77 Wholesome Rescue Pet Pics To Heal Your Soul (August Edition)

Accurate data from shelters and rescue groups is difficult to obtain because these organizations do not have a central reporting system. Plus, most states don’t require sharing the numbers at all. But according to some estimates, there can be as many as 6.5 million dogs and cats entering shelters every year. That’s a lot. However, keep in mind that this figure is down from 20+ million in 1973.

#1 My Newly Adopted Kitten. Meet Misa!

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Image credits: tonari_no_midori

#2 We Adopted A Horse That Was Going To Be Slaughtered. This Is My 2 Year Old Braiding Her Hair And Singing To Her While She Eats

Image credits: RepairmanJacked

#3 I Adopted A Kitten For My Cat. It’s Going Well

Image credits: LizagnaG

#4 Hi Meet Salem! Adopted Friday The 13th! He Likes To Stick His Tongue Out At You

Image credits: Agile_Fuel5729

#5 This Feral Kitten We Just Adopted

Image credits: jfdirfn

#6 Just Adopted These Love Bugs And Now I’m Never Leaving The House

Image credits: TRON-ALIVE

#7 Two Weeks After Adopting Him, Van Gogh Finally Feels Comfortable Enough To Show Us His Preferred Way To Sit

Image credits: Bowling5Soup

#8 I Adopted A 12 Yo Cat Named George And I Love Him So Much!!! My Real Life Toothless

Image credits: ThePicard_2893

#9 Just Adopted This Precious Little Man. Desperate For Name Ideas!!

Image credits: cosmic8bit

#10 Before And After Being Adopted. Meet Our New Boy Louie

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Image credits: Pomegranate_Tree

#11 Adopted This Void 3 Days Ago. Meet Bagheera

Image credits: shnozdog

#12 In A Span Of Two Days We Adopted This Baby And Got Engaged

Image credits: 42069Nicebro

#13 This Is Pudding, I Adopted Him – He Has No Teeth So Keeping His Tongue In Is Hard…

Image credits: Cheesyulcer

#14 Adopted This Baby Yesterday, Her Name Is Shiva And She Loves To Nap

Image credits: nikushka21b

#15 Our Newly Adopted Sweet Shy Girl

Image credits: js8082

#16 I Adopted This Little 4lb Boy Yesterday! Meet Binx!

Image credits: faithunknown

#17 My Newly Adopted Cosmo! He Has Black Galaxy Eyes

Image credits: jennthemermaid

#18 Adopted 14 Week Old Brothers. Everyone Meet Pancakes And Waffles! They Love To Snuggle You Or Eachother

Image credits: clyptric

#19 After 28 Years Of Not Having A Dog, I Finally Adopted My First Puppy. Say Hi To Rhett!

Image credits: pandatitties

#20 I’ve Never Had A Kitty Before! Reddit Meet Bug!

Image credits: baileykristine

#21 My Partner Didn’t Want To Get A Cat, Then A Stray Adopted Us. He Fell In Love Pretty Quick

Image credits: morgybear94

#22 We Named Her Vixie, After The Fox And The Hound. We Have No Idea What Breed She Is Because We Adopted From The Shelter

Image credits: hereforthe_swizzle

#23 My Family Just Adopted This Beautiful Little Girl, And We Cant Think Of Any Names… Any Suggestions?

Image credits: yaboiyotam

#24 Just Adopted This Little Nugget. She Needs A Name

Image credits: Big-Nibble

#25 I Adopted Otto, An 8 Year Old Boston Terrier From The Shelter Last Week. This Was His Face When He Saw His New Home For The First Time

Image credits: StupidSexxxyFlanders

#26 I Told Dante He Was Adopted Once And This Was His Reaction

Image credits: jvela1

#27 My Very 1st Foster Puppy, Wendy

Image credits: NarcolepticCrafter

#28 This Is Felix. He’s Fiv+ And I Knew He Had Low Adoption Chances. Bringing Him Home Was The Best Decision Ever

Image credits: teddoboi

#29 This Little Guy

Image credits: bleedingreen13

#30 Adopted From The Nearest Shelter

Image credits: wbobbyw

#31 Adopted Roy A Week Ago. I’m His Third Owner And He Had Been In The Shelter Since Last October. They Warned Me It Might Take Some Time For Him To Warm Up To Me

Image credits: hamscratch

#32 My Adopted Feral, Who Refuses To Let Me Pat Her But Loves Being Tucked Into The Laundry Basket

Image credits: maskerdenrd

#33 Name My Bun! We Just Adopted Him Out Of A Bad Situation And Need A Name

Image credits: Annchen_popannchen

#34 Adopted This Cutie A Week Ago And So Far She’s Been A Devil Child But My Family Loves Her

Image credits: ConsoleLogin

#35 I Told Edward He Was Adopted… He Didn’t Take It Well

Image credits: foolishpheasant

#36 Gonna Be So Much Fun

Image credits: anshulkundaje

#37 We Recently Adopted A Marble Loaf In Our Bakery. Her Sister Is A Burnt Pumpernickel

Image credits: LeChatNoir04

#38 Meet Buddy

Image credits: GoldenGirlJSB

#39 Adopted The Sweetest Baby Today

Image credits: arch_n_oz

#40 I’ve Been Thinking Of Getting A Kitty For A While This’ll Be My First Time Adopting

Went to the shelter with the thought that I was just there to look around and get a feel and was greeted by the sweetest boy ever who just wanted pets and love. I’m going tmrw to adopt him.

