196 Cats That Don’t Care About Your Personal Space (New Pics)

Remember the cats that don’t care about their owner’s personal space? Who could have thought, there’s more of them! I’m kidding, of course. Sitting in the toilet and staring at you trying to take a poop or climbing onto your face in the middle of your nap is what felines specialize in.

Bored Panda compiled a new list of hilarious photos to reaffirm you that cats are absolutely nonchalant when it comes to violating our privacy, so if you’re thinking of getting one… do it. They’re awesome.

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#1 No Privacy At All

#2 The First Day I Got My Kitten, I Took A Bath, She Somehow Managed To Hop The Tub And Take A Snooze On My Shoulder

Months later she still likes to snooze in the tub… Can’t get a moment alone… and I thought cats hated water.

Image credits: IsaacTowellComedy

#3 Laser Cat

Image credits: quesoburgesa

#4 Urgent? Have You Paid The Protection Fee?

Image credits: udonfans

#5 My Sister’s Cat Follows Me Everywhere, Here She Is Following Me To The Bathroom

Image credits: Derdota

#6 My Alien Crew Receiving A Transmission From The Mothership

Image credits: Everythingvanishes

#7 My Cat Walked In On Me Taking A Dump And Was Terrified

Image credits: snorri_sturlson

#8 My Cat Likes To Take Baths With Me

Image credits: BowChikaMeowMeow

#9 My GF Sent Me This While I Was On The Toilet

Image credits: kickahippo

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#10 You’re Never Alone

Image credits: woohfer

#11 I’ll Just Chill Here

Image credits: Bannonpants

#12 Caught My Husband Having Some Very Important Daddy/Son Time

Image credits: brickwallwaterfall

#13 Professional Shower Supervisor

Image credits: casadella

#14 Every Morning When I Brush My Teeth

Image credits: inkspecialist

#15 You Will Have No Alone Time. Ever

#16 My Cat Is Legitimately Concerned That I Am In The Bath

Image credits: coloradogrl85

#17 Neighbour’s Cat Looking Through My Bathroom Window

Image credits: i_am_atoms

#18 Human, What Are You Doing In That Bathroom?

Image credits: afmachado

#19 My Friend Caught Her Cat Spying On Her During Her Shower

Image credits: HoboStabz

#20 Every Time I Shower He Thinks I’m Suffering And Tries To Rescue Me

Image credits: NYChomie

#21 Showering, When Suddenly…

Image credits: bhaktee

#22 My Parents’ Cat Destroyed The Bathroom’s Door Vents So He Could Spy While We Pee

Image credits: zly-wplyw

#23 I’m Extremely Blessed To Have My Own Tiny Lifeguard. Except, Instead Of Using A Whistle Or Attempting To Save Me. He Screams At Me In Terror The Entire Time

Image credits: mollyaclarke

#24 Excuse Me?

#25 Sneaky

#26 Best Hammock Ever

#27 Today My Son, Aberforth, Learned That Sometimes Humans Willingly Take Baths

Image credits: thepanda2525

#28 Our Cat Is Very Protective Of Our Newborn. She Does Not Approve Of Her Getting A Bath

Image credits: wroy88

#29 This Is My Cat, Who Likes To Poke You When You’re In The Bath

She is slightly handicapped so can’t bring us mice like the other cats, so instead brings us leaves and meows until we acknowledge them.

Image credits: milliepow

#30 Both My Fur Babies Were Worried About Me Being In The Bath. The Cat Was Meowing And The Dog Was Crying

Image credits: anevpom

#31 The View From My Bathroom Window. This Is Not My Cat

Image credits: MauSekhmet

#32 My Cat Hates Water So Much He Yells At Me When I Shower

Image credits: SmithKittyKat

#33 A Little Privacy, Guys

Image credits: Tribunal_Power

#34 My Roommate And I No Longer Have Privacy. He Scream-Meows At The Door If We Don’t Let Him Join Our Poops

He hops in the tub, then he stares. Just like this. The entire time.

