40 Of The Most Incredible And Amusing Cooking Fails, As Shared In This Online Group

Over two thousand years ago, the great Roman philosopher Seneca said “To err is human”, and with this phrase in particular immortalized his name. Now we don’t know exactly on what occasion the legendary thinker put it this way, so we can only guess. Here is one of these guesses – given that in Seneca’s notes a lot of attention is paid to delicious food, it is quite possible that the philosopher was simply upset by some unsuccessful dish, his own or someone else’s cooking.

Yes, we all make mistakes, including when we cook something. Cooking is like art – an extra drop of sauce or oil, and now a new ingenious recipe is ready. However, it is much more likely that because of this very extra drop, something really disgusting will come to light, which will forever ruin your culinary reputation, even in your own eyes.

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It is believed that the key to a successful stand-up is funny jokes about yourself, because people like irony. This is probably the main reason for the popularity of the Reddit community under the self-explanatory name “Cooking Fails”, where there are already more than five hundred people sharing images of their self-created cooking disasters, accompanying them with some witty comments.

So Bored Panda has put together a selection of the funniest, most unexpected and absolutely incredible food fails for your own enjoyment, so please feel free to scroll this list to the very end, mark the submissions you like best – and the next time after failing at the stove, rather than being angry with yourself, just remember this post, and it will definitely help you perceive everything through the prism of humor. Bon appétit (but not exactly)!

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#1 Just Learned The Hard Way That Curcuma + Hot Water + Rice Noodles = Satan’s Pasta. I Shrieked

Image credits: u/AnaBabyGoth

#2 Expectation vs. Reality

Image credits: u/HomewardPrefect65

#3 I Tried To Make A Churro, But I Made Chookies

Image credits: u/[deleted]

#4 I Dropped The Cheesecake While Unmolding It

Image credits: u/[deleted]

#5 Pickled Avocado. Good Lord It’s Bad

Image credits: u/_Erindera_

#6 Cooking A Egg With Worcestershire Sauce. Ended Up Making Dog Turds

Image credits: u/EstablishmentCute990

#7 A Friend Writes: “Apparently I Bought A Brining Bag Instead Of A Baking Bag”

Image credits: u/jesseburns

#8 Macaroon Gone Wild

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Image credits: u/Pinkguabao

#9 I Baked A Cake

Image credits: u/Dyna_

#10 Carrot Cake – It Doesn’t Just Look Bad , It Also Tastes Bad

Image credits: u/sabineooooo

#11 I Somehow Managed To Fail At Cooking Pop-Tarts!

Image credits: u/Just-some-teen1

#12 I Tried

Image credits: u/I-Dont-Care1324

#13 My Mom Cooked Some Eggs In The Oven At 400f For 30 Minutes, And The Top Was Almost Plastic In Texture, With A Dry, Hard Centre

Image credits: u/IronTemplar26

#14 Tried Making A Mug Cake

Image credits: u/Shadowblade6709

#15 Guess What This Was…?

Image credits: u/PositivelyHopefull

#16 The One On The Right Is My Friends Christmas Cake. The Left One Is My Absolute Failure Of A Cake

Image credits: u/lawandorder05

#17 I Tried To Make A Mug Cake. Something Somewhere Went Horribly Wrong And It Exploded In My Microwave

Image credits: u/[deleted]

#18 My “Alfredo Sauce”

Image credits: u/AzraelAAOD

#19 Someone Bakes These Cupcakes For Our Pta Halloween Party…. Something Just “Semen”ed A Little Off

Image credits: u/piper2010cameron

#20 We Tried Making Cookie But This Happened… Tastes Pretty Good Though

Image credits: u/zanexex

#21 Forgot The Toast In The Panini Press 🙁

Image credits: u/potatojuice32

#22 My 12yo Made French Toast For The First Time This Morning

Image credits: u/thor421

#23 When Your Coworker Put Too Much Hot Sauce In The Mixer Lol

Image credits: u/CynicalCyanideKiss

#24 Pesto? More Like Pestoh No! Tried Making Homemade Pesto And It Turned Out More Like Avocado

Image credits: u/rvp0209

#25 I Tried Making A BBQ Pizza Because I Was Really Hungry. Tastes So Bad I Literally Regurgitated The First Bite

Image credits: u/Pbfman

#26 I Tried Making Cookies-

Image credits: u/Softest_Boyo_

#27 Yummy Glass

Image credits: u/jac5423

#28 My Mother In Law Served This For Lunch. Luckily I Was At The Park With My Son And Warned Not To Return

Image credits: u/DirtyThi3f

#29 My Grandma Tried Making Bread Using A Slow Cooker Epic Fail

Image credits: u/90s-man2

#30 My First Attempt At Making Crepes. I Added Ice Cream, Nutella, And Bananas

Image credits: u/jessica65t6

#31 Homemade Marshmallows

Image credits: u/TruReyito

#32 Y’all Know That Bread Machine?? Well, I’m Not Sure Why, I Didn’t Work This Time

Image credits: u/lagreciacamacho

#33 A Second Away From Blending My Soup And I Dropped It

Image credits: u/SincerelySinning

#34 Batter Stuck On A Non Stick Pan

Image credits: u/The_curious_one_here

#35 Don’t Put The Rice Vinegar And Sugar In Your Boiling Pot Of Rice To Speed Up Making Sushi Rice

Image credits: u/emergencyrayy

#36 Swiss Charred

Image credits: u/Ironikka

#37 Lunchables Pizza. Bone Apple Tea

Image credits: u/bastard57

#38 Me And My Sister Made Some Flan. I Discovered I Don’t Like Flan

Image credits: u/markiplier-obsessed

#39 Try To Make Cauliflower Pizza They Said. It Will Be Fun They Said. Yes, It Fell Off The Baking Pan Into The Oven Crack ?

Image credits: u/Kannazhaga

#40 My First Attempt At Making A French Omelette. And Down Into The Trash It Goes 🙂

Image credits: u/[deleted]

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