2020's Designs That Rethink Existing Objects (for Better or Worse)

What’s more challenging: To invent an entirely new object, or to design practical improvements to an existing one? We vote for the latter. And difficult as that task is, not everyone gets it right.

Here’s a list of the standout design re-thinks we encountered this year, for better or worse. You decide.

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Adaptive Tableware for the Visually Impaired

Ergonomic Door Handles That Do Not Look Like Ergonomic Door Handles

Liquid-Filled Window Absorbs Heat During the Day, Releases It at Night

A Smarter, Space-Saving Design for a Cutlery Tray

A Drawer-Free Desk Decluttering System

A Spill-Resistant Gyroscopic Bowl Designed for Toddlers

School Furniture With Built-In Magnetic Seat Storage

Nesting Chess Pieces for a Truly Compact Travel Set

Semi Trailer Converted Into Mobile Bowling Alley

How Coffee Cup Lid Design Changes in 1967, ’75 and ’84 Led Us to Drink Coffee On-the-Go

German Domestic Garbage Underground Elevators

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

Amsterdam’s Smart System of Underground Garbage Bins

Electric Car Charging Posts That Telescope Out of the Sidewalk

Industrial Designers Create Duvet Cover That’s Easy to Get the Comforter In and Out of

A Rotary Cell Phone with ePaper Screen

A Private Jet with an Outdoor Deck

NASCAR Cup Designed to Not Spectator’s Vision

Water Bottle You Can Drink From Without Taking Your Eyes Off the Road

A Wristwatch That Conveys the Time Non-Visually and Silently

A Clock That Displays Time by Magically Moving Refrigerator Magnets Around

A Lighter You Can Use Upside Down

In-Ceiling Storage

A Vacuum Cleaner For Your Vacuum Cleaner

A More Functional Design for the Granny Cart

Hands-Free Walkie-Talkie Alternative

A New Form Factor for the Dishwasher, Designed for Chinese Cooking Practices

Autonomous Food Trucks

Anti-Virus Design Changes for Elevators

Some of these ideas are in production, some aren’t. The one I’m hoping to not see in 2021 is the last one–because that’ll mean we weren’t able to get COVID under control.

Source: core77

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