56 Times Cat Owners “Set A Trap” To Catch Them And It Was Successful (New Pics)

Cats are notorious for being mischievous little geniuses who make the rules anywhere they set paw in. From going wherever they like and yowling for food at 3 AM in the morning to pouncing around the house and using their adorably dangerous claws like there’s no tomorrow, these are just some quirky things our beloved fur babies do.

However, even their intelligence sometimes succumbs to the lure of the cardboard box. Or a kitchen sink. Or even a cloth. So today, we’re taking a look at the extremely rare instances when pet owners had the upper hand by using the perplexing feline superpower of squeezing and cramming themselves into the weirdest places to their own advantage.

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Thanks to ‘The Cat Trap Is Working,’ we have an amazing collection of cases captured on camera to study this phenomenon firsthand. And let me tell you, the results are purre entertainment and goofy wholesomeness combined. So continue scrolling, upvote your favorites, and let us know what you think of them in the comments!

Pspsps! Check out even more cute pics of cats being “caught” by random objects in Part 1 of this feature right here.

#1 I Waited Two Days For This Picture

Image credits: custermustache

#2 He Loves Legos Very Much

Image credits: holly_molly_33441

#3 For Some Reason This Particular Bag Of Groceries Was Heavier Than The Rest

Image credits: ExplanationDear4922

#4 Unconventional, But Effective

Image credits: cervenit

#5 He Forgot His Poptart Outside The Trap!

Image credits: pinkeskimo

#6 I Know It Isn’t A Box But My Cat Loves To Sit On Kitchen Cloths!!

Image credits: n4os3iqueus3rn4m3p0r

#7 Caught A Couple Of Criminals

Image credits: kittenCASA

#8 Louie Usually Gets Trapped In The Sink

Image credits: bigtastie

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

#9 Hercules Was Caught And Then Fell Asleep

Image credits: txstormking

#10 This Unusual Trap Has Snagged A Victim

Image credits: guppylovesyarn

#11 After Making A Pan Of Brownies, I Covered It With A Hand Towel To Protect It From Curious Cats. This Only Attracted Racer To A Comfy Brownie Bed

Image credits: Shiitakia

#12 They’re Huge Fans …

Image credits: reddit.com

#13 I Was Sent Here To Show You How Effective Cat Traps Can Be At The Foot Of The Bed. Everyone Tucked In Nicely, Nobody Gets Squashed In Their Sleep!

Image credits: Im_Asia

#14 The Elliptical Trap. At Least Someone Uses It!

Image credits: CatastropheCat99

#15 Mеtаl Geаr Sоlid Trар

Image credits: Marktorma

#16 Peekaboo! I Caught You

Image credits: clover219

#17 Took Out A Drawer To Clean It Up, Cats Think It’s Their New Cat Bed. I Guess This Trap Is Working…

Image credits: MamaSmAsh5

#18 My Kid Constructed Her First Cat Trap Today And Caught 2

Image credits: Special-Ferret

#19 Owner Sacrifices Own Life To Not Disturb The Kitty

Image credits: Friendlyalterme

#20 You’ve Got Mail

Image credits: Gnidlaps-94

#21 I Caught A Void

Image credits: slatemillion

#22 My Jeans : Surprisingly Effective Cat Trap

Image credits: beefkake5

#23 Might Need A Bigger Terrarium For This Lizard

Image credits: cl0yd

#24 Yusuf Can’t Believe We Ever Close This Thing

Image credits: Super-flewis

#25 The Box Is Also An Arm Rest

Image credits: Dizzy_Journalist4486

#26 He Did Not Fit… And Yet He Sat

Image credits: MissDelaylah

#27 $10 Meat Lovers Trap Is Working Well

Image credits: Steriotypical-tipper

#28 My Cat Trap May Be Too Effective

Image credits: Ok-Alfalfa5210

#29 I Caught A Cat In My Dragon Trap!

Image credits: TheRealBrokenbrains

#30 Even If It’s Impossible, She Has To Try

Image credits: llamablama

#31 My 20 Pound Maine Coon Requires A Larger Trap. This One Works Every Time!

Image credits: 11exgreib

#32 Yelling From The Cat Trap

Image credits: s_ni

#33 It Took 10 Seconds

Image credits: Puulet

#34 Waiting Politely In Line For The Sink Trap

Image credits: ldogrules

#35 I Guess It’s His Clock Now

Image credits: vanillqt

#36 How Often Should I Feed My Pet Fish?

Image credits: rainyrew

#37 Trapped Herself Exactly One Foot Away From A Cat Bed She’s Never Touched

Image credits: coconutkween

#38 The Stocks

Image credits: kit-kat315

#39 Working Again And Again

Image credits: _dollweg_

#40 Do Self Made Mat Traps Count?

Image credits: her_dog_is_odd

#41 These Boxes Were On The Ground For 5 Minutes

Image credits: marip0sita

#42 This Is Cornstarch

Image credits: spacetiger110

#43 He Made Himself Comfortable And Sat Like That For 5 Minutes

Image credits: dontblink_1969

#44 Red Trap Is More Effective Than The Blue One

Image credits: Dany_HH

#45 The Big Girl In Her Little Makeshift Home

Image credits: AlbertMondor

#46 Well.. We Wanted A Void Anyway (Just Joking, We Got Her Today. But She Loves The Bag)

Image credits: Purnima92

#47 Extra Effective Cat Trap

Image credits: Educational_Let3723

#48 (I Was Told This Belongs Here) Plastic Trap Working Its Best

Image credits: gabtinha

#49 That’s One Weird Potato

Image credits: Alarmed_Entrance1769

#50 My Cat Trap Caught A Jellybean!

Image credits: UniqueNudes

#51 He Found A Spot Where The Ac Hits Perfectly

Image credits: lumilana

#52 I Took One Piece Of My New Chair Out Of The Box And Immediately Discovered That I Wouldn’t Be Taking Any More Out

Image credits: Shade_39

#53 My Sisters Cat Frank Snoozing In A Basket (He Is Only Allowed Outside With Supervision)

Image credits: tired_blonde

#54 I Just Love This Picture Of Her

Image credits: mazzyuniverse

#55 Trash Queen

Image credits: eyeballs_for_dials

#56 This Bowl Is Full Of Void

Image credits: j3iglesia

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