50 Times People Were Lucky Enough To Find These Easter Eggs Hidden In Real Life (New Pics)

There’s nothing quite so satisfying as spotting an Easter egg in your favorite movie or TV series. Like The Office, an iconic show that is notorious for subtle details, references, and witty puns hiding in plain sight. For wonderful movie details about which your eyes may have betrayed you, check out our previous post right here.

But this time, we are taking it a step further and diving into a world of different kinds of Easter eggs. The ones that are not fictional, but factual and happened in real life. Welcome to the corner of Reddit known as the IRLEasterEggs community where people are sharing the quirky little things they spotted while on their daily errands.

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“You know in games or movies when you find an odd little secret that someone in production left unnoticed for the few in the audience that would look for it or happen to stumble upon it? This is the place to share those things you find in real life,” the group’s description states and it already got me to pull my seat closer.

Scroll down through an entertaining selection below and be sure to share an IRL Easter egg if you’ve found one recently in the comments! More of the same goodness from IRLEasterEggs can be found in our previous posts here and here.

#1 Otter Lol

Image credits: mullebob

#2 My Dog Took The Squeaker Out Of Her Toy. It Says “Game Over. Your Dog Won”

Image credits: starsailor40

#3 Cute Dino

Image credits: tgoCC

Created back in 2015, IRLEasterEggs is counting its 7th year of being active with 491k members coming in for entertaining content. The community’s description is as follows: “You know in games or movies when you find an odd little secret that someone in production left unnoticed for the few in the audience that would look for it or happen to stumble upon it? This is the place to share those things you find in real life.”

However, the creators of the subreddit make it very clear that “this isn’t the area for posting digital Easter eggs, as in screenshots or photographs of screens (games, computer software, TV series, DVD menus); as those are regular Easter eggs and not IRL Easter eggs.” They recommend trying the popular corner of r/EasterEggs for such things.

#4 Dog Library

Image credits: Spiffinit

#5 Before He Died, Adam West Lived In Ketchum, Idaho. This Is From The Ketchum Phone Book During That Time

Image credits: TekTomm

#6 This H&s Signs I Found At Work

Image credits: C**tLasso

For those who are still new to the term “Easter eggs,” it refers to hidden messages, images or features that filmmakers, game designers, and other (usually electronic) artists include in their work for audiences to discover. Previously, Bored Panda reached out to Lisa Yaszek, a Regents Professor of Science Fiction Studies at Georgia Tech, to find out more about them.

“Most Easter eggs are bonus materials that are not essential to the main narrative. Sometimes they do enrich our experience of the story by connecting it with other, similar stories to create a ‘shared universe.’ But if nothing else, they are always meant to amuse by conveying ‘insider knowledge’ in a clever way,” the professor explained.

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#7 A Friendly Message On The Bottom Side Of My Bag Of Coffee

Image credits: TiscaBomid

#8 On The Bottom Of The Drink I Had Last Summer

Image credits: Greghannibal

#9 Virtual Reality

Image credits: xdtla

Moreover, the term “Easter egg” itself “was coined in 1979/80 by Atari’s then-Director of Software Development, Steve Wright, to describe a secret message that had been planted in the video game Adventure,” Lisa explained. “The game designer Warren Robinett was angry with Atari for the company’s failure to include developers’ names in the game credits, so he programmed the message ‘created by Warren Robinett’ to appear when players encountered a special pixel called ‘the gray dot’ that gives entry to a secret part of the game map.”

#10 My First Ever Shoes (From The Early 1980s) With Some Useful Instructions On The Sole

Image credits: misterpep

#11 Tried To Find An Easter Egg On A Bottle Of Juice, Not Disappointed

Image credits: Mars_Aeternum_

#12 On The Box Of Subscription Cat Food I Got Today

Image credits: bekkins

Sadly, Atari took that Easter egg out and you won’t find it in any contemporary versions of the game. “But,” Lisa told us in a previous interview, “you will find an homage to it at the end of both the novel and film versions of Ready Player One, where players in a massive virtual game compete to find Easter eggs—including, at the very end, the Easter egg from Adventure!”

