216 Creative Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is just around the corner and it’s about that time of the year when we are getting all crazed and creative while pumping those brain cells hard to come up with the coolest costumes. But the good news is that the best inspiration always comes from the things around us.

And from the year we’ve had so far, it seems like this Halloween will be the party of the century. Think of COVID deniers, anti-vax “Karens” callin’ corporate, a trash bag that represents GOT’s final season, and many more out-of-the-box ideas that have been packed into this prep list by Bored Panda. And even though the costume winner is more or less obvious—Steve Martin, where are you?—we suspect the grey hair paint and plastic mini flies will be flying off the shelves this year.

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#1 We’ve Watched Beauty And The Beast Too Many Times To Count. She Is Lucky She Has The Cutest Beast That Puts Up With Her Shenanigans

Image credits: Kaylee Slobotski

#2 I Just Want Everyone To Know That My Two-Year Old Insisted On Being “Pants” For Halloween

Image credits: jungleland

#3 Social Media Post And The Reality Behind It

Image credits: readycent

#4 Please Pray For My Dog. He Just Realized We’re Insane

Image credits: inkishworks

#5 Kid Won The Best Costume Award At His School

Image credits: friablesoul

#6 Madlass

Image credits: shantanu011

#7 Pretty Stoked With How My Peggy Bundy Turned Out

Image credits: sarahsowce

#8 You Better Be Scared

Image credits: claum0y

#9 Everyone’s Been Making The Same Pirate Joke Since I Lost My Leg, So I Said Screw It. Happy Halloween

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Image credits: Bricatica

#10 My Teachers Costume On Halloween

Image credits: Nafall1

#11 This Costume Wins Hands Down

Kevin spilled the sauce! This part legit makes me sad coz he was so proud of his chili and his desperate struggle to try to retrieve it….the truest folly of man.

Image credits: MegatronPewPew

#12 Dressed As My Cat Murnau For Halloween This Year

Image credits: erinshaine

#13 5y Girl As Pennywise

Image credits: Nynaewe

#14 Fortune Teller And Crystal Ball (Baby Bump)

Image credits: Aisyplayz

#15 Went As Freddy Mercury Krueger

Image credits: Mpiro13

#16 32 Weeks Pregnant, Most Relatable Costume

Image credits: CarlStarstuff

#17 The Most Expensive Part Of This Costume Was The Pizza

Image credits: Macaroninecklaces

#18 Jewbacca

Image credits: mikegore24

#19 My Costume This Year

Image credits: thekiddmane

#20 My First DIY Costume. I Was Medusa

Image credits: BrickButtsDickButts

#21 Wednesday And Morticia Adams

Image credits: whitemothkelli

#22 Steve Martin’s Costume

Image credits: SteveMartinToGo

#23 My Friends Liked It Well Enough

Image credits: yourdadsfavintern

#24 Since Everybody Calls Him A Horse Anyway

Image credits: smirkingwhoreofchicago

#25 Office Halloween Party Win. The Vest Really Ties The Whole Outfit Together

Image credits: thepangalactic

#26 My Friend Needed A Turtle Costume For A Party, So I Made This

Image credits: tragopandemonium

#27 Mermaid On Wheels

Since becoming a wheelchair user 3 years ago I wanted to dress up as a mermaid, because I figure on land they would use wheelchairs too. Finally got the chance at a Halloween party. It took around 3 hours to do my makeup – my disability affects my fine motor skills so it was a bit tricky! I was happy with how it turned out though and loved being a mermaid for a night.

Image credits: dietcokelife

#28 Reverse Pleasantville Halloween Costume This Year. Black And White In A Color World

Image credits: crist1024

#29 “Cynthia! She’s A Really Cool Dancer!”

Image credits: Fountainoffloof

#30 My Son’s Hand Made Halloween Costume. He’s Been Working On It Since April

Image credits: jackjr68

#31 Costume Test For Zero

Image credits: menzieschen

#32 Very Proud Of My Him Costume And Wanted To Share

Image credits: TheRuralJuror1121

#33 My Friend Nailed His Kevin Smith Costume

Image credits: CynicScenic

#34 My Uncle’s Halloween Costume Is The Scariest Thing He’s Ever Known, His Ex-Wife

Image credits: ketchuppacket

#35 He Was This Close To Cutting Off An Ear

Image credits: BellaCiliegina

#36 She Won

Image credits: QueenIttyBitty

#37 Please Join My Team!!!! So Many Good Deals!!! Definitely 100% Not A Pyramid Scheme