Image credits: blushieeeee

#41 Just Adopted This Doge From The Pound- I Think She’s Good Luck

Image credits: Jenevastorm

#42 My Foster Dog (Soon To Be Adopted By Me) Got Neutered On Tuesday. He Was Miserable In The Hard Plastic Cone, So My Friend Got Him This Soft Flower Cone, He’s So Happy Now

Image credits: bleacher13

#43 I Adopted These Two Old Babies (11!) Yesterday

Image credits: KweenLauTheDestroyer

#44 Adopted Kiki 3 Weeks Ago And Recently Found This Community So I’ll Share Her Cuteness With Everyone

Image credits: MrFexilAgain

#45 We Just Adopted 75lbs Of Cuddles!

Image credits: MrPavlovic

#46 So Beautiful

Image credits: jossie120

#47 Found A Pregnant Momma Outside In The 100°f+ Texas Heat On Saturday

Needless to say this sweet momma found a new home for the next few months while she gives birth and I raise the little ones up for adoption. Neighbors thankfully have been helping too and have connections for the lil ones.

Image credits: BreakingThoseCankles

#48 He Had A Very Exciting Day Of Getting Adopted

Image credits: IncognitoHandJive

#49 I Just Adopted This Senior Lady! She’s The First Cat I’ve Ever Had And She’s Also The Sweetest One I’ve Ever Known Senior Cat Appreciation!

Image credits: Soup_God_

#50 Best Decision Ever To Adopt Both Brothers

Image credits: Gammachan

#51 Last Weekend My Girlfriend Witnessed A Drink Driver Roll Their Car. The Puppy Was Ejected From The Vehicle, She Saved Him. Yesterday, I Adopted Him

The dog was not chipped, or collared. When animal services received the puppy from law enforcement they gave the owner a week to claim and prove ownership. The owner called highway patrol was given all the info they would need. But they never followed through with connecting with animal services at all. Thus surrendering the puppy to the system. I visited him almost daily until I could adopt him.

Image credits: lorenteryl

#52 Update! The Guinea Pigs That I’m Fostering Are Now Mine! And Now I Need A Name For The Tri-Colored Girl Any Suggestions?

Image credits: Retta_Noona

#53 Just Adopted A Dog

Image credits: ginforyoongi

#54 Just Adopted This 16 Month Old Charmer! Would Love Your Tips

Especially for training to behave on walks! He has terrible pulling and distracted tendencies so far.

Image credits: MaeveGamer

#55 I Adopted This Little Guy Yesterday Morning. He Slept Glued To My Side And Follows Me Everywhere. Even To The Bathroom

Image credits: FrrriskyWhiskey

#56 We Adopted A Dog A Few Weeks Ago And The Cat Is Finally Ready To Hate Him Up Close

Image credits: evolvedtwig

#57 We Adopted This Guy From Our Local Shelter Yesterday

We’ve named him Saint. The shelter told us he is a pitbull so I thought I’d join the sub and show off my boy!

Image credits: MrsDSL

#58 Adopting Two Little Farm Kitties, We Need Names!

Image credits: snickersismycat

#59 Just Officially Adopted This Boy Because His Owner Didn’t Want Him Anymore And Kept Him Outside!

Image credits: CanTheBread

#60 I Adopted This Little Void Today

Image credits: satanidatan

#61 Recently Adopted These Two Cuties. One Female One Male. Any Name Suggestions?

Image credits: Jayjay360sp

#62 My Son Has Wanted A Cat For A Long Time, And Asked Me If He Could Get One If He Paid For The Adoption And Monthly Expenses

He’s had his job for almost a year, so we went to the shelter and found a kitten! Welcome to the family, Jester.

Image credits: Pandorologist

#63 Just Adopted Him

Image credits: ministeranc_c

#64 I Just Have To Name Him Now

Image credits: jedionfilm

#65 Ace

Image credits: Bangtansgirlele

#66 My Fiancé And I Adopted A Baby Husky And We Need Some Advice

She seems to be extremely timid and scared of us when she’s on the floor, or outside going potty. But she snuggles with us while on the bed. How do we earn her trust while she’s not in bed with us. We are very confused.

Image credits: AntwonDonson

#67 Just Adopted This Little Gentleman Today! Any Name Suggestions?

Image credits: greygromit

#68 Name Ideas For Our Black Kitty Adopted On Friday The 13th

Image credits: Anna_ballerina

#69 I Adopted A Kitten! Help With Unique Boy Names?

Image credits: Mak8080

#70 I Finally Convinced My Husband To Adopt A Puppy! I’m Head Over Heels Already. Meet Mina!

Image credits: anothersadadult

#71 Meet Rocket And Ranger. Adopted Sister And Brother

Image credits: Tamz8688

#72 Today, We Adopted A Kitty Rescued Off The Streets 3 Days Ago

Image credits: Work_n_Depression

#73 Adopted These Two Angels Today. Brother And Sister Are Inseparable

Image credits: taterscot

#74 I Adopted This Little Guy Yesterday Morning. He Slept Glued To My Side And Follows Me Everywhere. Even To The Bathroom

Image credits: FrrriskyWhiskey

#75 Can You Help With Names For These Cute Kittens I Just Adopted? Boy On The Left, Girl On The Right

Image credits: xonix2909

#76 These Two Were Separately Adopted, It Was A Rough Start But It Warms My Heart To See How Close They’ve Become

Image credits: Pale_deadflower

#77 Found This Boy While On Holiday In Cyprus

We connected immediately and after I asked the locals if he had an owner they said no so I adopted him. Gonna fly him home after his check ups. Still didn’t name him so any suggestions would be nice.

Image credits: DaughterOfDeathwing

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