79 ‘Illegally Smol’ Cats And Their Adorable ‘Crimes’

It ain’t easy being a cat—simply entering this world too small gets you a criminal record with your mug shot made public for everyone to see. Well, kind of.

There’s a subreddit called Illegally Smol Cats, and it has 391,000 members sharing cute pictures of tiny kittens. “It should be illegal to be that adorable,” the online community writes in its description. And they are right.

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The images show these furry villains and their crimes such as napping or enjoying the warmth of a laptop charger, and the amount of damage they do to your stomach due to inducing a never-ending “aww” is unparalleled.

Continue scrolling and see for yourself.

#1 The Alarm Didn’t Work And He Overslept. Boss Won’t Like This

Image credits: tamikills

#2 Evolution Of Angy

Image credits: dom_bul

#3 Great Love

Image credits: iliaspro

#4 The Void Stares Back

Image credits: bigabigabigabiga

#5 My Best Friends Cat, Jolene

Image credits: so-this-is-college

#6 My Baby Void When She Was The Tiniest Of Soot Sprites

Image credits: SqueezeBunny

#7 Smol.jpg

Image credits: mountainoat

#8 I’m Hostage Of This Vicious Criminal And Now I’m Gotta Take Him Wherever He Wants

Image credits: ceelodan

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#9 Our Company Is Gonna Close Bc Our CEO Is A Criminal

Image credits: ceelodan

#10 Heated Mattress In Criminals Jail Cell

Image credits: whoooomst

#11 Scammer!

Image credits: crowmami

#12 Running An Illegally Smol Business

Image credits: isawken

#13 I Sneezed

Image credits: /Beaver1BeaverAll

#14 Criminal Has Been Successfully Detained

Image credits: lumidaye

#15 Zola When She Was A Baby, Being A Little Loaf

Image credits: younghulk46

#16 These Two Delinquents My Friend Recently Adopted

Image credits: JP20021

#17 Waking Up To 2021

Image credits: CatFeeds

#18 Look How Cute

Image credits: iwhattheduck

#19 Biohazard

Image credits: killerbunnyfamily

#20 He’s Just Sitting There… Menacingly

Image credits: reddit.com

#21 Face Mask

Image credits: ATJWen

#22 Criminal With Known Associate

Image credits: goddamnimtrash

#23 Saw This On Instagram

Image credits: britneydiane

#24 Suspect Attempted Camouflage

Image credits: Failuresandwich

#25 Shameless!! Not Only Criminally Smol, But Also Trying To Escape Quarantine!

Image credits: cualcrees

#26 No Talk He Angy

Image credits: kristioppa

#27 They Pick Us, We Don’t Pick Them. Even Grouchy Old Plumbers Are Not Immune

Image credits: YoloForJesusHChrist

#28 Is This An Open Carry State?

Image credits: kai-ote

#29 Found This Picture Of An Imprisoned Criminal Caught In The Act

Image credits: Masterbot9000

#30 What A Little Criminal!

Image credits: reddit.com

#31 A Criminal Trying To Plead Mercy With His Big Eyes

Image credits: landamiaw

#32 Criminals Have Birthdays Too

Image credits: sfogliatele

#33 My Cat Sampson And Her Mini-Lions

Image credits: AwwCatsDotCom

#34 It Is Literally A Bean

Image credits: BunnyBunBunHoney

#35 Upset Even Though It’s His Own Fault

Image credits: RobLjung

#36 Two Delinquents Illegally Taking Over The Sofa

Image credits: Thunder_Volty

#37 From Illegally Smol To Absolute Units

Image credits: reddit.com

#38 Criminal Caught Surfing The Web

Image credits: Bmobmo64

#39 This Is Leo

Image credits: m_harvey003

#40 If It Fits, I Sits

Image credits: Gems_Bond

#41 Got Ma Shoo

Image credits: ThisIsPaulina

#42 On Her Way To Be Rescued After Mama Abandoned Her For A Couple Of Days

Image credits: _eringk_

#43 Tiny Cat At Large For Being Unreasonably Cute. If Spotted, Report To Local Pawthorities Immediately

