197 Times People Approached Pumpkin Carving On Their Own Terms And The Results Were Awesome

Pumpkin carving is what you make of it. It’s a fun (family) activity that helps you get into the Halloween spirit and is a great way to express your creativity, too.

The best thing about it is the freedom: you can go for something playful like your favorite meme, or a scary zombie, it’s all up to you.

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To give you a better idea of what’s possible, we at Bored Panda compiled a list of our favorite jack-o’-lanterns. Enjoy!

#1 Luigi’s Mansion Pumpkin

Image credits: ceemdee

#2 I Carved A Pumpkin

Image credits: nathangreno

#3 My Friend Is Awesome At Carving Pumpkins

Image credits: DankPawt

#4 Someone Got The Pumpkins Right

Image credits: xMeta4x

#5 My Husband’s Pumpkin Carving

Image credits: nicolebizzle

#6 My Wife Won Her Office Pumpkin Decorating Contest After 5 Years Of Disappointment

Image credits: Cazzyodo

#7 My Friend Carves The Best Pumpkins, Half Of My Halloween Excitement Is Waiting To See What He’s Come Up With, Here Is This Year’s

Image credits: OhAces

#8 I Just Finished My Pumpkin Carving. “The Mad Titan, Thanos”

Image credits: DoggieDoc83

#9 Just Finished Decorating Our Annual Scary Pumpkin

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

Image credits: melllis

#10 Smashing Pumpkins

Image credits: monalistic

#11 Darling, It Will Be Bold. Dramatic

Image credits: Snoo76971

#12 My Sister Carved A Pumpkin Again

Image credits: mortysgirl

#13 My Pumpkin Carving This Year

Image credits: JenniferKellyHoskins

#14 My Pumpkin Scares The Hell Out Of Me

Image credits: darksidejosh

#15 My 2014 Pumpkins: Harry vs. Voldemort

Image credits: ktownpark

#16 I Present The Trumpkin, 16 Hours, 56lbs, Three Pumpkins

Image credits: TheLuscious

#17 The Perfect Jack O’Lantern Doesn’t Exist…

Image credits: megillakitty

#18 So My Friend Won A Pumpkin Carving Contest With This

Image credits: ultimate_spaghetti

#19 Gandalf vs. Balrog Pumpkin Carving “You Shall Not Paaaasss”

Image credits: ebrad77

#20 My 16-Year-Old Niece’s Halloween Pumpkin Carving

Image credits: Anteye1

#21 I Carved It From Pumpkins

Image credits: PositiveJeffBrown

#22 Peter Peter The Pumpkin Eater

Image credits: Ray Villafane

#23 I Carved The Scariest Pumpkin I Could Imagine

Image credits: fordr015

#24 Unbelievable Viking Pumpkin

Image credits: VillafaneStudios

#25 I Work In An Animation Studio With Some Of The Best Artists I’ve Ever Met And This Is The Pumpkin That Won Our Carving Contest Yesterday

Image credits: aptkr_

#26 My Pumpkins For Halloween This Year

Image credits: Sabare

#27 My Wife’s Contribution For The Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest

Image credits: mej3737

#28 I’ve Outdone Myself This Year

Image credits: alco_holly

#29 My Aunt Had A Pumpkin Contest At Work. Safe To Say She Won

Image credits: DietDrPeppa

#30 I Carved A Dog-O-Lantern

Image credits: DoggieDoc83

#31 Proud Of My Submission For The Office Pumpkin Decorating Contest Today

Image credits: joechick

#32 My Little Sister’s First Attempt At Pumpkin Carving. Her Talent Makes Me Sick Sometimes

Image credits: Sam0n

#33 The Collector

Image credits: reddit.com

#34 I Carved This For Halloween. Expecto Pumpkin

Image credits: rojath

#35 Anglerfish Pumpkin

Image credits: lanschk

#36 Is My Rick And Morty Pumpkin Worthy Of Your Praise?