Image credits: cinnamonqu33n

#38 Thought You Guys Might Like My Costume

Image credits: jawn11

#39 The Scariest Costume Of All

Image credits: emtdp

#40 6’5 Sexy Big Bird As A Last Minute Costume

Image credits: rumtumtuggette

#41 My Halloween Costume This Year, Stay Spooky Out There

Image credits: CrazyKillerCat

#42 Finally Dressed As My Childhood Hero For Halloween

Image credits: H0n3yBunny

#43 Punching Halloween Like A Mantis Shrimp Would

Image credits: canadianboner

#44 My Little Toad, Toadbert, In His Wizard Halloween Costume

Image credits: dickwad666

#45 A Buddy Of Mine And His Salty Halloween Costume

Image credits: BH2

#46 Hubs And I Switching It Up This Halloween

Image credits: woolandwhisk

#47 Wore My Ravenclaw Quidditch Outfit With Pride For Halloween

Image credits: Tyliss

#48 “I’m Your Other Mother, Silly”

Image credits: jadestr21

#49 Name Is Hades, Lord Of The Dead, Hi Howya Doing?

Image credits: Ramphasto

#50 Claire From Outlander For Halloween. Costume By Me

Image credits: starphalarph

#51 Half Man, Half Dog. I’m My Own Best Friend

Image credits: vudumommajuju

#52 Obelix

Image credits: nerdynerdnerd

#53 Went To A Halloween Party As Hop, Found My Daughter Twice. It Was A Fun Night

Image credits: Ant-tonio_Banderas

#54 I Made A Starbucks Dress

Image credits: roxisasewingmachine

#55 My Favorite Halloween Costume

Image credits: IamMelonLordeYaYaYa

#56 Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs

Image credits: Sasha Hobson

#57 Costume Contest Entry

Image credits: KvltDrummer

#58 Last Year My Wife Was Mushu And Mulan, This Year It’s Ash And Pikachu

Image credits: xig5010

#59 Going Looking For The Manager

Image credits: mjk3

#60 Won The Costume Contest At My Neighbourhood Bar Last Night

Image credits: thebumpushounds

#61 Father/Daughter Costume – Greetings From Salem Mass!

Image credits: nosferatradamus

#62 Snow White Walker And John Snow White

Image credits: OctopussSevenTwo

#63 I Know I’m Late But I Wanted To Share My Borderlands Psycho Costume

Image credits: Tearofjebus69

#64 Mom’s Friendly Robot Corp. Cosplay

Image credits: jdock

#65 Edgar Allan Hoe And The Raven

Image credits: wheninroma

#66 The Powerpuff Girls

Image credits: jugraffit

#67 I’ll Be Confusing Trick-Or-Treaters Again This Year

Image credits: left-shoulder-closed

#68 Finally Made My Hitchcock Dreams A Reality

Image credits: geenuhjay

#69 Hope You Guys Like My Costume, Emily From Corpse Bride

Image credits: Gingerlazer

#70 My Take On Cruella De Vil For A Heroes/Villains Party

Image credits: Lens_creator

#71 Cheap, Low Effort Halloween Idea

Image credits: coronalmassejection

#72 A Little Wednesday For Your Monday

Image credits: miranda42997

#73 Spooky

Image credits: ParticleEngine

#74 Charles Montgomery “Monty” Burns

Image credits: Jschwartzy

#75 This Post-Endgame Black Widow Cosplay

Image credits: EFCFrost

#76 Couldn’t Get One This Year, So Here’s My Halloween Costume From Last Year

It was funny getting compliments or gross comments from guys, then responding “THANKS” in my deepest man voice. I swear one guy jumped 5 feet straight up.

