79 Intriguing Posts From People Who Wanted To Share “Something Interesting”

How do you define ‘interesting’? What is interesting? After writing a surplus of articles about interesting facts and mildly interesting stuff, we can tell you that it’s all about gut feeling. Humans know humans, just like we know that we will never be tired of looking at previously unseen, fluffy animals from exotic corners of the Earth.

Today’s r/interesting, then, is a rather normal cousin to ‘Mildly Interesting’. Not bound by a specific timeline or subject matter, this community describes itself as “a place to share something interesting.” And as you’ll see on today’s list, it sure does that, bringing bite-size infotainment like a cooler version of ‘Encyclopedia Britannica’ where people vote on what’s hot and what’s, well, less interesting. Buckle up, pandas, because it’s going to get interesting!

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#1 I Would Find This Interesting

Image credits: Lost_Tumbleweed_5669

#2 A 106-Year-Old From The Philippines Is Vogue’s Oldest Ever Cover Model

Image credits: BigfootDynamite

#3 Kathey ❤ What An Effort ?

Image credits: Longjumping-Ad9665

#4 This Sundial Shows The Time Digitally

Image credits: Owsn

#5 110-Million-Year-Old Dinosaur Very Well Preserved Discovered Accidentally By Miners In Canada

Image credits: excelsior_frenemy

#6 British Coins Make A Shield When Put Together

Image credits: Fish_Boi19

#7 Bloody Australian Dawn

Image credits: MOKSHA82

#8 Green House, Made From Recycled Church Stained Glass Windows

Image credits: Late-Yesterday2106

#9 Ain’t Stupid If It Works

Image credits: bethebumblebee

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#10 Flathead Lake, The Clearest Water On Earth

Image credits: Unfair-Purpose-2100

#11 The Camera Caught The Light Reflecting Off The Water Droplets Of The Steam At The Right Angle To Make Magical Corn

Image credits: SleepParalysisDemon6

#12 The Duck Is The Mother Of Fishes

Image credits: snxliang

#13 American Firefighters Extinguishing The Fire In Mexico Without Crossing The Border

Image credits: Owsn

#14 Just Look The Précision

Image credits: brolbo

#15 The Lens Flare In This Photo Looks Like Eric Cartman

Image credits: rraattbbooyy

#16 Tibetan White Yak – The Snow White Yak Is The Rarest Color Phase Of Yak In The World. In China And Tibet They Figure Their Numbers To Be Around 3% Of The Population, With The Vast Majority Of Those Residing In Tianzhu Tibet, There Almost All Of Their Yaks Are White!

Image credits: ailmn_cwb

#17 This Bonsai Tree Was Planted In 1625 And Has Lived Through A Lot Of History In It’s 400 Years Of Existence. It Survived The Atomic Blast In Hiroshima On August 6, 1945 Even Though It Was Only Two Miles Away At That Time

Image credits: Rifletree

#18 112 Year-Old Vaccine Cards. And It Didn’t Cause Society To Crumble As You Can See

Image credits: hamcharonstyx

#19 A Melanistic & Albino Alligator

Image credits: Weekly-Reason9285

#20 The Third Grade Teacher Teaches Science In A Full Body Suit!

Image credits: Sea_Land_1944

#21 A Snow Leopard In Its Natural Habitat At Spiti Valley, India Appears Flawlessly Camouflaged, Effortlessly Blending Into The Surrounding Environment

Image credits: dikam_saroj

#22 President Obama Sitting For The Very First Ever 3D Presidential Portrait

Image credits: Owsn

#23 Found A House That Looks Like The One From “Up” In Vancouver, Canada

Image credits: IsaacJB1995

#24 Taking Art To A New Level

Image credits: Sapiosexual___

#25 A Female Falcon Was Equipped With A Satellite Tracking System In South Africa Before Migrating To Finland. Image Shows Tracker Data. In Just 42 Days, She Flew Over 10.000 Km, At An Incredible Average Of 230 Km Per Day And Nearly In A Straight Line

