70 Women Who Called Out Sexist Things That Are Still Blatantly Accepted (New Pics)

We have come a long way since the dark times of first-wave feminism when for a whole 70 years, women fought for their right to vote. During second-wave feminism, a fight began for a wider range of issues, from the workplace to de facto inequalities, family and many more.

With the French philosopher Simone De Beauvoir’s “The Second Sex” released back in 1949, it paved the way to the more equal society we live in. Today, we will shortly be heading into 2023, but sadly, there’s still a lot to do. From the gender pay gap to the pink tax, to the lack of women in positions of power, our society is still pretty much governed by misogynistic and sexist attitudes toward women.

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Luckily, there’s this corner of Reddit known as “TrollXChromosomes” which joins people with zero tolerance for sexism of all kinds. Below we wrapped up the newest batch of the posts shared here, so scroll down and be sure to check out our previous article right here.

#1 Regulate Guns Like Abortions!

Image credits: likerainydays

#2 Longer Skirts

Image credits: i_can_live_with_it

#3 Yes

Image credits: ImperadorPenedo

#4 Goated Tactic But Tbh I Would Never Have The Ovaries To Do This

Image credits: ComplainsAboutWife

#5 It Never Was About The Babies, It’s About Controling Women’s Bodies

Image credits: Princess_kitty14

#6 Props To That Guy

Image credits: ExpertAccident

#7 This Is Horrifying

Image credits: ExpertAccident

#8 Sign From The Women’s March In Texas

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#9 Great Advice

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#10 *gasp* Women Have… Veins?! Impossible!!

Image credits: ExpertAccident

#11 For Them People Who Says “Muh Degeneracy! This Modern World!, Muh This Didn’t Existed Back In Muh Days!” Transwomen From The 50’s

Image credits: Princess_kitty14

#12 Carved My Name Into His Leather Seeeaaattttsssss

Image credits: Ickysquicky

#13 We Don’t Think Men Are Helpless, Clueless Creatures. We Know They Can Learn And We Believe In Them

Image credits: BamSteakPeopleCake

#14 Children’s Splash Day

Image credits: ExpertAccident

#15 I’m Pregnant, And My Husband’s Parents Want To See My Vajayjay In Action

Image credits: ToolPackinMama

#16 Troll Victory!

Image credits: bookluvr83

#17 Found This At My School

Image credits: WasteConcentrate964

#18 Ain’t That The Truth

Image credits: BitterPillPusher2

#19 I Actually Chuckled At This One

Image credits: LeftyBigGuns

#20 More Proof That Sexuality Isn’t A Choice

Image credits: bramblejamslam

#21 Seems Fair To Me

Image credits: SenaidaKoelling

#22 Also Push For Child Support At 6 Weeks

Image credits: bookluvr83

#23 Elderly Woman At The Women’s March In Texas

Image credits: ExpertAccident

#24 But Really…

Image credits: ilaissezfaire

#25 Spot On

Image credits: mrsduckie


Image credits: apocalypticalley

#27 This Happens Every So Often

Image credits: PM_me_ur_goth_tiddys

#28 Shame

Image credits: StarWars_memer

#29 I Have A Complaint

Image credits: Alex45784

#30 Not Wanting Kids Is A Valid Choice

Image credits: Alex45784

#31 Oh Well Nvm I Guess

Image credits: PM_me_ur_goth_tiddys

#32 Please Let Women Just Not Have Kids I’m Begging You. Also Normalize Women Not Having Uteruses. Makes Trans Women Feel More Accepted

Image credits: ComplainsAboutWife

#33 Age Gaps

Image credits: ExpertAccident

#34 And I Am All For It

Image credits: ExpertAccident

#35 “Don’t Accept Assault As ‘Part Of Life’ As A Woman”

Image credits: FollowBackorOut

#36 Literal Virtue Signaling

Image credits: cfa413

#37 Bring It On Please

Image credits: kookie_doe

#38 Payback

Image credits: design56

#39 I Hate How True This Is

Image credits: Alex45784

#40 Get Comfy

Image credits: Alex45784


Image credits: apocalypticalley

#42 “Gold-Diggers”

Image credits: reddit.com

#43 Degrees > Boyfriends

Image credits: Alex45784

#44 Happy Indigenous Peoples’ Day, Everybody!

Image credits: EmilyA200

#45 80% Chance This Happens In The Comments

Image credits: ghostmeharder

#46 Why Do Men Need To Find The Most Creative Ways To Hate The Women And Girls In Their Lives?

Image credits: kinderock

#47 And What Happens When They Can’t Pay?

Image credits: Frankly_Mai

#48 Coachella

Image credits: ExpertAccident

#49 Scary

Image credits: vanessafuh

#50 Weaponizing Consent Discourse?

Image credits: ComplainsAboutWife

#51 I’m Looking For Some Cool Pro-Choice Charity Suggestions To Donate To!

Image credits: _LucyVanPelt

#52 This Is Horrifying

Image credits: Alex45784

#53 The Very Reason They Are Single Is Because Of The Way They Think About Women; Not The Other Way Around

Image credits: phantomholiday143

#54 This Is Not A Compliment

Image credits: coffeeblossom

#55 This Is So Disappointing

Image credits: Alex45784

#56 He’s Right; We Don’t Care

Image credits: coffeeblossom

#57 “I Want A Wife”

Image credits: childhoodsurvivor

#58 I Love This Woman

Image credits: SauronOMordor

#59 I Cannot Describe How Fucking Enraged This Makes Me

Image credits: some__random

#60 This Is Awful

Image credits: pigmons_balloon

#61 Simple And Effective

Image credits: matthewjhendrick

#62 One Hundred Percent Correct

Image credits: mawkish

#63 This Is The Way

Image credits: kinderock

#64 It’s Not So Much That They’re “Ridiculed” But Rather What They Enjoy Is Assumed To Be Lesser

Image credits: FusRoDaahh

#65 Do You Know How Much Work It Takes To Be A Queen??

Image credits: strawberrychelscakes

#66 Universal Childcare

Image credits: Alex45784

#67 Dating As A Pervert

Image credits: EmilyA200

#68 I’ll Be Eating My Popcorn With The Salt From Their Tears

Image credits: poisonivee97

#69 Periods Are Normal

Image credits: Alex45784

#70 Privilege

Image credits: ExpertAccident

#71 Schrödinger’s Woman

#72 100%

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