8 scientific photos of bees reveal details I never knew existed

The furry texture of their bodies, the brilliant colors, the glass-like translucency of their wings—in these 8 photos of bees, we get a close-up look at the insects’ details.

The photos were captured by Sam Droege of the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) who monitors native bee species and is developing an online identification guide for North American bees. He told National Geographic that he spent years “floundering around with okay pictures.” Dorege then learned of a U.S. Army molecular biologist who developed a camera system that is used to take photos of insects that have bitten soldiers.

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Dorege explains that taking a photo at the level of magnification needed for small insects resulted in images with no depth of field. To capture the detail required to make the photographs scientifically valuable, he needed to take a series of photographs at different focal points and digitally stitch them together. A side benefit of making the image scientifically valuable is that he also produced images that are visually gorgeous.









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