Image credits: BierSteinFraeulein

#35 I Now Know I’m Not The Only One. He Goes From The Toilet To The Sink, Climbs On My Shoulders, And Perches On My Head

Image credits: nyliecyrus

#36 I Can’t Ever Go To The Bathroom In Peace

Image credits: a92magic

#37 I’m Not Allowed To Have Alone Time

Image credits: wenzzzz

#38 I Just Love The Way Pilsner Looks At Me. We’re Best Friends

Image credits: littleflowerrunner

#39 Forgot To Close The Door While I Was Taking A Shower

Image credits: waterfae

#40 Newly Adopted Stray Sees Bath For First Time

Image credits: orionx97

#41 That Time My Cats Turned My Innocent Bath Time Into The Start Of Some Sort Of Ginger Floof Druid Ceremony

Image credits: Yourangmilady

#42 I Was Drunk In The French Quarter And A Kind Resident Let Me Use Their Bathroom. I Thought This Cat Was Fake Until It Turned Its Head To Watch Me Pee

Image credits: SuperCub

#43 My Cat Likes To Hunt Me When I Go To The Bathroom

Image credits: CaptCash

#44 Sup

Image credits: chefjessphd

#45 I Noticed My Girlfriends Cat Snuck Into The Bathroom. I Was Promptly Attacked After Taking This Picture

Image credits: ThoughtlessBanter

#46 I Had To Go To The Bathroom At A Cat Café. I Got Yelled At

Image credits: doctordoak11

#47 Bathroom Break At The Cat Cafe

Image credits: PloverLover

#48 My Cat Usually Showers With Me But Decided To Hop In With My Fiancé This Morning Instead. Some Things Can’t Be Unseen

Image credits: billypilgrimm

#49 Do Your Cats Watch You Shower? Cuz Mine Do. And They Have Done This Since They Were Kittens. Every Shower

Image credits: roboticArrow

#50 My Cat Always Sits Like This When I’m In The Shower

Image credits: flopsycat

#51 This Is Cinnamon, She Likes To Make You Uncomfortable While You Use The Bathroom

Image credits: Sam474

#52 This Happens Everytime I Go To The Bathroom… He’s Lucky I Love Him

Image credits: madeinjapan89

#53 After A Massive Panic Attack I Decided To Take A Bubble Bath. The Kitties Were Still Too Worried To Leave My Side

Image credits: lilvamp666

#54 Every Time I Take A Bath. Never Any Privacy

Image credits: jumperposse

#55 That Moment When You’re Trying To Take A Relaxing Bubble Bath, But Get The Distinct Feeling You’re Being Watched

Image credits: darthpickles

#56 Got Out Of The Shower And Saw This Thru The Crack Of The Door

Image credits: wendallbear

#57 She Found A Way To Bug Me At Eye Level When I’m On The Toilet

Image credits: adlewis82

#58 Went To Go Poop In A Small Restaurant. This Guy Came Around From The Back Of The Toilet, Said Hi, And Then Just Started Staring At Me

Image credits: TonyTheDuke

#59 My Cat Got In The Way While I Was Washing My Face Before Bed And I Got The Best Picture Of Her I’ve Ever Taken

Image credits: bergalicious_95

#60 I Have To Say Goodbye To This Weirdo Today. He Didn’t Die Or Anything. I Was Just Cat-Sitting For 6 Weeks And He’s Going Home Today. I’m Gonna Miss All Of His Little Invasions Of Privacy

Image credits: tookiemooser

#61 Been Sick In The Bathroom All Night And Butterfly Hasn’t Left My Side

Image credits: pizzapugss

#62 My Cat Never Leaves My Side, So I Gave Him A Chair To Chill On When I Bath

Image credits: Chopper200

#63 My Sister Adopted Her First Cat From A Shelter And He Has Spent The Past Few Days Too Scared To Leave The Closet Or Even Be Pet

This morning she was cleaning in her bathroom and turned to see this. Curiosity got the best of the cat!