Image credits: KaleSlate

#77 My Sister And I Took On Beetlejuice

Image credits: palelordllama

#78 My Waluigi Halloween Costume

Image credits: campkarl

#79 My Halloween Costume 2019

Image credits: misspostmarked

#80 One Punch Man Costume

Image credits: Buttholesandsewingneedles

#81 We Pulled A Fake Proposal Prank At Our Friend’s Halloween Party. No One Got Our Office Reference And Chaos Ensued

Image credits: Kpham0729

#82 Good Evening Boils And Ghouls! Time For Some Tales From The Crypt

Image credits: heroesbyhand

#83 Show Me The Receipt

Image credits: dylanamirado

#84 My Homemade Oogie Boogie Costume

Image credits: meaindigo

#85 My Hitman Costume For The Halloween Costume Event Tonight

Image credits: Shurick45

#86 Last Minute Halloween Costume

Image credits: LadyHamSammich

#87 My Arya Stark Costume With My Boy Rex As Nymeria

Image credits: alwaysStonedSloth

#88 For Your Costume Consideration: Barbara Fett

Image credits: thatsmrsfancypantstoyou

#89 I Got Something In My Eye

Image credits: txtmylife

#90 Honk! Ms. Steal Your Bell

Image credits: Jazzywazzy94

#91 Halloween Costume

Image credits: darkknox

#92 Are You The Gatekeeper?

Image credits: SandraDoubleD

#93 Laces Out

Image credits: youngyeezusbaby

#94 My BF And I As The Landlady And Stephen Chow From Kung Fu Hustle

Image credits: tehpengs

#95 Yip Yip Yip, Uh-Huh, Uh-Huh

Image credits: DumptruckWithABeard

#96 “In Your Head… Zombie, Zombie”

Image credits: BishopEFX

#97 My Wife And I Built This Kaer Morhen Witcher 3 Armor For Our Son’s School Halloween Parade. Bird Is Our Sun Conure Parrot Lily

Image credits: st314

#98 Happy Halloween!! Winter Is Coming

Image credits: Dominiricanish

#99 Fra-Gee-Lay

Image credits: CrutchingTigress

#100 Mine And My Girlfriend’s Costumes This Year

Image credits: Manc994984

#101 32 Weeks Pregnant & Keeping It Classy. Happy Halloween

Image credits: meowmixmix-purr

#102 Happy Halloween!

Image credits: thegreatestcatsby

#103 Halloween 2019. My Daughter Wanted To Go As Mose Schrute

Image credits: Floydette

#104 Tonight Was A Video Game Themed Halloween Party At Work So I Dressed Appropriately

Image credits: kingmak123

#105 Happy Halloween, Maggots!

Image credits: Riphraff

#106 For Halloween, I Went As Master Hand And Crazy Hand With A Super Smash Bros. Ultimate-Inspired Final Destination. I Even Handed Out Smash Invites To Gaming-Related Costumes

Image credits: Calvin_And_Hobbies

#107 Happy Halloween. Love, Gabriel Susan Lewis

Image credits: ksienky

#108 Our Sons Halloween Costume That We Made For Him. He Is Way Stoked

Image credits: Kryzilla

#109 “Wow.. ” – Chakotay

Image credits: DaShanghaiKid

#110 Adam Jones From Tool As Dwight Schrute

Image credits: adamjones_tv

#111 I Heard Your Mother Does Tricks Trebek

Image credits: RoadHawk

#112 Drank Some Beer And Carved A Pumpkin In My Likeness

Image credits: emdoubleyew2

#113 Loonette And Her Dolly Molly And The Big Comfy Couch

Image credits: cloudloan

#114 I Was Able To Make My Woodland Elf Costume In One Day Including The Headpiece I Handmade

Image credits: Caserole

#115 Groovy, Baby!

Image credits: mandoe182

#116 I’ve Seen Some Great Oogie Boogie Costumes Here, Hope You Like My Slightly Original Take

Image credits: snakeskin1982

#117 My Buddy As Patrick Bateman For Halloween

Image credits: chenzo17

#118 Teen Wolf (1985) Halloween Costume

Image credits: lkuu

#119 My Friend Showed Up Dressed As Megoosa

Image credits: SpittinWheelie

#120 Teenage Mutant Tina Turners

Image credits: ThePunographer

#121 Nadia From Russian Doll

Image credits: Mechanicalmama

#122 Damsel In Distress

Image credits: TomHanksfan

#123 House Elf Costume

Image credits: Nateshift

#124 Booyakasha!

Image credits: lovebelongs

#125 An Attempt At Van Gogh

Image credits: FlowEcho

#126 Alfred Hitchcock’s The Bird Scooters

Image credits: gmfbees

#127 I Wanted To Show Off Seymour’s Halloween Costume. Don’t Worry. His Mom Is A Professional Groomer, No Cheap And/Or Harmful Products Used

Image credits: Luckydog6631

#128 My Little Brothers Halloween Costume

Image credits: MajorDerp4

#129 Our Costumes To The Halloween Party. Being Pretty Low Budget, We Think It Turned Out Ok

Image credits: WariTron

#130 My Zoro Cosplay For Halloween

Image credits: SuperPurpleRobin

#131 Caught In A Bad Romance?