Image credits: tlongdesign

#37 Tonight, I Carved A Pumpkin. I Also Doused It In Lighter Fluid And Lit It On Fire

Image credits: johnkphotos

#38 Pumpkin Carving Success

Image credits: jra721

#39 No One Even Notice My Pumpkin Last Night

Image credits: CoutsMissingTeeth

#40 We Made This For A Pumpkin Decorating Contest At Work

Image credits: Cgiffin

#41 We Still Have This Small Pumpkin My Wife Carved 3 Years Ago

Image credits: Turkeyfart2

#42 My Work Friend Carved This In Our Annual Work Pumpkin Carving Contest, It Was His First Pumpkin And It Took Him 10 Hours

Image credits: Sneekpreview

#43 It’s Pumpkin Carving Season

Image credits: mortysgirl

#44 This Welding Pumpkin

Image credits: Bukkles

#45 Am I Spooky Yet?

Image credits: emmayyzing

#46 Pumpkin Graveyard

Image credits: brakertech

#47 One Of The Cooler Pumpkins Carvings I’ve Seen

Image credits: babewizard

#48 For My Birthday, I Wanted To Show You Guys My Pumpkin

Image credits: Crescendolly

#49 I Carved A Pumpkin To Sum Up 2020

Image credits: rowdyzorz

#50 I Carved My First Pumpkin. His Name Is Murphy And I’m Obsessed With Him

Image credits: gabruka

#51 Second Attempt At Pumpkin Carving

Image credits: Drosera

#52 Johnny Depp Pumpkin

Image credits: Villafane Studios

#53 Entry For My Work’s Pumpkin Decorating Contest

Image credits: znikki

#54 My Friend Just Posted This Pumpkin Carving On Facebook

Image credits: ch4dr0x

#55 My Wife’s First Attempt At Painting Pumpkins. They Came Out Ok

Image credits: not_the_help_desk

#56 When You Don’t Know What To Carve – Star Wars

Image credits: ThePumpkinGeek

#57 The Rosetta Stone Carved Into A Pumpkin

Image credits: MikeMatola

#58 My Girlfriend Had A Pumpkin Carving Contest At Work

Image credits: ColonialFootsoldier

#59 My Jack O’Lantern Turned Out Pretty Good

Image credits: reddit.com

#60 My 2020 Pumpkin Carving, “Pennywise… The Dancing Clown!”

Image credits: DoggieDoc83

#61 These Handmade Pumpkin Carvings

Image credits: OrangeKM

#62 My First Time Carving A Pumpkin In Years. Love The End Result

Image credits: odddcristian

#63 A Few Cool Pumpkins From A Carving Contest In My Community

Image credits: FullGrownChild

#64 BF Carved A Galaxy Pumpkin

Image credits: whymemom

#65 If You Pick Your Pumpkins Right, They Turn Into Shrunken Heads In The Las Vegas Heat. Ready For October

Image credits: Grimmportent

#66 Pumpkin Carving Went Plus Ultra This Year

Image credits: Slayed1994

#67 My First Pumpkin Of The Year. Wednesday Addams Giving Some Epic Side-Eye

Image credits: simplejack-o-lantern

#68 My Attempt At Fulfilling My Daughter’s Request For An Anglerfish Pumpkin

Image credits: Zmannum2

#69 Finished My 2017 Halloween Pumpkin

Image credits: Nicola_BearNicc

#70 My Girlfriend Made This “Demogourdgon” Pumpkin For The Office Pumpkin Contest And Won 1st Place

Image credits: bboyneko

#71 These “Up” Pumpkins

Image credits: polypeptide147

#72 The Second Time Carving Maleficent. This Time The Angelina Jolie Version

Image credits: jenn_bushman

#73 It’s Friday Tomorrow Witches. Took Me Forever To Carve This

Image credits: thiefjennyrue

#74 A Pumpkin Carved Into A Pumpkin

Image credits: VSlipher

#75 First Pumpkin Of The Year And He Unintentionally Ended Up Looking A Bit Like Mike Wachowski From “Monsters, Inc.”