Image credits: lil-rap

#64 I Didn’t Know Adopting A Cat Meant I Was Adopting A Bathroom Buddy

Image credits: sabraham1030

#65 My Cat Gets Very Concerned When I Willingly Take Showers

Image credits: mission_mayhem

#66 My Wife Is Showering. Meet My Cat The Pervert

Image credits: thewly

#67 My Cats Reaction When I Come Out Of The Shower

Image credits: EroticLlama96

#68 This Is What Greets Me Every Morning When I Get Out Of Bed And Stumble To The Bathroom. She Meows Until You Turn The Water On For Her

Image credits: Adrastaia

#69 12 Years Together And He Still Fears For My Life Every Time I Take A Bath

Image credits: omgawolf5

#70 I’ll Never Poop In Peace

Image credits: ambidextrous_Shape

#71 Just When I Thought It Was Safe To Go To The Bathroom – Bandit Strikes Again

Image credits: DuckyDoodleDandy

#72 Not Even Allowed To Take A Bath Without This Creep Screaming At Me And Doing Weird Stuff

Image credits: m4rceline

#73 I Can’t Even Take A Shower Without The Cat Army At My Heels

Image credits: darthphallic

#74 I’ve Got A Feeling, Somebody’s Watching Me

Image credits: fattyfamous_andfriends

#75 If Someone Told Me Before The Friend That Eats Ice Cream With Me While I Cry Off A Bad Day In The Tub, Would Be My Cat. I’d Say They Were Nuts. Until I Met Steve

Image credits: goblinqueenac

#76 I Know We’re Close But Can I Have 5 Minutes When We Don’t Cuddle?

Image credits: minnesotagal

#77 Every Time I Poop, They Fight Over Who Gets To Sit In My Pants

Image credits: danthemandoris

#78 The Abyss Staring Back

Image credits: Bubzyyy

#79 My Cat Keeps Me Company Every Time I Take A Bath. Making Sure I Stay Safe In Scary Waters. An Angel

Image credits: fiercecucumber

#80 My Bath Time Bring All The Cats To The Tub And They’re Like What Is Wrong With You You Are In Water You Are Dying And Who Will Feed Us

Image credits: deardevon

#81 Stanley’s Spot For When He Lifeguards My Bath Time. He’s Never Understood Why Us Big Stupid Furless Cats Would Get Into A Big Bowl Of Water Willingly

He’s 7 and has been trying to convince me of the dangers for all of those 7 years.

Image credits: ATRDL

#82 When My Cat Follows Me Into The Bathroom Only To Realize I’m Taking A Poo

Image credits: Salazar_gryffindor

#83 My Cat Likes To Pose For Me In My Shower

Image credits: Valhalla_idol

#84 My Cat Waits For Me To Slip And Fall In The Shower So When I Die He Can Eat Me

Image credits: lasttimewasabadtime

#85 I Also Have A Cat That Chills Between The Curtains When I Shower

Image credits: bagridersjohn

#86 This Is Goblin. For A Cat That Generally Enjoys Playing In The Water, She Really Doesn’t Like Me Showering

Image credits: DragoOcchi

#87 My Cat Hates Water And Used To Yell About It Whenever I Showered

Image credits: Sitkaa

#88 Finally Got A Photo Of My Entire Fur Family Watching Me Shower

Image credits: wanderlenz

#89 He Always Jumps Into The Tub After A Shower

Image credits: rabidllama719

#90 This Is Waffles. This How Waffles Wait For Momma To Get Out Of The Shower. The Whole Time

Image credits: baealay2012

#91 She’s 11 And Keeps Surprising Me With New Habits. Lately, She’s Been Hiding Between The Shower Curtains Whenever I’m In The Bathroom

Image credits: lionclues

#92 They Wait Here Every Time The Shower Is On

Image credits: Kettle85

#93 My Kitten Misses Me When I’m In The Shower

Image credits: citrusthievingwhore

#94 Every Time I Pull Back The Shower Curtain

Image credits: kittycatdanger

#95 Every Time I Shower

Image credits: patspidey

#96 A Moth Got Into The Bathroom, So A Hunting Party Was Formed

Image credits: Goal1

#97 He Runs Into The Bathroom Every Morning When We Wake Up And Waits For Tub Water Like This