Image credits: mermochi

#132 “We’re All Different. Especially Him. But There’s Something Kind Of Fantastic About That, Isn’t There?”

Image credits: JaceyAnderson

#133 My Fiancè And I Dressed Up For Halloween

Image credits: Skulduggery314

#134 Our Attempt Of Sam And Suzy From Moonrise Kingdom Last Night

Image credits: shyfry

#135 “Eeeevilll”

Image credits: Ralaye22

#136 Be Seeing You, John

Image credits: pdbslc

#137 My Homemade Doctor Strange Costume

Image credits: thetallfreak

#138 My Boy And I Are Irondad And Spider-Son

Image credits: CaptCash

#139 I Need A Hero

Image credits: lauraannspecht

#140 Painted Up Pop Art

Image credits: BaconAndEggsy

#141 Finished My Oogie Boogie Costume

Image credits: fuckmeimdan

#142 This Beauxbatons Student Is Ready For Halloween

Image credits: kristin57

#143 My Toothless Is Ready For Halloween

Image credits: cyrosaurus

#144 Celebrated My 100th Skydive And Halloween In A Deadpool Costume

Image credits: bananaammo

#145 This Year’s Scariest Halloween Costume

Image credits: bruno_the_cow

#146 If You Get It, You Get It… If You Don’t, Well You’re Probably A Randall.

Image credits: katgallaghur

#147 Was At A Halloween Party Last Night. Discovered Octane Playing As Octane

Image credits: StrangerSirKai

#148 Mom Won Her Costume Contest At Work

Image credits: MaruModDashi

#149 The Riddler

Image credits: ZigTech

#150 How It Feels For Artists When The Inspiration Hits.

Image credits: avantgeek

#151 Halloween Is The Best Time Of Year

Image credits: dancingcakes

#152 Halloween Costume

Image credits: darkknox

#153 My Son Went As “Capitalism” For Halloween And Won His College’s Costume Contest, I Am Screaming

Image credits: MExasperated

#154 My Homemade Treebeard Costume

Image credits: onicholas21

#155 My White Rabbit Makeup For Halloween!

Image credits: roebotic

#156 This Years Family Halloween Photo

Image credits: Kithit

#157 Making The Alopecia Universalis Diagnosis Work For Us This Halloween. Voldemort And Nagini, At It Again!

Image credits: brondejokes

#158 Halloween 2019

Image credits: frecheguy

#159 My Friend Is A Huge Comic Book Fan And Made Cap’s Shield

Image credits: frozebaby

#160 Officer Jenny From Pokemon

Image credits: splendido

#161 I Was Drunk Dared To Make A Set Of Wearable T-51 Nuka Cola Power Armor From Fallout. Joke Is On Them, I Actually Made It 2 Years Later

Image credits: hirocreations

#162 Bean From Disenchantment

Image credits: cosplaycyanide

#163 An Attempt Was Made

Image credits: TheAttenwood

#164 My Dad Dressed As Me For Halloween

Image credits: 2vivz

#165 Our Couple Cosplays So Far

Image credits: AJAX36912

#166 May The Force Be With You All This Halloween

Image credits: robertirwinphotography

#167 Our Daughters First Halloween Costume

Image credits: jadeemayer

#168 Homemade Jessie From Team Rocket Costume

Image credits: DreamerMassacre

#169 I Had A Halloween-Themed Gender Reveal For My First Child. It’s An Addams

Image credits: dibbiluncan

#170 This Year’s Mario Kart Costumes For Halloween Was The Most Challenging, But Happy How They Turned Out

Image credits: clckwrkrnj

#171 My Grandpa Dressed As Jafar And It Makes Me Very Happy

Image credits: Cable931

#172 6.5 Months Pregnant At Halloween? No Problem

Image credits: langersruby

#173 You’ll Float, Too

Image credits: cosplay_and_coffee

#174 You’ll Probably See Hundreds Of Pennywises This Year But Here’s My Eddie Kaspbrak Costume To Add To The It Frenzy

Image credits: saminthetardis

#175 This Years Rendition Of “We Aren’t Doing A Couples Costume”