Image credits: Anam_Cara

#44 Not My Work But I Thought It Essential For This Sub To See

Image credits: spinsewz

#45 Was On A Delivery And She Made A Bee Line For Me, Went Through The Hole In A Chain Link Fence And Jumped In My Car To Get Me. It Was Fate

Image credits: Sherlockhomey

#46 Newt Was Found By The Dumpster Two Weeks Ago. She’s Doing Great So Far

Image credits: MotherUckingShi

#47 Is This Illegally Smol?

Image credits: razzor6922

#48 Dapper Little Aspen, He’ll Grow Into His Bow Tie!

Image credits: NA_BobaBunni

#49 My Mom Made A Napkin Hat For A Smol Kitty

Image credits: Briquetto

#50 Dotty The Illegal Construction Site Intruder

Image credits: voldicorn

#51 Thought You Guys Might Enjoy My Little Criminal. Her Name Is Rosie And She’s Currently On The Run For Possession Of Squishy Toe Beans And A Floofy Tail

Image credits: pettyzoe

#52 Arrest Me Now

Image credits: liefieblue

#53 He Kept Trying To Ruin My Code, But Was Too Small To Push The Keys Down

Image credits: reddit.com

#54 Just A Quartet Of Puff Balls…

Image credits: AwwCatsDotCom

#55 No Seriously, His Name Is Literally & Legally Smol Boi

Image credits: reddit.com

#56 My Cat The Day I Adopted Him

Image credits: crazycatlady1296

#57 Don’t Talk To Me Or My Son Ever Again

Image credits: killerbunnyfamily

#58 Tiny Hacker Commits Cyber Crimes

Image credits: deadchi

#59 Hiding From The Authorities

Image credits: ocsike90

#60 Found This Miniscule Trespasser Sat In My Chair

Image credits: Huxtux

#61 Meet Tax Evasion!

Image credits: Acyke

#62 She Is Buttons. Fear Her

Image credits: willowwrenwild

#63 I Have A New Office Partner. His Name Is Thicc Charlie

Image credits: thumbstickz

#64 I Thought I Lost Her… I Was Running All Around My House Like A Crazy Person. How…?

Image credits: lumidaye

#65 Little Elizabeth Before She Came Home With Us (Bonus Toe Beans!)

Image credits: HurricaneMedina

#66 Kitty Discovering She Has Feet

Image credits: My_Memes_Will_Cure_U

#67 Gus Was The First Of His Litter To Come Out From Under The Porch (And Scream At Me To Leave)

Image credits: mandaeffect

#68 Now He Never Leaves The Bed

Image credits: bun_skittles

#69 Look At Those Ears

Image credits: My_Memes_Will_Cure_U

#70 Criminals Are Coming, Hide Everyone!

Image credits: protectorsofearth

#71 Illegally Smol And Exhausted

Image credits: digwer

#72 I’m Glad We Didn’t Get Caught

Image credits: Noire_balhaar

#73 Don’t Touch Me I’m Angry

Image credits: samrondavid

#74 Soon To Be Ageing Out Of The Juvie System, Its Big-Time Jail For This Criminal

Image credits: reddit.com

#75 This Is Boba! She’s Tiny

Image credits: nicolebun

#76 My Illegally Smol Boy At Two Months Old. He Was The Runt Of The Litter. Took Forever To Be Consistently Over One Whole Pound. His Name Is Munchie, Short For Munchkin. Can Of Food For Scale

Image credits: AshleysProblems

#77 Cup Sized

Image credits: My_Memes_Will_Cure_U

#78 Don’t Worry Guys, She Is Arrested

Image credits: Iforgetmyemail

#79 I Think You’ll Enjoy The Sunbathing In Jail, You Criminals

Image credits: leogt15

Source: boredpanda.com

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