Image credits: ztimm

#98 Meet Luna And Louis Who Are Not Fans Of Water, But Love To Sit In The Tub And Ambush The Next Person Who Dares To Come Into The Bathroom

Image credits: ewitsoe

#99 Went To The Bathroom And Was Met By A Very Intrigued Spectator

Image credits: TangerineDreams_

#100 Guess I Know Why My Shirts Are Disappearing Under The Bathroom Door

Image credits: nora_blue

#101 Try Not To Be Too Jealous Of My Personal Bathroom Attendant

Image credits: jennthemermaid

#102 This Is Scotch, He Likes To Take Baths With Me

Image credits: Cynthiadawn

#103 I Have Given Up On Privacy

Image credits: Garbagecat88

#104 Privacy Doesn’t Exist With This Guy

Image credits: jewelurstoned

#105 Whenever I’m On The Toilet My Cat Holds His Paw On My Foot To Make Me Feel Safe

Image credits: Pontiz0r

#106 Always Gotta Have The Rescue Squad In Case I Fall Into The Toilet

Image credits: DefinitelyAFemale

#107 Can’t Even Use The Toilet In Peace

Image credits: cantcontrol12

#108 Everytime: “Oh Good You’re On The Toilet. Now Rub Me”

Image credits: 8lueberrymuffin

#109 Taking A Peaceful Bath Is Hard When This Little Girl Is Flexing Her Claws

Image credits: teshlord44

#110 Me: Get Off My Back While I Use The Bathroom, Please. Her: You Stink

Image credits: swells001

#111 Whenever I Go To The Bathroom, He Stares At Me Through The Mirror Like This

Image credits: BrotatoWedge

#112 There Is No Privacy Here

I am no longer allowed to shower without an audience. The first time I turned around and saw her little ears peeping over the top of the curtain I almost had a heart attack. I’ve since accepted my fate.

Image credits: myglassesarebiggerthanyours

#113 I Can’t Even Use The Bathroom In Peace

Image credits: rolly-polly

#114 I Said Absolutely No Nudity In The Bathroom! For Fluffs Sake

Image credits: roland.the.tomcat

#115 It’s Become A Morning Routine

Image credits: lmvo23

#116 First Time Cat Owner. First Time Being Watched In The Shower By A Non-Person

Image credits: lysr777

#117 Stage 5 Clinger Won’t Let Me Pee Alone

Image credits: kittlebits

#118 I Am A Dog Person. My Fiancé Is A Cat Person. Today I Became A Cat Person

Image credits: JesusWasAnOkayDude

#119 Everyone Say Hi To Nala

Image credits: marslaves48

#120 Never Had A More Needy Kitty. I Saved Her From A Gas Station Parking Lot In November

Image credits: DryPineapple3

#121 Every Time I Use The Toilet My Cat Sneaks Behind The Toilet And Watches Me

Image credits: imgur.com

#122 Everytime I Do This, This Happens

Image credits: crankyneighbor

#123 My Friends Cat Likes To Watch You Shower. Or Maybe She Enjoys The Warm Steam. Anyway, Sketchy Feline

Image credits: imgur.com

#124 If It Fits I Sits. Even If It’s In Your Pants While You Pee

Image credits: quaintrelles

#125 While I Take Baths, My Cat Stay Like This Until I Pet Her

Image credits: steeleyfist

#126 My Cat Discovered Baths For The First Time And Tried To Mimic What I Was Doing

Image credits: Nahlad

#127 I Live Alone And The First Time My Cat Did This I Was Taking A Bath And Thought I Was About To Be Murdered

Image credits: IchigoHanyou

#128 He’s Sleepy But Damn It, He Fulfilled His Part Of The Cat Contract And Followed Me Into The Bathroom At 3am

