80 Things People Wish They’d Known

Often, I intuitively know something but realize it only after someone says it out loud. If it’s a movie insight, then there’s no big deal. But if we’re talking about an important life lesson, I sure as heck would’ve liked figuring it out by myself earlier rather than later.

So when I saw this post on r/AskReddit by u/PeakABoo_IFKU, I knew I was in for a treat. The Redditor asked: “What is the best advice you can give someone?” And after scrolling through some 2,000 comments, I think you’d like to see the best ones as well. From taking care of your body to working on your mind, continue scrolling and check them out!

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Don’t listen to random strangers on the internet

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Imagine all the time that you spend worrying about your embarrassing moments. Now understand that almost everyone else does the same. Nobody is thinking about your embarrassing things. Just their own. I find this idea freeing.

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You are only responsible for yourself . You cannot and should not try to control others even if you think you’re being charitable. Similarly don’t let other people control your emotions.

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Be careful who you have kids with.

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Don’t be so hard on yourself, sometimes life gets complicated, is not your fault, just do your very best in every situation, and let things go as they should

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Just because you don’t like something doesn’t mean it’s inherently bad. Don’t s**t on someone because they find joy in something you don’t.
I’m referring to things like movies, music, art, food, etc.

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It’s okay to not be okay

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Never put anyone on a pedestal, they will have no choice but to look down on you.

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Never lose sight of the parts of life you’re absolutely clear about. The truest part of ourselves is found inside that clarity.

Also, never ever ever be afraid to start over. You will NOT be starting from scratch, you will be starting from experience.

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Don’t go to college UNLESS you are REALLY READY to do so.

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Try it. Whatever it is you are debating, as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone, and isn’t illegal, try it.

Not trying it is going to weigh on you far more than any minor embarrassment you may get from trying it.

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Expect nothing, and appreciate everything.

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Don’t have kids young, 30+


Drink water

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Is there anything you can do about it?


Then don’t worry about it.

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If someone really loves you they won’t intentionally hurt you.

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Take responsibility for your actions.

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Life is 10% what happens to you, and 90% how you react to it

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Learn skills to make yourself as self sufficient as possible.


Don’t stay up late doing something that you would not wake up early for.

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At a minimum, at least be honest with yourself. At least be true to who you are. And if you don’t know, figure that out.


The sooner you come to peace with the fact that no one gets out of life alive, the better. I use to spend a lot of mental energy comparing myself, and my accomplishments (or lack there of), to those around me. It was debilitating and really dragged me down. Once I just made peace with the fact that life is a game where the rules are made up and the points don’t matter. I was, honestly, happier.

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Not sure where i got this from but: If you were able to believe in Santa for 10 years or more, you can definitely believe in yourself for 10 minutes.


Document everything. A lot of people have bad intentions and are looking to screw you over for their personal gain. Having things documented and on paper will prevent them from taking advantage of you.


Study whatever you find interesting, not the most prestigious or fanciest degree you can find. I’m a firm believer in, if you’re passionate about something you’re more likely to succeed, whatever the field is.

I fee for all the high achievers striving to become doctors, lawyers, scientists whether because they got good grades in high school. Do an arts degree if that’s what interests you. Success will follow if you’re passionate and committed

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There’s only one person in the world that can possibly act in your best interests in every situation: yourself.


You are only young once, but you can be immature forever.


Meditate. Try. Every morning. It has freed me from some of the dark side effects of my mental illness.

Also, establish a great morning routine and night routine and stick to it. Practice gratitude every day.

Let go of resentment and hatred you have for others. No matter what they’ve done. Forgive. Forgive. Forgive. Forgive does not mean you tolerate what they’ve done or that what they did was okay- but it is meant to free YOU. So you can move forward and reclaim the power you feel you’ve lost. You can be compassionately wrathful and stand up for what’s right without hate in your heart. Hate only hurts you in the end.

Ie. My brother was murdered- but I have never hated the man that killed him. I don’t have to live with that resentment in my life


Be kind to yourself! We are often our worst enemies.


Don’t take advice from someone you wouldn’t switch places with (in that specific aspect of their life).


Take advantage of health insurance when you have it


Sex is not worth the torment of sharing your children with someone you end up despising.


Take it one day at a time


(Serious) never NEED anyone in your life. Sounds cold but trust me. Sure love people have people in your life create relationships but never make yourself vulnerable By feeling you cannot be without them. That’s all societal bullshit.


