40 Of The Most Brilliant Comebacks Ever Screenshotted, As Shared On The ‘Clever Comebacks’ Page (New Pics)

Stepping up gives you one sense of accomplishment, but one-upping someone who’s clearly wrong is a whole other achievement. So this post is dedicated to those who didn’t stay silent when hearing false statements, fake news, or faulty arguments, but decided to cut the BS and do everyone a public service.

Thanks to the r/CleverComebacks subreddit, a community with 830k members that’s constantly growing, we have laid out some of the most razor-sharp comebacks that roasted the smart-asses big time.

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Scroll down, upvote the sharpest comebacks and be sure to check out our previous post that prove karma is notorious, and you gotta think twice before voicing things!

#1 If You Don’t Want To Get Tested, Don’t Apply

Image credits: Mary-Trustyn-Wise

#2 Kid Has A Bright And Shocking Future In Front Of Him

Image credits: The_Jib

#3 Cry Me A River That Flows 5 M/S²

Image credits: Fishylips

#4 Morning Coffee vs. Morning People

Image credits: NJmaker

#5 Who Orders Small Coffee Anyway?

Image credits: OldFingerman

#6 I Choose You, Bunny!!!!

Image credits: Icy-Manufacturer-875

#7 “Markets Unable To Adapt To New Generation Of Consumers”

Image credits: killHACKS

#8 Bill Bur Is A Legend

Image credits: sharedSaladin

#9 Some Good Luck!

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Image credits: FitzRowe

#10 Careful What You Say

Image credits: DutchSapphire

#11 Climate Change Is Not Real Guys!!!

Image credits: HappyLiving8

#12 So Easy To Say

Image credits: unfazed_jedi

#13 That Makes Sense

Image credits: TrulyImpress86

#14 Unlimited Power

Image credits: DApsyD

#15 Other People’s Kids Is A Surprisingly Great Form Of Birth Control

Image credits: ducassen4534

#16 This Is Genius

Image credits: utkarshraj2000

#17 A Newer, Healthier Brain

Image credits: Master1718

#18 They’re With Him, Alright…

Image credits: DoomerMentality1984

#19 Repeat After Me…

Image credits: Powerfulwoman20

#20 She Got Played By Her Own Words

Image credits: Wensted

#21 He Got Cremated By A Fish

Image credits: SauceBoi666

#22 Stealing The Rainbow

Image credits: BuickBobFL

#23 Better Hope His House Doesn’t Catch On Fire!

Image credits: KingJak0b

#24 They Don’t Even Bother Hiding The Fact That The Gop Is Bought And Paid For Anymore

Image credits: BeerAndaBackpack

#25 On Insta From An Lgbtq Post From Reddit

Image credits: Elite_Gamer070

#26 Liking-Old-Pic-Shaming Back Fired…

Image credits: lauch_btw

#27 Education Is Vitally Important, After All

Image credits: Smitherd

#28 If You’ve Read The Bible? Name 10 Plagues

Image credits: Ch_Anderson

#29 Great Observation, People Who Make A Lot Of Money Don’t See The Problem

Image credits: isaacfink

#30 Time Is Relative… And Mine Ain’t Rich

Image credits: sandweiche

#31 No Lies Were Told

Image credits: unfazed_jedi

#32 A Lot To Unpack Here

Image credits: kevinowdziej

#33 He Makes A Good Point

Image credits: Sadlysoul

#34 Not Really Sure If This Belongs Here But Still

Image credits: vedvineet98

#35 Lady’s Got A Point

Image credits: BD_secureIT

#36 Fishing For A Burn

Image credits: VenusCupcake

#37 Imagine Losing At Your Own Game

Image credits: ventorliza

#38 Waterproof Your Valuables

Image credits: pelcgbtencul

#39 What’s The Point!?

Image credits: rickz007

#40 What An Absolute Chad

Image credits: oh_not_you_again

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