Image credits: Yell0w_Submarine

#26 This Table

Image credits: NorrisMcNorris

#27 Thousands Of Years Ago, The Inuit And Yupik People Of Alaska And Northern Canada Carved Narrow Slits Into Ivory, Antler, And Wood To Create The World’s First Snow Goggles. This Diminished Exposure To Direct And Reflected Ultraviolet Rays—thereby Reducing Eye Strain And Preventing Snow Blindness

Image credits: ailmn_cwb

#28 There’s A Very Tiny Muscle In The Forearms That Contracts Only When Lifting The Pinky Finger. Michelangelo’s Moses Sculpture Is Lifting The Pinky, Therefore That Muscle Is Contracted. Incredible Attention To Detail

Image credits: donlic

#29 First Lamb Grown In An Artificial Womb

Image credits: JettMe_Red

#30 Alexander The Great 330 Bc, Facial Reconstruction From His Marble Bust

Image credits: sexymess777

#31 Garter Snakes Coming Out Of Hibernation And Into A Tens Of Thousands Strong Mating Ball In Southern Manitoba, Canada

Image credits: Sea_Land_1944

#32 A 7000-6000 Year Old Burial Of A Young Woman (Aged Around 20 When She Died) And Her Newborn Baby From Vedbaek, Denmark. By Her Head Were 200 Red Deer Teeth, And The Child Is Cradled In The Wing Of A Swan With A Flint Knife At Its Hip. It’s Thought The Pair Died Together In Childbirth

Image credits: MSDeltaBound

#33 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar And Coach John Wooden. ‘’never Forget Who Helped You’’

Image credits: brolbo

#34 Friend Rehabilitated An Injured Chicken And Adopted It As A Pet. Chicken Got To Attend Friend’s Wedding

Image credits: SoftandChewy

#35 Disney Tried To Be Creative With Marketing Back In The Day

Image credits: historyinmemes

#36 An Afghan Citizen Offering A Cup Of Tea To An U.S. Soldier On The Duty

Image credits: Owsn

#37 Alpine Refuge From World War I Located At 2760 Meters, Monte Cristallo, Italy

Image credits: TX908

#38 European Arizona Fruit Punch (Left) vs. Us Arizona Fruit Punch (Right)

Image credits: GKUMK

#39 Penguin Feathers

Image credits: BigfootDynamite

#40 Most People Just See The Man With A Giant Head On His Knee, And Cannot See The Baby

Image credits: Electronic-Sun-8275

#41 Sloth Elephant Tunnel.these Tunnels Were Dug By A Giant Ground Sloth That Lived 10.000 Years Ago In Brazil

Image credits: ailmn_cwb

#42 A Shoe Worn By Allied Spies During World War II Has An Inverted Heel To Mislead The Germans When They Track Their Trail And Direct Them In A Completely Wrong Direction

Image credits: bigbl4ck

#43 Topography Of USA – Pretty Cool

Image credits: Witty_Control6793

#44 Bic Using The Same Pen Design Since 1955

Image credits: Quimi864

#45 What The Pyramid Of Khafre Looked Like 4,500 Years Ago Compared To Today. The Pyramids Of Giza Were Originally Covered With Highly Polished White Limestones, With The Capstones At The Peak Being Covered In Gold

Image credits: MSDeltaBound

#46 Scientists Have Successfully Reanimated Cells From A Woolly Mammoth 28,000 Years Old

Image credits: ailmn_cwb

#47 In The 1940s, Men Dressed In Short Shorts And Cowboy Boots Served Up Women At A Drive Through Across The Street From Love Field In Dallas, Tx

Image credits: MSDeltaBound

#48 “I See You Have Made 3 Spelling Mistakes”. Last Words Of The Marquis De Favras After Reading His Death Sentence Before Being Hanged (1790)

