49 “Ugly Ducklings” Share Their Incredible Transformations Into Beautiful Swans (New Pics)

We live in a world where looks are often seen as a twisted currency. With so much fakery fueled by unrealistic standards on social media, it’s becoming hard to see real beauty. And unlike heavily staged and edited allure, natural appeal is always changing, transforming, enriching itself with experiences, ups and downs. In this sense, it’s more about the journey of feeling good in your skin than the actual result.

And what could better illustrate that than photos from real people who fought hard (or did nothing!) to love themselves fully and are proud about it. Thanks to the subreddit “Ugly Duckling,” which has people sharing how they turned into beautiful swans, we now have a bunch of people to cheer for.

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After you’re done, be sure to check out more incredibly wholesome transformations in our previous posts here, here, and here. Just remember that glowing up differs for everyone, and that we are all beautiful in our own perfectly imperfect ways.

#1 Today I Weighed Myself And I’ve Lost A Total Of 221 Pounds. Sitting At 179. I Don’t Have Any Friends So No One To Share It With So I’m Sharing It Here Lol. Have A Wonderful Night

Image credits: CloudyOne420

#2 17 To 27 – How Did I Do?

Image credits: Lizard_Xing

#3 14-24. When Puberty Hits You Like A Train

Image credits: Air-Constant

#4 13 To 25 – Life Is Weird Man

Image credits: Mawldee

#5 10 To 20! My Nickname Used To Be Called ‘Uglie’

Image credits: minjewe

#6 15 (Lol) – 27

Image credits: laufree93

#7 22 vs. 27 Appearance May Have Change But Personality Has Always Stayed The Same

Image credits: Baklau

#8 A Slightly Bigger Change Then Your Average Glow Up For Sure, But I’m Still Happy Where I Am Now

Image credits: Maximellow

#9 Hi!! Me, 14 -> 21

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Image credits: Such_Ad_3122

#10 13 To 26 I Still Do My Own Hair Cuts But I Think They’re A Little Better Now

Image credits: tritrish

#11 19 vs. 30

Image credits: MayaMustika

#12 Age 15 vs. Age 22. Thank Goodness For Puberty

Image credits: macymadison

#13 15 vs. 30 – Cant Believe How High My Insecurities Were Back Then

Image credits: adamax08

#14 12-23, Thank God For Puberty

Image credits: bigdummythiccums

#15 Still Working On Myself, But Time And Hygiene Can Do Wonders! I Was Wearing Makeup In The First Pic, And Not The Second. [15/2012 – 24/2021]

Image credits: lavendarpaint

#16 12 vs. 24

Image credits: vikingum_kongen

#17 Left-20yo Right-22yo

Image credits: ZestycloseAd9233

#18 13-24. Did I Age Backwards?

Image credits: ahug1597

#19 15>18 – I’d Like To Thank My Mother, My Father And Whoever My Mother Had An Affair With 19 Years Ago Cuz I Did Not Get That Jawline From My Dad

Image credits: Gottigottigotti22

#20 16 vs. 20 Is This A Glow Up?

Image credits: Ninjamanatee20

#21 12 > 18 I Was Bullied At School For My Looks, Cried Every Day And Begged World To Give Me Another Face. I Was Kinda Cute Tho

Image credits: tx13bucks

#22 [19 vs. 25] 85kgs Difference In Weight Between The Two Pictures. Who Knew I Had Some Decent Facial Features Underneath The Fat I Used To Carry. I’m Glad I Worked On Myself And My Physical Appearance

Image credits: throwaway94646

#23 13 vs. 22

Image credits: Knitcola

#24 Age 13 / Age 20 And I Started Doing Makeup 2 Months Ago Lol

Image credits: aidandelacruz

#25 I Struggled With Bipolar Disorder II For The Longest Time. The Meds Made Me Gain So Much Weight But As Of February Last Year, I’ve Been Medication-Free, With The Blessings Of My Doctor

Image credits: mozakiiii

#26 13 To 23! Lost The Weird Frames And Bangs, Gained Some Style And Confidence To Be Fully Myself

Image credits: peachyara

#27 16 – 25 Am I Doing This Right?

Image credits: Mafieusz

#28 About An Eight Year Difference Here And Just Had My Braces Taken Out

Image credits: FMChainsawTeddy

#29 19-22, People Really Underestimate How Much The Gym Can Do For Your Face

Image credits: Greenface1998

#30 17 – 22 / Grew Into My Forehead And Started Taking Proper Care Of Myself

Image credits: Meeqohh

#31 Our Styles Changed A Little

Image credits: Raxen92

#32 Pink Has Always Been A Favorite (13/25)

Image credits: carnpark

#33 16 To 22 – My Boyfriend Filled Out A Little

Image credits: AriaLayton

#34 13 vs. 21. Am I Doing This Right??

Image credits: Cla1re23

#35 19 To 22, People Will Make You Feel Unworthy But You Have So Much Potential. I Promise

Image credits: oveanray

#36 16 To 20

Image credits: Noah_Valsted

#37 14-22 Im Working On It

Image credits: throwaway249161

#38 12-22: Deleted Instagram And Facetune At 20. Stopped Hiding My Flaws Behind Unrealistic Snapchat Filters. Most Importantly, Stopped Adding Quotes To My Pics Jk Stopped Comparing Myself To Others. Proud Of My Growth

Image credits: kaerine

#39 12 To 19 – I Do Not Miss The Bowl Cut

Image credits: kzyang

#40 15 —> 30 Weight Loss, Better Eyebrows… Same Smirk Tho

Image credits: HonorReigns

#41 Ten Years Later. 14>24

Image credits: macero143

#42 19-22 Less Plates More Weights

Image credits: Molliwop_Dat

#43 15 To 19. Same Shirt, Same Bed, Same Dude Haha. I’m Happy That My Nose Sorted Itself Out Somehow After My Brother Broke It

Image credits: Asleep_Ad_1824

#44 Being The Youngest As A Teenager (17) I Always Felt Like I Lived In My Older Siblings Shadows, I’m Proud Of The Hard Working Man I’ve Grown To Become Today. (25)

Image credits: ScarletEverdeenHD

#45 16-19, Lost Around 90 Lbs And Started Being Grateful For Life

Image credits: sebwasnthere

#46 16 To 23… A Beard And Puberty Makes A World Of Difference

Image credits: RRnn97

#47 [18 To 20] Realized I Wanted More For Myself, Took Up Running, Started Journaling, And Have Been Working On My Mental Health Ever Since Starting College

Image credits: pdxphotographerawar

#48 18 To 21, Same Orange Colored T-Shirt, Different Person 🙂 Lost A Few Pounds, Started Taking Care Of My Hair And Cleared Most Of The Acne Scars

Image credits: letranquillita

#49 17 To 26 – From “Anorexic Nerd With Cringey Hair” To “Healthy Chad” (Jk Im Not A Chad)

Image credits: PrettyBoyMikey

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