Image credits: Thats_right_asshole

#129 My Dad Just Sent Me This Picture From Our Bathroom. We Don’t Have A Cat

Image credits: Straight_Panda

#130 My Pervert Cat Is Watching My Girlfriend Take A Shower

Image credits: chaelchasen

#131 Everytime I Shower. Should I Be Flattered? Apparently The Restraining Orders Don’t Work. Magic The Cat

Image credits: misschimi_bs

#132 Our Scaredy Cat Finally Got The Courage To Go Into The Shower – And Instantly Regretted It

Image credits: PMYOURCATTATS

#133 My Cat Watches My Wife Shower. It’s Not Too Creepy

Image credits: dizneedave

#134 My Cats Were Extremely Tired But Still Nosey Enough To Climb A Cabinet In An Attempt To Supervise My Shower

Image credits: allycat503

#135 My Roommate’s Cat Tries To Follow Me Into The Shower Every Morning

Image credits: mgamnfan30

#136 There Is No Such Thing As Privacy When You Have A Cat

Image credits: MafHoney

#137 There Is No Privacy In The Life Of A Cat Owner

Image credits: salacious-soul

#138 “Are You Ok? You Know That Water Can Be Pretty Dangerous!” Karl Greets Me After Every Shower

Image credits: huphelmeyer

#139 Looks Like I’m Showering With The Door Open This Morning

Image credits: FalconerGuitars

#140 My Shower Gremlin Likes To Stand Guard When I Take A Bath. Although I Caught Him Sleeping On The Job

Image credits: StrangeGold

#141 Privacy Please!? I Don’t Come In While You’re In The Shower! Wait… Yes I Do

Image credits: Lutherie8

#142 Every Time I’m In The Shower, My Cat Lucy Tries To Save Me!

Image credits: Conopolyman

#143 Finally Captured The Little Monster Who Cries While I’m In The Shower

Image credits: picklemagic

#144 Exactly 1 Year Ago Today, I Heard Meowing Coming From Inside My Car And Found A Tiny Kitten Hiding In The Engine Bay

Today, I have a chunky monkey hogging the bathroom sink and keeping me from brushing my teeth. Happy rescue day, Bailey

Image credits: IncorrigibleAssface

#145 My Cat Likes To Run Into The Bathroom Before Me And Hunt Me

Image credits: chiquitamichi

#146 I Was Crying In The Bathroom And He Demanded To Get Inside And Get In The Sink To Be With Me

Image credits: Helektra

#147 Vinni Doesn’t Leave My Side Much, Even Loved Being In The Bathroom With Me

Image credits: Termlinson

#148 I Just Want To Go To The Bathroom And Play On My Phone In Peace

Image credits: lunarspritevs

#149 There Is No Such Thing As Privacy When Cats Run Your Household

Image credits: xkxtx

#150 My Cat Doesn’t Care About My Bathroom Privacy

Image credits: ReetyPeety

#151 Found Him On The Side Of The Road When He Was Barely A Week Old. He Never Learned About Privacy And Always Wants To Chew On My Fingers

Image credits: reelbearmedia

#152 Penelope Likes To Make Sure Every (Every) Trip To The Toilet Is Safe For Me

If I shut the door she screams at me until I open it again.

Image credits: bisexuallish

#153 Left My Cat For One Second To Use The Bathroom, He Didn’t Want To Be Alone

Image credits: jakescoco

#154 I Have To Pet Him Before I Can Go To The Toilet. Every. Single. Time

Image credits: lineypi

#155 What My Girlfriend Sees Every Time She Uses The Bathroom

Image credits: hamman42

#156 I Haven’t Pooped Alone At Home In Almost One Year

Image credits: thatjeffdude79

#157 Quill Likes To Stare Into Your Soul When You’re Pooping

Image credits: womaninradio

#158 Ya Nasty! Pervert Kitty

Image credits: happyemeralds

#159 He Likes To Creep On Me When I’m Using The Bathroom

Image credits: theaddisonsmith

#160 Mmm! I Love That Toothpaste Smell! Can It Be Eaten?

