40 Funny And Interesting Pics That Show That New York Is Unlike Any Other City In The World

New York City is a place where everyone’s in a rush and the rent is too high, but the hot dogs and pizzas are one of a kind. Many have a love-hate relationship with this buzzing metropolis but nobody can deny that it’s one of the most colorful corners of the world.

And few illustrate that as vividly and accurately as the subreddit r/NYC. With 690K members, the community of both locals and visitors constantly shares experiences, photos, and stories that originate in the Big Apple. Continue scrolling to check out some of the most memorable ones.

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#1 Everybody Needs A Friend! Especially Now

Image credits: legapo

#2 Grace Church Tonight. I Saw The Lighting And Had To Stop

Image credits: MeVersusShark

New York City has appeared in loads of songs and it has served as the backdrop for countless movies, inspiring people worldwide with its grandiosity.

Brimming with historic landmarks and some of the tallest buildings in the US, it has been a leader in trade and culture for centuries, redefining everything from fashion trends to what a proper bagel with schmear should taste like in the process.

#3 Stuyvesant Street, One Of The Oldest Streets In The New York City Borough Of Manhattan

Image credits: LindonM

#4 Went To A Supermarket, Found A Cat At Door Asking To Be Pet, After Few Pets I Open Supermarket Door, He Leads The Way, I Follow… Straight To The Cat Food Section.. NYC Hustle Is No Joke

Image credits: dreamsmallactbig

#5 Subway Etiquette

Image credits: tuqqs

The metro area is a land of opportunity, which is why – despite the crowds and costs – people keep coming to it.

Some of the world’s best theaters, restaurants, museums, parks, and cultural activities can be found here.

From Greenwich Village in downtown to Harlem in uptown, New York City’s communities are as diverse as its people.

Beyond Manhattan, the city is comprised of four additional boroughs: Queens, which has a long history of fabulous immigrant food; Brooklyn and its thriving literary and arts scene; the Bronx and its abundant green space and wildlife; and Staten Island, famous for its coastline.

#6 A Rainy Day In NYC ?

Image credits: Jamila_Alzaabii

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#7 This Red Tailed Hawk Landed On My Fire Escape In NYC This Evening

Image credits: reddit.com

#8 Mural I Painted For Fresh Meadows, Queens

Image credits: robbanderson

#9 Flying Into NYC This Morning… The Clouds Were So Low There Was A City In The Sky

Image credits: MeGustaTeGusta

New York City is also known for its fast-paced, around-the-clock lifestyle, which may be overwhelming for newcomers. Dubbed “the city that never sleeps,” this relentless metropolis draws people seeking to advance their careers and push their potential to its absolute limits. The saying goes that “if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.”

#10 Perfect Rainbow Over Manhattan I Took From My Apartment

Image credits: cbarney

#11 This Is Why I Love NYC

Image credits: OneMoreGroceryWorker

#12 Lincoln Center Upside Down, Those Are Coins Not Stars

Image credits: boydjustinrrr

#13 Park Avenue

Image credits: newyorkcitykopp

After U.S. News analyzed 150 metro areas in the country in an attempt to find the best places to settle based on the quality of life and the local job market, as well as the value of living there and people’s desire to live there, New York City placed:

  • #120 in Best Places to Live;
  • #14 in Best Places to Retire;
  • #5 in Best Places to Live in New York;
  • #9 in Most Expensive Places to Live;
  • #24 in Safest Places to Live.

#14 Date While You Wait @ W 4th Station

Image credits: carlaas

#15 Spotted In Cobble Hill, Brooklyn

Image credits: alleymass

#16 This Was Taken From My iPhone Pre-Coronavirus At My Office In Hudson Yards (No Filter). I Wanted To Share This Image To Spread Positive Vibes In The Midst Of Everything Going On

Image credits: Scarlett_Streaker

#17 The Empire State Building Put On A Show!

Image credits: msilverphoto

However, New York City houses people from all walks of life. More than one-third of New Yorkers are foreign-born, making the metro area a genuine melting pot of cultures. Moreover, NYC is home to the largest Jewish population outside of Israel and one of the largest Puerto Rican populations in the continental US. New York City is also home to a flourishing LGBTQ community; the annual Pride celebration welcomes a few million attendees each year.

#18 My Dad Saw This The Other Day

Image credits: reddit.com

#19 “A Really Nice Looking Trash Pile”

Image credits: holyfruits

#20 Empire State Building In Fog From Hoboken

Image credits: AltruisticBet8752

#21 We Really Come Together When It Comes To The Nypd

Image credits: kenyawnmartin

#22 My Coworker Just Took This Shot From Our Office Balcony

Image credits: fatchad420

#23 Both Sides Of The LIC Pepsi-Cola Sign

Image credits: viciousdv

#24 Gotta Love When You Get Canal St All To Yourself On An Early Sunday Morning

Image credits: vampirotoothus

#25 Brooklyn Bridge Without A Single Tourist

Image credits: redtarmac

#26 At Midnight

Image credits: hblond3

#27 Welcome To New York City

Image credits: @seanieviola

#28 True

Image credits: @itspeterj

#29 Saw This And I Just Had To Post It Here

Image credits: @kashanacauley

#30 Escalator Etiquette At 530am Hudson Yards

Image credits: roffz

#31 After Hearing About New Cases

Image credits: leteatgo

#32 This Is The New “You’re Not A Real New Yorker…”

Image credits: tumblyk

#33 Finally, The Mta Being Honest

Image credits: geneticswag

#34 And You Don’t Even Want To Know How Much It Costs To Keep A Kid In Rikers For A Year. That’s Scifi Numbers. You Ain’t Ready For That One. A Broken System Is An Old Understatement

Image credits: ejpusa

#35 Best Costume In NYC Last Night

Image credits: reddit.com

#36 Save Me Your Used Soda Cans

Image credits: lanesplit

#37 @asknyc

Image credits: sa487

#38 Authentic NYC Dining

Image credits: AbbadonTiberius

#39 Powerful Message From Mta

Image credits: DopBopDeeBeep

#40 How Often Do You See This?

Image credits: friendshipperson1

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