2 Good New Tools

I hesitate to talk much about tools from other makers (Anarchist’s Gift Guide excepted). It doesn’t seem fair because of my work with Crucible. But occasionally I break my rule when I find something interesting or well done.

As always, my opinions are unsolicited. I pay full price for my tools. I have no relationship with either of these manufacturers.

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Accu-Burr Burnisher

The Accu-Burr is one of those tools that makes you wonder why it has never been made before. It’s a carbide burnisher that turns two hooks on a card scraper in one motion.

The burnisher has three grooves for three different hooks – 5°, 10° and 15°. After stoning the edge (and face if you like) you place one of the three burnisher’s grooves on the edge of the card scraper. Plus a drop of oil to make life easier. Then you run the Accu-Burr over the edge with moderate downward pressure.

And then you are done – both corners of the card scraper are deformed with a nice hook. 

It worked for me the very first time (I’ve been sharpening card scrapers almost daily for 26 years). But there are detailed instructions and a video to guide you.

The burnisher works on both straight and curved scrapers with ease. You can buy an Accu-Burr (patent pending)  from Heartwood Tools. It’s quite clever and well-made in the USA.

Benchmark 6” Rule in Black

Months ago I discussed our efforts to make a black satin rule that had only 8ths and 16ths (no 32nds or 64ths). Well Benchmark beat us to it. 

The company offers a 6” and 12” in black with white markings, which are nice for old eyes. And the price is excellent: $5.99 for the 6” rule and $7.99 for the 12”. Based on a close inspection, I suspect these rules are made in the same factory (or use the same manufacturing process) as the SPI black rules that I recommended last year. The Benchmark has the same bloom pattern on the rule’s finish.

I’ve been using the Benchmark 6” rule for a few weeks and like it. I wish it were made in the USA, but if it were, it sure wouldn’t be this price.

— Christopher Schwarz

Source: lostartpress.com

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