38 Cats That Are Truly Messy Eaters

Many cats are meticulous eaters. They won’t eat if dinner isn’t served fresh, they won’t look at it if there’s a hair in the bowl, and they won’t get close to it if you accidentally pick the wrong flavor. And there are felines who are the exact opposite. They refuse to comply with table manners altogether and dive deep into the flavorful plate full of wonder.

Please meet the official messy eaters of the feline world as presented to you in this cute and funny compilation by Bored Panda. Because chewing it slow is for the weak, and these little tigers have no time for playing games.

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Warning! Make sure to feed your cats food that is safe for them. Any food which is not specifically designed for cats can affect their digestive system and be very dangerous to their health.

#1 Caught This Guy Trying To Steal My Yogurt

Image credits: reddit.com

#2 The Saddest Dirty Fluff

#3 Her First Attempt At Eating From A Dish Got A Little Messy

Image credits: orodruinx

#4 Messy Kitty

#5 Munching On Watermelon

Image credits: pienar

#6 Dijon Is Life

#7 Cursed Milk Dunk

Image credits: repsugar

#8 Cat Regrets Dipping His Face In Nacho Cheese

#9 What Bolognese? I Don’t Know Who Ate It

Image credits: Anexis91

#10 No Regrets

Image credits: prekhtor

#11 Cat Enjoys A Birthday Cake

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Image credits: ThisIsAFineHouseboat

#12 Life Is Hard When You’re A Kitten

#13 First Time Eating Wet Food

Image credits: Psihoscinik

#14 No Regrets

Image credits: twt_kucingmanja

#15 So What If I Eat With My Whole Face

Image credits: lotuspad

#16 Greatest Milk Mustache Of All Time

Image credits: MissSamioni

#17 Meet Stinky Fred! He Has Chronic Constipation Issues. Yesterday, I Unblocked Him And Now He Is Feeling Good Enough To Seriously Chow Down

Image credits: snoodle478

#18 Little Kitten With A Food Goatee

#19 Messy Face

Image credits: Heather Williamson

#20 I Think My Cat Has A Drinking Problem…

#21 He’s A Messy Eater

Image credits: scampwild

#22 Our Foster Kitten, Blue, Is A Messy Eater. We Love Her Anyway

Image credits: thinklauren

#23 Cole Is Somewhat Of A Messy Eater

Image credits: MyDairyHare

#24 She’s A Bit Of A Messy Eater

Image credits: Theodore_Mewsevelt

#25 Learning To Eat Is Exhausting

Image credits: Betsy514

#26 Our Kitten Used To Put His Whole Face Into His Food

Image credits: robrob_27

#27 Who Ate The Ravioli?

Image credits: SmeefKweef

#28 Literally Just Can’t

Image credits: jemma7189

#29 Food Is Not Just Eating Energy, It Is An Experience – Guy Fieri

Image credits: kitten_crusader

#30 Have I Got Something On My Face?

Image credits: russimasfortune

#31 She Is Such A Mess When She Eats. She Gets It All Over Herself. Kittens Are So Hard To Keep Clean, Man

Image credits: ineeners69

#32 Someone Got Into The Spaghetti Bolognese

Image credits: Heisen-Bro

#33 Super Cute

Image credits: BethStern

#34 Give Me Mooore

Image credits: SirouTouge

#35 A Purrfect Mess

Image credits: Northeast Animal Shelter

#36 Clearly This Little Girl Enjoyed Her Meal, But Oh Those Judgy Eyes Over Being Removed For Clean Up

Image credits: kitten_crusader

#37 My Cat Eats Like A Truffle Hog

Image credits: yaotzin

#38 Caught My Old Mate Eating My Soup While I Was On The Phone. It’s More Than 10 Years Now That I Have To Pay Attention To Him Everytime I Eat. He Never Gives Up. I Love Him

Image credits: Daveebob

Source: boredpanda.com

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