Image credits: whatsabrocoliNEway

#176 My Handmade Halloween Costume

Image credits: beebinch

#177 Halloween Costume Thanks To A Thrifted Coat

Image credits: jacobsever

#178 This Year I Will Be Dressing Up As One Of My Favorite Characters From The Movie “The Greatest Showman”

Image credits: Nickismyname

#179 Costume Contest 2019

Image credits: electrifyingcosplay

#180 Mind Flayer Costume Halloween 2019

Image credits: IlluminX90

#181 Midlife Crisis Halloween

Image credits: silentonc

#182 My Friend Invited Me To A Party Under The Lonely Mountain. We’re Gonna Have Pres At Mine Then Journey Over There Together

Image credits: Thefluffernutter

#183 My Dad As Trapper

Image credits: SometimesAfox

#184 Lara Kraft… Is This Costume Too Cheesy?

Image credits: thatszamora

#185 I’m Ready For Halloween. Costume Took About 5 Hours To Make

Image credits: HamJovi

#186 Reprising My Rocketeer Outfit

Image credits: girouxfilms

#187 My Halloween Costume… Hmmm

Image credits: LeProCactus01

#188 Super Proud Of My Last Minute Battle Rufio Costume. Didn’t Win Any Costume Contests But Hoping You Guys Would Appreciate It

Image credits: archieisarchie

#189 We Went As Astronauts

Image credits: blackbread86

#190 Year 4 Of The Family Halloween Costume.. This Year We Got A Little A “Head” And I Didn’t Even Have To Talk The Girls Into It

Image credits: unsponsor

#191 Happy Scare-O-Ween!

Image credits: kawaiimeeshe

#192 Halloween Costume This Year As A SCP Foundation Researcher

Image credits: units_received

#193 Going As This Mad Lad For Halloween

Image credits: dyldawg33

#194 Definitely Going To Give Georgette Another Outfit Over The Next Year

Image credits: msmajorsam

#195 My Halloween Costume This Year! Homemade Papier-Mâché Pumpkin Head

Image credits: rosebudamongus

#196 Haven’t Seen Any Max And Lucas Costumes Yet… Here’s Me And My Boyfriend

Image credits: mamacyclops

#197 Finally Able To Be Our Favorite Characters For Halloween Dudes

Image credits: runningdownhill

#198 Miss Argentina

Image credits: DripDropMakeItStop

#199 SFX Halloween Make Up

Image credits: zoegirl319

#200 Indiana Bones

Image credits: coryrandell

#201 My Dad Is A Teacher, And Came To School In A Jetpack For Halloween. He Spent A Week Making A Jet-Pack With Fake Legs. He Made A Lot Of Kids Smile Today

Image credits: nole_dole

#202 The Winner Of My Company’s Costume Contest

Image credits: darth_scion

#203 Me As Daenerys And My Friend As Jon Snow For Halloween

Image credits: kaitywilliamsDP

#204 Psycho Costume For Halloween

Image credits: platypus0fd3ath

#205 Evolving Bulbasaur For Part Of My 31 Days Of Halloween

Image credits: siriushley

#206 Almost Ready For Halloween. Test Run Of Our Costumes

Image credits: OtherPassage

#207 My Girlfriend Wanted To Do A Quidditch Costume And Told Me To Dress Up As A Snitch

Image credits: Tekasnitch

#208 My Grandma Found A Clever Way To Incorporate Her Walker Into Her Halloween Costume

Image credits: WetLikeImBook

#209 Princess Lineup

Image credits: KSE669

#210 Kyle

Image credits: kyletree

#211 A Few Weeks Ago I Asked My Daughter What Halloween Costume She’d Like Me To Make For Her. She Said “Robot!”. I… I May Have Gone A Bit Overboard With The Brief

Image credits: Lawrence_Leung

#212 I Decided To Be Brave!

For this Halloween I decided to be brave, and just own the chemo head. Embracing the bald if you will, and I think it ended up pretty cool! All creds go to my bestie for painting me, she’s got some serious skill! (Cyantivity on Instagram if anyone is interested).

Image credits: NoGrid

#213 Came 3rd In The Costume Contest At Work

Image credits: MarkSoupial

#214 Game Of Thrones Writer

Image credits: jpoof1337

#215 The Best Halloween Costume

Image credits: raylolSW

#216 Ended Up Giving Advice All Night With This Costume

Image credits: d1woodbury

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