Don’t live for other people. If you spend your time supporting others success you will miss your own opportunities.


Kill them with kindness.


Your happiness doesnt depend on what others think or do to you. Happiness is from within, dont let others change that.


Get a covid vaccination.


Save your money. I know it makes me sound like a grandfather but holy s**t if I saved my money I worked hard for in my early 20’s instead of pissing it up against the wall on good times I would have 3 houses by now. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. Save your money….


At minimum, get regularly scheduled oil changes and tire rotations for your car.


Hobbies, past times, groups, meetups, communities.

After a certain age it’s hard to meet new people and make friends. Also if you have trouble dating do all those things not because you want to find a partner, but because it makes you a more interesting person and gives you a chance to improve your social skills.


Beyond money, beyond time, the most valuable thing you can have is your human connections. When you have no money left and no time left, those connections are the sum total of everything you will have earned.


Treat yourself as if you’re someone you’re trying to help


You can be loved by someone even if you don’t fully love yourself yet. You can grow that self love while being loved.


Don’t let people walk all over you. Being a soft and “kind” person lets the people in this world that are horrible and will never change have another toy to throw against the wall. You have a life of your own, so don’t waste it by letting others control it. I’m so glad I realized that when I did.


Wear sunscreen


Take care of your teeth and body when you are young.

47 year old dude with bad knees from playing sports.


Start your day with thoughts of gratitude. We are together on this planet today, who knows who will be there tomorrow.


You won’t be buried with your money.


Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want.


Been through numerous unfortunate life events and with regularity that is actually worrisome… be positive. Whenever life throws me garbage, I smile and do my best to bear it. Fake it till you make it baby!


Don’t care too much what other people think about they way you want to live.

I mean don’t think everything you do is right, but don’t force yourself to a lifestyle, job or anything else just because your family, friends or someone on the internet tells you to


Always have a plan. Making cookies…make a plan. Buying a new car…make a plan. Going on a date…make a plan. Are you alive…have a plan. Always know what you want to do. This will save you so much frustration in so many situations. Your plan may not always work out, but when your plan fails…..make a plan.


Don’t take the good times for granted.


Don’t be 100% sure you’re right at anything. Always keep in mind, that there might be someone whos opinion holds more truth. Even if 1000 people around you say the same thing, there might be another 1000 people who will say the opposite, you just haven’t heard their side. And there’s still a chance that all of those people are wrong.


Do what you have to do so you can do what you want to do


Treat everyone the way you want to be treated


Don’t do things that you think are “cool” while in high school. The consequences range from traumatic memories to lifelong addiction depending on what happens


Say less, listen more


Stay out of debt


Choose your life partner wisely


Pick your battles. When you battle, give it 100%, and when you don’t battle, find a way to let it go.


If it will take you under 5 minutes, just do it


The more stuff you own the more stuff owns you


Learn to be financially literate. Not only will to be better at managing your personal finance, retirement becomes a super achievable goal looking through those lens.


Don’t focus on what other people have. Determine your needs independently for yourself.


If you step forward to do something, you’ll make enough of a difference


If you have to burry a body do so vertically. This way the search helicopters would have a harder time spotting the burial site as they would be looking for a human-sized patch of disturbed ground. When burying, have a bit of a buffer zone separated by dirt and top it with some bits of animal carcass before covering so the search team would assume that it was a false positive given by the k-9 when they are digging the spot up. Yogurt in the cavities would speed up the decomposition process and hinder identification. Top it off by planting an endangered plant on top. By the time they got the correct paperwork in place to dig that plant up, hopefully that yogurt would have finished the job or you’d be far away from there.


Don’t take things personally


Get off social media

Exercise – even if it’s just a walk

Start investing early in no load mutual funds


Don’t run from the police you’ll get in more trouble


Have good intentions towards others and help anyone in need.


Expectations will let you down. Take everything as it is in the moment instead of what you were hoping for

I realize this is difficult because I still struggle with it but when I do have breakthrough moments of success, it’s incredible how rewarding this approach is.


Pay your taxes.


There are two types of people, avoid both.


There was a nice advice “Nobody is going to come” nobody is going to come and force you to do something or go to the places you always wanted to go etc etc.


Don’t fry bacon naked


Do not gamble. Just don’t.


Never take advice from random strangers


Work hard today so you can be lazy tomorrow
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