37 Times People Revealed Just How Entitled They Are And Didn’t Even Realize It

A sense of entitlement is a personality characteristic that’s not exclusive to spoiled kids. The belief that you deserve special treatment or recognition for something you haven’t earned can be quite universal.

And the subreddit which we will call ‘Entitled Batch‘ can prove it — this online community is dedicated to shaming people who think they can always get their own way and are better than everyone else.

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The moderators, however, point out in its ‘About’ section that the sub “in no way intends to spread hate or abuse or to offend any party, it was created for story sharing and entertainment.”

Since its inception in December 2018, it has amassed quite the collection. Here are some of the most popular posts on the sub.

#1 I Guess She Got The Answer

Image credits: masteromatic

#2 Eb Is Offended For Being Called A Karen By 8-Year Olds

Image credits: ghostgoddess7

#3 Being Told To Behave On An Airplane Is Apparently A Violation Of Liberty For This Snowflake

Image credits: therealwaysexists

#4 Found This On A Random Facebook Group

Image credits: Swochchho

#5 “That’s My Daughters Middle Name!”

Image credits: Jamster_1988

#6 Miss Independent

Image credits: jj33ca

#7 Imagine Being This Dumb And Entitled….

Image credits: NJTNG87

#8 Entitled Af

Image credits: Jec1027

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#9 Face Of Entitlement

Image credits: Man_v_machine

#10 Sounds Like Your Average Transaction

Image credits: aaronsmeg

#11 Why Tho

Image credits: dick_taterchip

#12 It Feels Pretty Entitled To Think You Have A Right To Someone Else’s Ovaries, But What Do I Know…

Image credits: The-Blue-Bard

#13 Using The Only Fan In A Crowded, Warm Waiting Room To Cool Off Your Hot Box

Image credits: 400yards

#14 Dude Builds A Cool Lockdown Project, Eb Thinks That The Money He Spent Should Have Gone To Her

Image credits: SelectStarAll

#15 Periods Are Women’s Fault Now

Image credits: Greymand

#16 Ah Yes People Who Want A Living Wage Must Kiss Your Butt Extra

Image credits: emmabearden99

#17 I’ll Be Here For The Rest Of The Day

Image credits: vincethewillnill

#18 My Food = More Important Than Your Life

Image credits: bmx__bandit

#19 This Assh*le Un The Supermarket

Image credits: khemet_tsukino

#20 What A World We Live In. $8 Is Not Enough?

Image credits: spradhan46

#21 Thanks Abbott!

Image credits: OffWhite_Papi

#22 Don’t Even Know Her Wtf!

Image credits: bastard_vampire

#23 Influencer Gets Defensive Over Comment On ‘Making Money For Doing Nothing’, Gets Called Out For Entitlement

Image credits: westcoastcdn19

#24 English Is The Only Languge That Matters Apparently

Image credits: ManBug87

#25 The Girl In Front Of Me Refused To Close Her Window While It Was Pouring Rain

Image credits: Nighthouler1234

#26 Upset Karen From Texas Tries To Evade Public Safety Regulations For Her “Team”

Image credits: louderstill

#27 Oh My

Image credits: _madis0n_

#28 What’s Wrong With Applebee’s?

Image credits: BorgClanZulu

#29 Karen Was Offended By Children’s Laughter On Her Walk

Image credits: Ohbiscuitberries

#30 Mom Complains Police Car I „too Hot“ After Being Arrested For Leaving Her Son In A Hot Car

Image credits: candyheyn

#31 “Big D*ck Energy”

Image credits: gosty_the_brave

#32 Maybe You Can Rescue This Damsel In Distress

Image credits: AngryCockOfJustice

#33 Door Won’t Open? Just Wait Outside Until Someone Comes Out! Nobody Apologizes To You, Or Conducts Business With You After Business Hours? Write A Bad Review!

Image credits: preslah

#34 I Found This On A Dog Group On Facebook…”only 35-40 Hours”

Image credits: thegingergirl98

#35 Wants A Free Editor

Image credits: The_danni

#36 Always Heard About That Sub But Jesus Christ

Image credits: a_n1kEt7

#37 Mu Cousin Who Post Her Art On Instagram And Twitter Sent Me These Screenshot Of Someone Who Dm’d Her

Image credits: ILovePizzaPop

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