Image credits: Christian Russell

#76 “Predator” – A Carving On A Tremendous 257 Kg Pumpkin

Image credits: Christian Russell

#77 I Think I’ve Found My Calling. Here’s Pumpkin Attempt #3

Image credits: Charles_baker

#78 My Buddy’s Jack O’Lantern This Year

Image credits: bisoninthefreezer

#79 First Time Carving A Pumpkin & I’m 22. Dropped The Little Pumpkin But The Crack Makes It Better

Image credits: TelImenowplease

#80 That’s No Moon

Image credits: PumpkinGuy19

#81 When You Putin A Lot Of Effort Into Carving

Image credits: Maydanka

#82 “And Then He Greeted Death As An Old Friend, And Went With Him Gladly, And, Equals, They Departed This Life.” The Tale Of The Three Brothers, Both Pumpkins Together

Image credits: 1kLlamas

#83 Graveyard Pumpkin Diorama

Image credits: Dorirayne

#84 Pumpkins That Were Grown In A Mould

Image credits: mowikn

#85 My Brothers Yearly Pumpkin

Image credits: YohanCopperpots

#86 Pumpktris

Image credits: Nathan

#87 My Contribution To The Keene Pumpkin Festival

Image credits: scruffymangoes

#88 One Of The Scariest Pumpkins I’ve Seen Yet

Image credits: LanceLeader

#89 Really Surprised How Well My Pumpkin Carving Turned Out

Image credits: browens13

#90 Six Hours Later, My First Try At Surface Carving A Pumpkin

Image credits: reddit.com

#91 My Girlfriend’s Submission For The Office Pumpkin Carving Contest

Image credits: ittakesaworriedman

#92 I Call This “Here Comes The Sloth”

Image credits: lahartselle

#93 Rawr

Image credits: invasionsofthestuffies

#94 It’s Not Much, But I’m Kinda Proud Of My Bob’s Burgers Jack O’Lanterns

Image credits: redonkulousness

#95 Minion Lovers, This Should Officially Be The Best Jack O’Lantern Ever

Image credits: stan5

#96 I Stepped Up My Pumpkin Sculpting Game With A Bigger Pumpkin Today

Image credits: marcusgraydoor

#97 Halloween Pumpkin Carving

Image credits: Ecstatic_Turnip

#98 My Girlfriend Entered A Pumpkin Contest. Win Or Lose, I Say She Nailed It

Image credits: wonkizzle

#99 This Pumpkin Gave Me Nightmares Last Night And I Made The Damn Thing

Image credits: ktrcoyote

#100 I Made A “The Thing” Pumpkin. It Only Took An Unreasonable Amount Of Time

Image credits: berserker87

#101 You Guys Enjoyed My Wife’s Pumpkins Last Year. Here Is The 2017 Edition

Image credits: not_the_help_desk

#102 I Painted A Dutch Pottery Style Pumpkin

Image credits: bilateral_symmetry

#103 Breaking Bad Pumpkin

Image credits: uncleric0

#104 My 3-Year-Old Son Wanted Me To Make Him A “Scary Pumpkin”. Pretty Happy With How It Came Out

Image credits: Shnoz98

#105 So It Turns Out That Leaving A Jack O’Lantern Next To A Tree Where Squirrels Can Eat Away Its Face Results In The Most Terrifying Pumpkin Ever

Image credits: Positivland

#106 Zombie Pumpkin. This One Was Tough, But Love How It Turned Out

Image credits: jenn_bushman

#107 I Carved Geralt Onto A Pumpkin This Year

Image credits: SlyMosquito

#108 My GF Carved This Last Night. Don’t Think A Lot Of People Will Recognize It But I’m Sure It’ll Be Appreciated Here

Image credits: thehonz40

#109 Happy Halloween. Charon Pumpkin Carving

Image credits: stevolous

#110 My Pumpkin Carving Might Be Recognizable To Some Of You

Image credits: TDAM

#111 My Friend’s Dad Is A Dentist. This Is His Pumpkin For Halloween

Image credits: Bob223

#112 I Carved A BB8 Pumpkin. This Is Him Now

Image credits: joshmosh

#113 My Pumpkin Don’t Feel So Good

Image credits: bobinite

#114 The Scariest Idea I Could Think Of For A Spooky Pumpkin

Image credits: ConfundledBundle

#115 A Bit Better With The Lights On

Image credits: chickenbuttlips

#116 The Pumpkin My Dad Submitted To His Office Pumpkin Contest A Couple Years Ago

Image credits: mastonate

#117 Blazing Pumpkins

Image credits: DominatrixBella

#118 My Minion Pumpkin

Image credits: KingKent

#119 My Dad Carved The Best Pumpkin And I Thought It Needs To Be Shared Somehow

Image credits: schnicograben

#120 My Entry For The Office Pumpkin Contest. Donald Trumpkin

Image credits: InnuendoPanda

#121 Member Pumpkins Again?

