68 Does And Don’ts Shared By Subway Employee’s (New Pics)

Not all heroes wear capes, and no one exemplifies this more than the brave souls at your local fast-food joint. The job itself is basically a blessing and a curse where employees try to navigate the complex world of customer service with a cheerful smile. There are the long hours, low pay, and lazy management that make it a tough and thankless experience. But at the same time, wholesome colleagues and side-splitting “special instructions” customers add to their orders work as the perfect mood booster workers didn’t know they needed.

There’s not a dull day in the life of a fast-food worker, and people who proudly wear their green and yellow t-shirts know this from personal experience. We’re talking about Subway employees who work hard to provide you with a portion of the good stuff and should get the respect they most definitely deserve.

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So today, we’re diving deep into the aspects of a sandwich artist’s life, the good and the bad, courtesy of the ‘Subway’ subreddit. Although the community seems to be still growing, it provides a safe space for people to talk, share, love (and hate!) everything to do with the sandwich palace. We’ve gathered some of the best posts from the group, so continue scrolling to check them all out! Be sure to upvote your favorites and let us know what you think in the comments.

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#1 Made Sense To Me, Still Makes Sense To Me

Image credits: daccorn

#2 I’ve Put Up A Sign But It’s Gonna Be Ignored Anyway

Image credits: EmikoTheYandere

#3 First Time Seeing A Sign Like This, Made Me Chuckle

Image credits: ltchyHemorrhoid

#4 Holy S**t

Image credits: SpunkySpaceCat

#5 Around 1 Sub Per Minute Sounds Pretty Impressive To Me!

Image credits: yoitzeli2020

#6 *cryng Inside*

Image credits: HundredPannyz

#7 Today Our Regular Karen Came In Acting Kind For The First Time And Handed Us This Note When She Left

Image credits: LavishnessShot9528

#8 Accurate

Image credits: cdcgirl

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#9 Saw Someone Else Post, I Hung This Up A Few Weeks Ago

Image credits: SkyRat7011

#10 I Actually Have People Ask Why I Have This Up

Image credits: nicklulu1994

#11 Why

Image credits: Bbjizz

#12 I Gave Them Extra Cookies

Image credits: PiePuzzleheaded501

#13 Are You Guys Open?

Image credits: PlsHMe

#14 So This Is How My Morning Went

Image credits: nerdinator2000

#15 What I Came In To At Work Today… I Open The Store

Image credits: GunnarOdinn

#16 Anyone Miss The Old Subway Design?

Image credits: Pikamander2

#17 Saucy

Image credits: Formal-Work6110

#18 Tfw All The Chips Expire Today And You End Up Taking 134 Bags Home

Image credits: kylepg05

#19 Thanks! I’m Not Gonna Remember That!

Image credits: gotdamnboottoobig

#20 I’m 10’5/178cm

Image credits: BllueShadow

#21 Has This Been Done Already

Image credits: Airscrewed

#22 Everyday

Image credits: schmeckylynn

#23 Little Did This Poor Guy Know, My Boss Forgot To Remove Pickles From Our UberEats

Image credits: eggibrd

#24 My Veggies In The Morning Before They Get Destroyed During The Lunch Rush

Image credits: crowning_sapphire

#25 Why

Image credits: hockeyplayr45

#26 When The Customers Won’t Comprehend The Mask Rule And You’re Just Trying To Do Your Job

Image credits: scooterabsorbing

#27 Subway Knight

Image credits: Pitst0p2136

#28 We Followed The Special Instructions. This Is Now One Of My Favorite Customers

Image credits: beingthebestmetoday

#29 Never Seen A Subway With A Drive Thru. As Someone That Worked At A Subway, This Sounds Like Hell!

Image credits: TurrboSwagg

#30 Exxxxtra Olives

Image credits: anonsandwichartist

#31 Actual Footage Of Me Trying To Seperate Gluten Free Breads Infront Of A Cute Customer Before Toasting Them To Defrost

Image credits: bignobrob4

#32 Good For You, Buddy. Good For You

Image credits: copee

#33 185 Sandwiches In One Hr ..nailed It Whoot Whoot

Image credits: Equivalent_Yam_8047

#34 Customer Came In, “I Have Another Sandwich But It Wouldn’t Let Me Order It Online For Some Reason”

Image credits: crowning_sapphire

#35 My Local Subway Has This Above The Veggies

Image credits: smiller409

#36 When You Outsmart Your Customers By Exposing Your Store’s Secrets

Image credits: derpyleafhorse

#37 :0

Image credits: KCStreet

#38 My Good Brother In Christ Why Must You Complain Before A Creation You Constructed?

Image credits: Shadow_L0c0m0nk3d0

#39 I’m Bouta Lose It Y’all

Image credits: alwaysexhausted325

#40 I Thought I Smelled Dr. Pepper

Image credits: spiralwater

#41 Went In For A Footlong And I Think She Took It Too Literally

Image credits: Any-Anything-9676

#42 Someone Asked For A Meatball… Without The Sauce

Image credits: Sol_01739

#43 Box Of Bread Got Frozen To The Wall

Image credits: pijanadziewczyna

#44 “Can I Get The White Cheese?” Mfw:

Image credits: Prestigious_Ad3489

#45 2 6footers This Morning

Image credits: katakath

#46 One Of The Nicest Sandwiches I’ve Made

Image credits: prolapsedasshole9

#47 For All Of Us Out There

Image credits: GrowthIndividual

#48 How I Feel After My Shifts

Image credits: youneverddaengalone

#49 Which Cheese

Image credits: truthoftheworld

#50 Let’s Get This Bread My Dudes

Image credits: Kat0513

#51 Happened Today During Our Lunch Rush

Image credits: hockeyplayr45

#52 Fuck You To The Drunk Guy That Came In 3 Minutes Before Close And Did This

Image credits: brattyangel_

#53 I Got Creative With The Carrot Cake Cookies And Now They Look Like Little Cinnamon Rolls!

Image credits: i-am-moxy

#54 Some Of The Shit They Come Up With Really Surprises Me

Image credits: asmolblackcat

#55 Italian Herbs & Cheese Discontinued?

Image credits: gtalbert420

#56 I’ll See Your “Happy Sunday” And Raise You Happy Monday

Image credits: SurfinPirate

#57 Happy Sunday I Guess

Image credits: -humanbean

#58 Historical Moment

Image credits: Yokai_Master435

#59 I Made Sure To Add Extra Jipoltle Sauce

Image credits: Professional_Poem_90

#60 Employees First Time

Image credits: DisplayAsleep6897

#61 Every Time

Image credits: itsthejimjam

#62 Server Got Mad Because I Asked For Extra Chipotle

Image credits: christuhfurr

#63 I Want To Tell Them

Image credits: bhop789

#64 Meat Slicer. My Store Is Super Small So We Have No Room For Anything Now

Image credits: prolapsedasshole9

#65 An Interestingly Interesting Title Of Interest

Image credits: VULPES117

#66 She Said Soak It In Mayo So I Did

Image credits: Iwillyourdad

#67 Easiest Online Order I’ve Ever Made

Image credits: ANameYouCanPronounce

#68 The Double Meat Meatball

Image credits: LittleUKmac

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