#13 The Back Of A Tag On A Frying Pan I Just Purchased

Image credits: Sgt_Lackluster

#14 When Broken Isn’t Really Broken

Image credits: ryguyboi

#15 Nachos For The Win

Image credits: shifoc

#16 Don’t!

Image credits: firemanjoe911

#17 My Coconut Yoghurt Wants To Be A Book Cover

Image credits: redhouse7

#18 In Case Of Fire

Image credits: AndreiGamer07

#19 Upside Down On The Back Of An Innocent Almond Drink

Image credits: _Shug

#20 Saw This On A Walk It’s Nearly Invisible From Any Other Angle

Image credits: njb_La_25

#21 Scooby Doo Irl Easter Egg In Ottawa

Image credits: sizzzarah

#22 “Excuse Me, I Can’t Find My Husband.” “Try Aisle 6”

Image credits: reddit.com

#23 Rest In Peace?

Image credits: Lwannagothere

#24 Oops…. Dales Pale Ale Did It Again

Image credits: 155circleDR

#25 Found This Behind A Samsung Washing Machine

Image credits: slide0990

#26 I Have Had This T-Shirt For Way Longer Than I Want To Admit. I Hear A Capture Sound From My GF`s Phone Taking A Picture Of My Neck And She Shows Me This

Image credits: vimsee

#27 My Parents Gave Us This Cookbook From 1979 With An Interesting Recipe

Image credits: skussin

#28 Found On “Gringo Bandito” Hot Sauce

Image credits: HiDough

#29 Entrance To The Mountain

Image credits: Bomurang

#30 In The Corner Of My Schools It Room

Image credits: graphixs6

#31 Found On A Hike Right Outside Of Stowe, Vt.

Image credits: slipperystevenson69

#32 On The Back Of A Tag In My Shirt

Image credits: drdjt

#33 Adorable Tag On My New Jumper

Image credits: kandaf

#34 Little Hidden LEGO Figurines In The City Of Deventer, Netherlands

Image credits: Space_Crystal_inc

#35 Ebisu, Tokyo Has Street Lamps In The Shape Of Beer Mugs, As There Used To Be A Beer Factory There

Image credits: sinmantky

#36 Window Coverings, And A Sense Of Humour

Image credits: StraightOuttaDapto

#37 Maui Statue Outside A Window In The Maui Airport

Image credits: mermicide

#38 Very Useful Advice If You’re Depressed Actually

Image credits: Valuable-Being9915

#39 Saw This In My Daughters Shorts While Changing Her Diaper

Image credits: CansiSteak

#40 This Clip To The Lid On My Cats Litter Box

Image credits: svenonstrix

#41 Tag On The Back Of Baby’s Swim Diaper

Image credits: kajobuko

#42 The Tardis On A Rooftop In Cambridge, Massachusetts

Image credits: PatentGeek

#43 Rubber Duck On A Fountain In Portsmouth Nh

Image credits: notthepuma

#44 Scottish Shirt, Didn’t Notice This For 5 Years!

Image credits: ladder_of_cheese

#45 Print On A Milk Bottle

Image credits: sp3nko

#46 The Cooking Instructions On This Package Of Bacon

Image credits: anoobsearcher

#47 I Am Visiting My Family That Has Just Bought A New Home. I Helped Them Tidy The Garden And Found This Pebble In One Of The Bushes. I Turned It Over And… Lol

Image credits: Pajacykowatyyy

#48 Mom Put A Hat On A Local Sculpture To Keep Him Warm. Nobody Has Removed It Yet

Image credits: nannerooni

#49 This Bra Reminding To Check For Lumps

Image credits: kiwimoss

#50 The Baby Owl Inside My Owl Jigsaw

Image credits: EchoVexx

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