A Kitten… But… Aww

Image credits: imgur.com

#123 Waddup

Image credits: snowbally19

#124 I Made A Paper Hat For My Turtle

Image credits: me_funny__

#125 My Turtle Turned A Year Old Today

Image credits: Sketch2005

#126 Somehow My New Turtle Climbed The Mountain In His Aquarium

Image credits: CollidingWithClaire

#127 Baby Painted Turtle I Found

Image credits: fluffy__tofu

#128 Four Years Ago, My Wife Rescued A Baby Snapping Turtle From A Busy Street. Snap Has Became Our Really Sweet Pet. The Top Pic Is From Day One, And The Bottom Is Her Last Fall!

Image credits: P1_Synvictus

#129 In Isolation But We’re Together, And That’s All That Matters Right Now. My Daughter Wanted To Show Off Her New Baby Turtle She Found In Our Yard

Image credits: UnicornsAndJerky

#130 This Happy Looking Turtle Visits On Occassion. Gave It A Grape For Being So Cute. Calling It Danklin For Now

Image credits: TacksForSnacks910

#131 Turtles Can Be Cute Too Right?

Image credits: kstiney18

#132 If I Could Just

Image credits: sportsdude8234

#133 Look At Him Go! *waving Back*

Image credits: KalbanonTurtles

#134 Hello Baby Turtle, Are You Hungry?

Image credits: imgur.com

#135 Simply Adorable

Image credits: turtles_of_inst

#136 Yawning Little Baby

Image credits: turtles_of_inst

#137 Grumpy Looking Little Fella

Image credits: turtles_of_inst

#138 I Hear You Like Cute Things. Here’s Our Baby Sulcata Tortoise, Koopa

Image credits: mangho

#139 My Pet Tortoise Smiled At Me

Image credits: mk314159

#140 My Dad Found This Box Turtle Nine Years Ago And Let It Loose In His Yard. He Pops Up Again Every Year In The Spring. Fresh From Hibernation

Image credits: Business-is-Boomin

#141 A Moss Covered Turtle Shell

Image credits: starstufft

#142 An Orange Turtle Found In The Vietnamese Jungle

Image credits: theyork2000

#143 Snug As A Bug In A Rug

Image credits: t_rado

#144 McCord’s Snakeneck Turtle

Image credits: wikimedia

#145 Turtle Pog

Image credits: kotime2

#146 Found A Baby Turtle At Work Today

Image credits: reddit.com

#147 Went Hiking A While Ago And Found A Baby Turtle In The Middle Of The Path. It Was So Small I Almost Missed It (Fingers For Scale)

Image credits: notyourusername2475

#148 Baby Sea Turtle’s First Swim As It Just Hatched On This Populated Beach In Miami

Image credits: ZeroEye

#149 Baby Turtles Are Literally The Cutest Thing Ever

Image credits: gelber-eber69

#150 These Baby Turtles Just Hatched In My Yard!

Image credits: thewretchedspawn

#151 Tortoise Christmas Sweater. Because My Son Was Upset My Daughter’s Kitten Has 2 Sweaters While His Tortoise Had None

Image credits: hookedonpurple

#152 My Cute Baby Sulcata Tortoise Sleeping With Its Itty Bitty Feet Outstretched

Image credits: Doofus_is_the_Name

#153 Are Turtles Cute? Meet Frodo

Image credits: Alakasam

#154 Not Your Cat Or Dog But Just As Cute! Pandas Meet Timmy Bob The Turtle

Image credits: screaming_seagull69

#155 Just Got This Turtle For My Birthday, He Looks Soo Cute

Image credits: lonellyboi

#156 The Burmese Star Tortoise, Named For Its Star Patterned Shell, Is Returning From Near Extinction

Image credits: RalphiesBoogers

#157 The African Helmeted Turtle, Also Known Commonly As The Marsh Terrapin, The Crocodile Turtle, Or In The Pet Trade As The African Side-Necked Turtle

Image credits: DudeWithRedditAcc

#158 We All Got Lessons To Learn

Image credits: turtles_of_inst

#159 A Hand Full Of Turtles

Image credits: my.turtle.lee

#160 Is My Turtle Cool Looking?

Image credits: FaygoLyric

#161 The Burmese Star Tortoise Is One Of The Few Animals That Have Comeback From Being Called Functionally Extinct

Image credits: Mail30silver

#162 Found A Little Softshell Turtle At The Lake Today

Image credits: Discokitty14

#163 Scrub A Dub Dub It’s A Tortoise In A Tub

Image credits: franklinthetortoisee

#164 Majestic Baby Loggerhead Turtle

Image credits: d3333p7

#165 Well, Here Is A Grumpy, Baby Box Turtle I Found

Image credits: friskydingo758

#166 Got A Pink Bellied Turtle To Accompany My Common Musk A Couple Days Ago. First Time I See Them Together

Image credits: Seankala

#167 Excuse Me, There Seems To Be A Mistake. I Believe I Ordered The *small* Cappuccino. Look At The Size Of This Thing

Image credits: cityturtles

#168 Baby It’s Cold Outside

Image credits: cityturtles

#169 Merry Christmas

Image credits: turtles_of_inst

#170 What?? Call Mommy Is She Gonna Feed Me Or Not Huh?

Image credits: dewinavy

#171 World, Meet “Turbo”. She’s 30+, Very Grumpy And Pees On Anyone Who Looks At Her Wrong. I Love Her

Image credits: BiteMySnausages

#172 My Dad Built An Outdoor House With A Window For His Tortoise

Image credits: wehavenoprairies

#173 This Is Thomas, He Is Last Male Of His Species. He Is 160+ Years Old. He Has Been In My Family For A Few Generations And We’ve Protected, Cared For Him All This Time

Image credits: SeyBooking

#174 The Very First Hatchling (For Any Species Here) Of 2022 Has Entered The World

This little Burmese star tortoise (Geochelone platynota) made its big debut this morning and is looking incredible, ready to take on life. It is the only baby to hatch from a clutch of eggs that were otherwise infertile. What an absolutely immaculate animal.

Image credits: garden_state_tortoise

#175 Cute Little Leopard Tortoise Moved From A Busy Street It Was Crossing To A More Suitable Environment

Image credits: Rookskerm

#176 Someone On Dressed Their Turtle Up Like Blastoise

Image credits: LaugeGregers

#177 Spotted This Baby Turtle Near Campus

Image credits: Gang3r

#178 I’m A 40 Y/O Man And I’ve Had My Pet Turtle Since I Was 11. This Is Slider

Image credits: ElvisIsATimeLord

#179 Bojack My 44 Year Old Rescue Horsefield Says Good Morning

Image credits: Trilobite_Tom

#180 One Of My Endangered Blanding’s Turtles Emydoidea Blandingii Taking Her First Breath In My Fingers

Image credits: indicator_species

#181 Cute Turtle Sleeping

Image credits: ballznaaa

#182 Small Turtle

Image credits: terrapinconservationinitiative

#183 Happy 4th Of July

Image credits: turtles_of_inst

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