Image credits: om11011shanti11011om

#49 Weighing Over 400 Pounds, This Is The Heart Of A Blue Whale, The Largest Animal That Has Ever Lived

Image credits: brolbo

#50 Amazingly, Real Molecules Look Just Like High-School Textbook Drawings

Image credits: Martyboy_2

#51 Spider Infestation, In A Field Near My Home, England

Image credits: absolutejester

#52 A Part Of The Human Population Can Voluntarily Control The Tensor Tympani

tensor tympani is a muscle within the ear. Contracting this muscle produces vibration and sound. The sound is usually described as a rumbling sound.

Image credits: Grand-Marsupial-5291

#53 Meteora, Greece

Image credits: MOKSHA82

#54 Tree Burning From Inside After Lightning Strikes

Image credits: Sapiosexual___

#55 The Heritage Of Louisiana

Image credits: namedonelettere

#56 World’s Largest Single Firework Shell

Image credits: snoopynoopy

#57 Just Got This. Anybody Else In Ca Get This?

Image credits: ZachTF

#58 “Gee’s Golden Langur” Currently Very Endangered. Expressions Are So Human

Image credits: EldenTingz

#59 This Is Not Interesting But, My 10 Year Old Sent Me This Picture Of A Long Chip She Found While Eating Them

Image credits: reddit.com

#60 This Very Old Penny My Mom Got As Change Today

Image credits: Alone_Spell9525

#61 Head Coverings Worn By Muslim Women

Image credits: supremeddit

#62 The Woman Who Went Viral After Preaching Against Monster Energy Drinks Is Still Fighting The Good Fight!

Image credits: kmm_art_

#63 Talented Modeler Makes Miniature Dumpster

Image credits: practical_cemetery

#64 LED Infinity Mirror

Image credits: EldenTingz

#65 This Image Of A Us Map Appeared On The Cover Of The February 10, 1916, Cover Of Life Magazine, A Year Before The Us Declaration Of War

Image credits: Dhorlin

#66 My High School Was Designed By A Guy Who Designs Prisons

Image credits: Mr_Niagara

#67 This Dentist Has A Free Soda Machine, And Coffee In The Lobby

Image credits: underthund3r

#68 The Cost Of A Home In The Bronx NY vs. The Cost Of A Home In Niagara Falls, NY

Image credits: Mr_Niagara

#69 Can Anyone Tell Me Why?

Image credits: hepice1

#70 My Phone Was Stolen In London On October 30th. I Just Got A Message That It Was Phone Was Turned On. It’s In Dubai Now

Image credits: PureSharpie

#71 My Great Great Great Grandfather’s Grocery Bill From 1909

Image credits: tyerker

#72 Broken Ice Tray + Forgetting To Switch Ice Making Off = Wonderful Surprise

Image credits: BigfootDynamite

#73 On October 12th, 1960, 17-Year-Old Otoya Yamaguchi Assassinated Socialist Politician Inejiro Asanuma With A Sword During A Speech In Tokyo

Image credits: Watcher2020

#74 A Tracked Motorcycle From 1939

Image credits: TamerDubai

#75 A Parasite Called Cymothoa Exigua. It Enters Through A Fish’s Gills, Eat Their Tongue, And Then Replaces It

Image credits: ailmn_cwb

#76 The Biggest Hotel In The World Is In Saudi Arabia. It Has 10,000 Rooms, 4 Helipads And It Can Accomodate 30,000 Guest!!!

Image credits: brolbo

#77 My Brother Took A Picture At The Exact Same Place As This 100+ Year Old Painting, And Almost Nothing Changed Since Then

Image credits: HenrikBangsoe

#78 Here In Vietnam We Learn How To Assemble Aks In High School

Image credits: beanboy070307

#79 I Got A 2017, $2 Bill In My Tips!

Image credits: charcuterie-flowers

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