40 People Share Their Workplace Fails

Have you ever made a serious breach of office etiquette that made you want to call in sick? This hilarious conversation on Twitter has people sharing their stories of times they’ve screwed up in the workplace and ended up looking pretty unprofessional.

One user named Maurice started off the story round with a time he was annoyed when a business contact spelled his name wrong, so he called them out only to be told that they were just following his lead, and to take a look at his own signature. A lot of people were reminded of their own fails, and this thread was born.

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Some of them can be blamed on Autocorrect, which has been “ducking” us over since its invention. It’s usually fairly benevolent when you send an unintentionally crude message to a friend and you both giggle like you’re 12 years old, but when you send it to the whole office, it can feel like the equivalent of having your pants rip while you’re giving a presentation. As much as we resent autocorrect, though, we’re not much better off without it. When you simply mistype, forget words, or send an email to the wrong person, unfortunately, you have nobody to blame but yourself.


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In 2018, the United States Embassy in Australia accidentally distributed an email titled “meeting” inviting recipients to a “cat pajama-jam” with a picture of a cat wearing a Cookie Monster costume and offering a plate of cookies to illustrate. The Sydney Morning Herald reported that the email also contained a section of Latin (the trusty sample text Lorem Ipsum, perhaps?) and a RSVP button. The public affairs counselor described the mistake as a “training error” made by a new hire learning their way around the email newsletter procedure.


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If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t notice your mistakes until the moment you’ve pressed the send button, it might be worth turning on the “undo send” feature on your email. Just make sure you don’t get too comfortable with it, or else you’ll start not noticing your mistakes until the buffer time has passed and it’s really sent.


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