Image credits: reddit.com

#122 Ready For The Office Pumpkin Contest (This Time With The Candle)

Image credits: Blue-beatle

#123 Why So Serious?

Image credits: jenn_bushman

#124 I Carved This Pumking. What Do Yall Think?

Image credits: blacklight_props

#125 This Pumpkin That I Carved Yesterday

Image credits: thebetterleg

#126 My First Pumpkin Carving. A Tiger Jack O’Lantern

Image credits: 42photons

#127 Expecto Pumptronus. A Harry Potter-Themed Jack O’Lantern

Image credits: tragicprincess6

#128 My Friend Carved These Hocus Pocus Pumpkins And Put Glow Sticks In Them So They Glow Different Colors

Image credits: freebjae

#129 Family Pumpkin Carving Got A Little Competitive

Image credits: Nc772

#130 Since Everybody Else Is Doing One

Image credits: RossRetro

#131 I Carved A Pumpkin This Weekend

Image credits: thisguyiscool

#132 My First Attempt At A 3D Pumpkin Carving, How’d I Do?

Image credits: Charles_baker

#133 Pumpkin Eye Ballz

Image credits: fat_electrician

#134 I Know You Guys Have Seen A Lot Of Jack O’Lanterns Lately, But Here’s My Buddy’s From Last Night

Image credits: the_MikePayne

#135 I Carved A Pumpkin Today

Image credits: herbivorous_emily

#136 My 9-Year-Old Daughter’s Idea: Human Spice Latte

Image credits: zimmbo

#137 Since 2012 I’ve Been Making My Pumpkins A Bit Differently

Image credits: NoHinAmherst

#138 This Little Pumpkin I Carved

Image credits: HappyMrCrabs

#139 Very Proud Of My Pumpkin This Year

Image credits: bullabutt

#140 Terrifying. An Entry Into The Neighborhood Pumpkin Carving Contest

Image credits: madbear84

#141 Kills 99.9% Of Hopes And Dreams

Image credits: Frieznburg

#142 Pumpkin Parasite In Action

Image credits: Sycophantic

#143 Big Green Keg Pumpkin DIY

Image credits: Brian and Meredith

#144 I Decided To Carve A Pumpkin

Image credits: rcblob

#145 Not An Artist By Any Means But I’m Pretty Proud Of My Pumpkin This Year

Image credits: jvsiii

#146 My Dad Just Lasered This Onto A Pumpkin

Image credits: MFghost13

#147 My Friend Carved The Scariest Thing He Could Imagine Into His Pumpkin This Year

Image credits: ObviouslyKatie

#148 This Is My Entry To The 2018 Blizzard Pumpkin Contest, Not Quite How I Imagined But I’m Still Proud

Image credits: DJiinn27

#149 My Pumpkin Contest Entry

Image credits: chevelle0507

#150 Found This Weird Double Pumpkin And Had To Do It

Image credits: DoughCos

#151 Giant Smiler

Image credits: Christian Russell

#152 My Team’s Entry Into Our Company’s Annual Pumpkin Decorating Contest

Image credits: Spunkyrats

#153 My Son Wanted A Thomas The Train Pumpkin For Halloween. I May Have Gone Overboard

Image credits: Artemis859

#154 Really Happy With My Pumpkin This Year

Image credits: JBtheHound

#155 I Carved A Few Pumpkins

Image credits: PumpkinGuy19

#156 My Giant Cheshire Cat Pumpkin. I’m Frazzled From How Much Energy It Took To Move That Monster

Image credits: smorgalorg

#157 My Barber’s Angler Fish Pumpkin

Image credits: harrisonviz

#158 Found Some Candles. Here’s My Steve Buscemi Pumpkin. Did I Capture His Eyes?

