72 Of The Most Awkward But Funny Conversations Parents Had With Their Kids

Kids say the darndest things! No, really, they do. And their parents are more than happy to share their words of wisdom and wit with the world.

One of the things that we really miss the most about being a kid is the sense of freedom we had. Until a certain age, you could pretty much say whatever was on your mind and you’d entertain everyone around you. Try doing that now and you might hear the crickets chirp!

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Our team here at Bored Panda has collected some of the silliest, slightly awkward, and wonderfully hilarious conversations that parents have ever had with their children. Scroll down to check out their tweets, upvote your faves, and let us know which ones you found the funniest. Oh, and be warned: the cuteness is off the charts in some of these tweets.


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It’s everyone’s choice whether or not to create a family. There are lots of upsides and downsides to raising kids, just as there are with the ‘childfree’ lifestyle.

However, many parents will tell you that creating a family is one of the most fulfilling things that you can do with your life.


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The day-to-day challenges might seem huge, it can be exhausting at times, and it’s a drain on your finances. You are literally responsible for tiny human beings, and if you don’t feed bathe, and clothe them, nobody else will. It’s a lot of pressure.

But all of it is worth it. And silly conversations that lead to likes on Twitter are just the tip of the iceberg.


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A while ago, Bored Panda had a lovely chat about parenting challenges with single mom, comedy writer, and design expert Ariane Sherine.

She told us during an interview, earlier, quite candidly that parenting is “very hard work” but very much worth it. “Trust me on that.”

“Being a mum has improved my life immeasurably and taught me to put another person first and think of their needs before my own,” she said.


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An important aspect of being successful at parenting is actually wanting to be a parent.

“I truly believe that’s essential to being a good parent. If you don’t love the thought of being a mum or dad, you’re likely to resent having to put your children first. Secondly, that love for them is what powers you through the difficult times—and there will be difficult times. So do it because you know your life wouldn’t be complete if you don’t,” mom Ariane told us.


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“Plenty of people are very happy and fulfilled without being parents. It just so happens that I wouldn’t have been one of them, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a perfectly valid life choice,” she said, adding that you shouldn’t have kids just because of societal expectations or to ‘tick a box.’


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“Your kid will probably grow out of whatever behavior they’re displaying now. The first four years are the most difficult. But at age 4, they go to school, and then you get your life back a bit, for at least six hours a day,” Ariane said that parents shouldn’t despair too much about having to sacrifice too much.


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“See if you can get some help each week, whether that’s grandparents doing a bit of childcare or paying a childminder. Use the extra time to exercise self-care and pamper yourself, whether that means having a massage or just a soak in the bath—do things you wouldn’t be able to do while looking after your child.”


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Having support from your loved ones is a life-changer. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, have an honest chat about how you feel with your partner, your parents, or your friends. Vent a bit, ask for advice if you feel like you need some. But if it becomes overwhelming, don’t be afraid to reach out to a counselor for some help. They might be able to guide you better, helping you refocus on parenting challenges from a fresh new perspective.


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“You might not feel as though you’re doing a great job, but is your kid fed, clothed, warm, safe, happy and loved? Then you’re doing brilliantly—cut yourself some slack,” mom Ariane told Bored Panda that parents need to let go of the idea that they can be ‘perfect.’


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Do we have any Parent Pandas in the article with us today? We’d love to hear about the most peculiar things that you’ve ever overheard your munchkins say. Feel free to share them in the comments! Do you have any tips that you’d love to share with new parents? We’re sure everyone could use a wise word or two (or just some support) to make things easier.


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