64 Times Celebs Were So Wholesome, They Made Someone’s Day

They say that you shouldn’t ever meet your heroes, but we wholeheartedly disagree. Wholesome is as wholesome does. And there are plenty of celebrities and stars who are full to the brim with love, life, laughter, and kindness.

The past couple of years have been incredibly tough for many of us Pandas, so we’re all in need of some heart-warming things to keep us going. Thankfully, Twitter comes to the rescue in the form of some of the most soul-healing encounters that people had with celebs that prove they’re some of the most kind-hearted people on Planet Earth.

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Get ready to have your heart grow three sizes today, Pandas! Scroll down to read some of the best moments people had with stars and upvote the stories that made your Happiness Index go all the way to 11. There are plenty of smiles to go around here—enough for everyone.

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Some time ago, celebrity and pop culture expert Mike Sington explained to Bored Panda the dynamic between celebrities and their fans. Mike has met, quite literally, hundreds of stars during his decades-long career in Hollywood, and he’s been left with lots of positive experiences. In his words, the vast majority of celebs have been kind, gracious, and friendly.

Mike explained that stars know quite a bit about how their fans feel meeting them, so they go the extra mile to be nice to them. It works as an antidote to all the nervousness.


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“Don’t be afraid to meet a celebrity! The majority are smart business people, and they realize their fans who watch their TV shows, stream their music, and buy tickets to movies and concerts, are paying their salaries. They want to be nice to you!” celeb expert Mike, from LA, explained that it’s in the stars’ best interest to be as nice as they can be. However, this doesn’t change the fact that many celebrities are genuinely kind.

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“In my experience, the one constant I’ve noticed is the bigger the star, the nicer the celebrity. The established stars have it down and understand the importance of the celebrity/fan relationship. You usually only have a problem with the newer, up-and-coming stars. They at times don’t get it and may think they’re too good to interact with you. This attitude often backfires, and they realize if they want longevity, it’s actually not that hard to be nice,” he told Bored Panda.


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Something that newer celebrities need to remember (and sometimes veteran stars need to be reminded of) is that they are always, always, always in the public eye. Even when they think that they aren’t. Nearly everyone’s walking around with a smartphone in hand or in their pocket, so celebrities need to be mindful that their every movement is being photographed, filmed, tracked.


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Stars need to adapt to a mindset that means they’re always on display to the entire world. “So it does take some conscious effort on the celebrity’s part to be nice, just knowing every interaction, and everything they’re doing in public can be recorded. For some celebrities, in fact, I’d say most celebrities, being nice comes naturally. It doesn’t take any special effort, because it’s who they are as a person,” Mike said.


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During another interview with Mike, I was very interested to learn about how working professionals and fans should interact with celebrities who come and eat at, say, a local restaurant. What’s more, even though most stars are wonderful people, some might be rude, so it’s best to know what to do in those extremely rare cases, too.

“It’s always best to stay professional at work, of course, and that includes trying to be pleasant. Having said that, no one deserves to be mistreated. If a celebrity, or anyone, is being especially rude, as a server I would step away and let my manager know,” Mike told Bored Panda.


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“Any professional manager would intervene, to the point of even possibly asking the celebrity to leave. The celebrity knows everyone has a camera, and they probably don’t want that sort of scene recorded and posted,” the celeb expert revealed that (nearly) every star knows that they’re in the public eye and they want to avoid causing a scene.


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Mike suggested that fans who are simply dying to meet their heroes should avoid approaching them while they’re still enjoying their food. “Never interact with a star while they’re actually dining at a restaurant. The worst thing you can do is interrupt their meal,” he noted that we should be mindful of these well-known individuals, no matter how much we’d like their autograph, a selfie, or to tell them how much we love their work. Patience is a virtue!


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According to Mike, once the star has left their table and has started going to their car is a good moment for fans to approach them. “An especially good time is if they’re just standing around waiting for the valet. Then, they’re likely to actually appreciate a fan encounter because it’s flattering and helps fill the time. A simple, ‘I really admire your work. Could I get a picture with you, please?’ is all you need. Keep it short, simple, and polite.”


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