Image credits: risapanda

#159 I Work In A Call Center For Customer Service, And Our Department Entered This Pumpkin Into The Contest That Was Held For Halloween. We Won

Image credits: sharpshooterace

#160 Found At My Works Pumpkin Decoration Contest

Image credits: CaptainInsaneO007

#161 My Pumpkin For This Year’s Contest. Holy Hot Glue Sticks, Batman

Image credits: DownForMyKnittas

#162 Thought I’d Share This Halloween Pumpkin Decoration Of Bob Ross From Work

Image credits: crisx101

#163 Girlfriend’s Pumpkin Blew Me Away

Image credits: ahotdogday

#164 I Carved A Truth Pumpkin. Happy Halloween Everyone


#165 My Submission To The GW2 Pumpkin Carving Contest

Image credits: ninjazzy

#166 This Carved Pumpkin

Image credits: JokerJosh123

#167 My Girlfriend Made This Amazing Pumpkin For Halloween

Image credits: WhiteCheddr

#168 My Wife Was Not Thrilled With My Pumpkin Carving This Year

Image credits: otown_in_the_hotown

#169 I Did Not Win The Company Pumpkin Carving Contest

Image credits: Kaamakazii

#170 I Carved A Pumpkin

Image credits: barbmalley

#171 Finished Carving A Totoro Pumpkin Just In Time For Halloween

Image credits: ikwaa

#172 Easily My Best Pumpkin Yet

Image credits: crispyjackal

#173 Happy Halloween. Our Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest Brings Out The Creativity In Our Team Members

Image credits: hiltonhawaiianvillage

#174 My Little Shop Of Horrors Decorated Pumpkin 2017

There is a pumpkin in the lower plant with no hand. No puncture or carving allowed. All handmade. Tell me what you think!

Image credits: parrishthe3rd

#175 No One At The Carving Party Knew Who These Guys Were – But I Bet You Guys Will

Image credits: reddit.com

#176 Scariest Pumpkin Carving Ever

Image credits: PyroDragon

#177 Pumpkin I Carved Of My Fiancée And I For Our Wedding

Image credits: gerny27

#178 The Hash Slinging Slasher

Image credits: KaiserAndrew

#179 Do You Want To Know How I Got These Carves?

Image credits: PourOver

#180 Just Bought Some Calls On $pumpkin

Image credits: TM87_1e17

#181 Pumpkin Riiiiiick (And Morty)

Image credits: MrT1ddl3s_II

#182 For Five Years Now I’ve Been Painting Classic Goosebumps Covers On Pumpkins. Here Is The First One Of The Season

Image credits: phospheneflash

#183 My Attempt At A Minecraft Jack O’Lantern

Image credits: DaMan032007

#184 This Jack O’Lantern With Mold Growing From Inside

Image credits: SnapDragon0420

#185 My Submission For The Office Pumpkin Decorating Contest This Year

Image credits: Chickenpotpi3

#186 Pre-Halloween Pumpkin Carving

Image credits: the_steve_leonard

#187 Carved This Last Night

Image credits: thesimg

#188 My Nephew Has A Pumpkin Contest At School. He Better Win

Image credits: nthinson

#189 A Little Late, But Here’s My Totoro Pumpkin From This Year

Image credits: Cerberus1349

#190 Thanos And The Infinity Pumpkin

Image credits: MOVIEREVOLT

#191 My 8-Year-Old Daughter Entered This Junimo Pumpkin Into Her School’s Pumpkin Decorating Contest

Image credits: saddlerockets

#192 Got The Night King Pumpkin Carving Complete. Pretty Happy With How It Turned Out. Took About 6 Hours In Total To Gut, Carve And Shade. I Love October

Image credits: jenn_bushman

#193 My Attempt At The Isaac Jack O’Lantern

Image credits: TooLazyToSleep

#194 Hocus Pocus Or Mucus Pukus?

Image credits: Christian Russell

#195 It May Not Be Anywhere Near Perfect But I Am Geeking Out Over My BB8 Pumpkin Chilling On My Doorstep This Year

Image credits: ButIAmTheChosenOne

#196 We Had A Pumpkin Decorating Contest At Work Today. My Team Is Sassy

Image credits: Cottontail_

#197 I Tried Carving Keanu Reeves’ Face Into A Pumpkin, But Instead, I Created A Horrible Abomination

Image credits: ritsu_soma

Source: boredpanda.com

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