45 Times People Hilariously Roasted Multi-Level Marketing And Pyramid Schemes

Multi-level marketing (MLM) is a direct sales strategy some companies use to encourage existing distributors to recruit new ones, offering them a percentage of their recruits’ sales. It’s a legitimate pyramid scheme. What separates it from the illegal ones is that distributors can make money not only through getting people to enroll into the program but by selling products as well.

However, regardless of legal status, a lot of people have lost money after they got into MLM—even for those companies who are considered legit, the bulk of the profits come from recruiting new members. This was covered well in this segment of HBO’s Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.

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Many huns (people who shill products/services for an MLM; the sellers have a tendency to frequently use the word ‘hun’ when initiating a sales pitch) are often trying to take their operations online, bombarding their contacts with obnoxious “get rich fast” proposals. So in an attempt to counter them and “stop MLM schemes from draining our friends dry”, the subreddit r/antiMLM is trying to highlight just how ridiculous they can be. Continue scrolling and check out some of the most popular posts from the sub.

#1 Pharmacist Student Speaks Out

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#2 A “Hey Girl” Vortex

Image credits: xLYNCHDEADMANX

#3 Fresh From Messenger

Image credits: The_PhilosopherKing

#4 I Took Great Pleasure In This! (Haven’t Seen This Person Since High School, And Even Then I Don’t Think We Ever Talked To Each Other)

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#5 Sorry Hun!

Image credits: milkbub13

#6 Grow Up

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#7 Literacy Is Your Weapon Against BS

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#8 I Need To Lose Weight It Seems

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#9 This Got The Big Laugh

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#10 Thank God Lmao

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#11 Women Using Her 6 Year Old Student That Passed As Plug For Doterra

Image credits: TheBobShark

#12 Till The Day I Die

Image credits: BarberBettie

#13 Very True

Image credits: theowlette

#14 Mom Of The Year Over Here

Image credits: omgcee

#15 It Really Feels Like She’s Trying Connect With Me On A Personal Level

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#16 No Power, No Water, House Inside Is 35*f, Poor Cell Signal Here In Houston, Texas, But At Least I’m Not In A Pyramid Scheme/Mlm

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#17 One Of My Facebook Friends Has Been A Professional Sound Engineer For Probably 20 Years…

Image credits: ddbruce

#18 Found This In One Of My Facebook Groups. How Do These Huns Lack Empathy To This Degree?

Image credits: Buttons107

#19 Bette Midler Is Not A Hun

Image credits: Montoguru

#20 Mormons & Mlms Go Hand In Hand

Image credits: ruffkillahkess

#21 It Took Her 7 Minutes To Realize Her Mistake

Image credits: MikFizzle_

#22 Hun I Went To High School With Pedals Some Bulls**t Toothpaste. She Deleted My Comment Immediately

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#23 The Beginning Of Mlms

Image credits: schlenjl

#24 It Be Like That

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#25 Was My Response Too Much Hehe

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#26 You Just Have To Hope You Don’t Ever Run Into Them In Person

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#27 Damnit Linda

Image credits: Toxicavenger72

#28 This Is The Best I’ve Seen So Far, Clearly The Oils Don’t Make You Happier

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#29 More Mlm

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#30 I Got Blocked Immediately, Darn

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#31 You May Have Seen This, I First Heard It As Selling Candles On Her Facebook, But… Tomato, Tomato

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#32 My Sister Texted Me This Morning

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#33 This Should Be Illegal. These Vultures Are Messing With Peoples’ Lives! Just Put Some Hope On Your Ears If You’re Suicidal. That’ll Work!

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#34 Glad It Wasnt A Hairy Situation

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#35 Yeah, Lauren

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#36 Carreer Day

Image credits: ApplesAndOnix

#37 Husband Has Had The Last Mlm Straw With His Hunbot Spouse

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#38 I Love When They Get Called Out. Checked Her Page And She Posts This Constantly

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#39 How Awful Can They Get?

Image credits: KalashniKiller

#40 You Love To See It

Image credits: suspicioususer78

#41 Based On A True Story/Invitation I Just Received

Image credits: zaccharybird

#42 Mlm Hun Tries To Give Career Advice To My Friend Who Is In Medical School

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#43 I Don’t Know Her

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#44 Found At A Coffee Shop In India

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#45 Even Drag Queens Aren’t Immune

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