Image credits: ficelletheblackcat

#161 I’m Getting Really Brave

Image credits: lola_frenzy

#162 Getting Ready To Take A Shower. Anyone Else See What I’m Seeing?

Image credits: eroqsfelines

#163 Almost 6 Months Old And Still A Daily Ritual

Image credits: lmvo23

#164 Kitty Just Can’t Leave Dad

Image credits: nexogendev

#165 When You Try To Poop… But Someone Is Watching You

#166 This Is What My Cat Does When I Go To The Bathroom

Image credits: synonymous_with

#167 Roommate Got A Cat. This Is Now How I Take A Bath

Image credits: DeannaKean

#168 I Made A Bath Table For My Cat Cookie Who Is Facinated By Water

Image credits: Spritza

#169 Cats Do Not Understand Bathroom Privacy. Or Any Privacy

Image credits: birdasaurr

#170 I Too Have A Shower Cat

Image credits: usefulendymion

#171 My Cat Insists She Showers With Me, And Insists On Being Towel Dried After

Image credits: RoscoeMaibaum

#172 Here’s My 15 Year Old Cat Who Still Thinks Hiding Between The Shower Curtain Is Fun

Image credits: Oepth

#173 Anybody Else Have A Cat That Likes To Lounge In The Shower While The Water Warms Up?

Image credits: middlenamefrank

#174 No Privacy When You Have Cats

Image credits: MoonsConfidant

#175 This Is Our Kitten, Rudy. She Likes To Wait On The Toilet While I Shower

Image credits: adsadsadsadsads

#176 Our Bengal Kitten Loves To Come In The Shower With Us And Hang Out

Image credits: DNBsoldierLA

#177 His Name Is Lou And He Enjoys Watching Me Shower

Image credits: Dave_NZ

#178 Every Time I Pee, Every Time I Poop, Every Time I Shower, He Follows

Image credits: ratcity22

#179 My Cat Jumped Onto The Shower Rod In The Bathroom And Then Immediately Regretted His Decision

Image credits: ProfessorMcHugeBalls

#180 I Was Wondering Why The Shower Curtain Kept Batting At Me

Image credits: g1ddyup

#181 Every Single Morning When I Go To The Bathroom Aloy Poodles In, Climbs Over Me To Get Into The Sink And Keeps Me Company. She Melts My Goddamn Heart

Image credits: VaultHunter666

#182 Any Time Someone Goes In The Spare Bathroom

Image credits: meweird

#183 Every Morning Under The Bathroom Door

Image credits: eFrazes

#184 Diddles Gets Up On The Counter Every Morning When I Go To The Bathroom And Gives Me This Look Expecting To Get Scratches

Image credits: HeadMeetsDesk

#185 There’s No Such Thing As Privacy In Our House

Image credits: SZS_Bum_Fluff

#186 My Housemate Never Gives Me Any Privacy

Image credits: Buzbyy

#187 Cricket Doesn’t Care About Bathroom Privacy

Image credits: aforg4G

#188 I Walked Out Of The Bathroom And

Image credits: marshiemalone

#189 She Has To Be In The Bathroom With Me, And If I Don’t Pet Her She Lays Like This And Stares At Me

Image credits: Lastminutebastrd

#190 If You Won’t Leave The Bathroom, I’ll Drag You Out

Image credits: imnotcreative2478

#191 Can’t Even Brush My Teeth In Peace

Image credits: RU_4_8_6

#192 Just Wanted To Enjoy A Relaxing Bubble Bath

Image credits: rachbake4

#193 Alone Time? Not Allowed Here

Image credits: ramessestuxedocat

#194 “Hahaha! You Are Naked Human”

Image credits: cecikrups

#195 I Don’t Always Follow Meowmy In The Bathroom, But When I Do, I Like To Watch Her Pee

Image credits: yoggiethecat

#196 They Can’t Even Let Me Poop In Peace

Image credits: CAM3R0NPH1L1P

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