81 Times Parents Acted ‘Insanely,’ And Got Shamed Online

We’ve all been there — our parents do something so embarrassing that we can’t help but cringe and hide our faces. But after an hour or two, we calm down and we realize that we may have overreacted. What’s more, we realize that we’ll probably end up embarrassing our kids as well. It’s just the natural order of things. But some kids can’t forgive their parents for what they’ve done, and shamed them online for their ‘insane’ behavior.

Behold! Here’s a list of the craziest, most jaw-droppingly mad things kids have chosen to shame their parents online for, all found on the popular Insane Parents subreddit, which has lots of unbelievable stories. From tracking your location on dates to asking for money, there’s hardly a kid alive who could stand for this nonsense! So upvote your faves, share with your friends, and drop us a comment below. Oh, and scroll down to read our interviews with the head moderator of the Insane Parents subreddit, a Redditor whose mother put cameras in their bedroom, and another Reddit user whose mom asked for a huge loan!

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#1 My Mom Is Putting Up Cameras In My Room Now

The Reddit user talked to Bored Panda about the unusual situation: “My mother is out quite a bit, so maybe that was the reason she put up the camera. Maybe she felt that she needed to watch me while she was out, but she never told me the exact reason.” They also said that they have “already confronted” their mother “with the argument that what she’s doing is illegal and an invasion of privacy. So now I’ve taken them down and plan to keep taking the cameras down if she puts up more.”

Image credits: cenny420

#2 Mom Just Asked Me For 600$ When I Work A Minimum Wage Job Then Tells Me To Stop Spending?

CHIEFXx told Bored Panda that when their mother asked them for money, “before seeing the amount i was ready to give it, yet 600 dollars is a lot of [effing] money. So i was confused after seeing all that money expected from me.”

“We had a talk about it a little afterwards through text but it didn’t do anything, all it accomplished was her thinking I was a selfish piece of [crap]. I don’t really plan on talking to her much about this,” the Redditor explained.

Image credits: CHIEFXx

#3 So I Forgot To Do One Thing While I Was Rushed To Get Out The Door, They Are Apparently Charging Me Money? Also The Second Charge Is Literally Made Up. So She’s Piling On Debt Charges For Things I’m Not Doing Now, And If I Don’t Pay Her I’m Screwed. Feels Like 1700’s British Debt

Image credits: Deltron6billion

Now, some of us have heard our parents joke about how they’ll install security cameras in our rooms if we can’t behave ourselves. Well, that’s exactly what one Reddit user’s mother did. Fortunately, the internet user didn’t give in. They wrote online that they’re doing something about it: “I’ve got into the account she’s using for the camera and disabled playback and sound recording. I’m also trying to move the camera to a point where it doesn’t actually see anything.”

“If you haven’t done anything to provoke [putting up] cameras or helicopter parenting, then I’m pretty sure you can call CPS [Child Protective Services] and they will help,” the Redditor told Bored Panda some advice on what to do in situations like this one.

#4 I Dont Even Know What To Say

Image credits: ATSosebee

#5 My Parents Force Me To Update Everything I Do To Them And Verbally Abuse Me If I Don’t. They Wonder Where The Depression Came From

Image credits: SnaDeUnicorn

#6 Mom Of The Year Over Here…

Image credits: omgcee

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Meanwhile, Redditor CHIEFXx posted how their mother asked for a 600 dollar loan, even though they work a minimum wage job.

“My advice for others dealing with the same [crap] is to just push through it. If you know you’re right then you’re probably right. Don’t get pushed around, stand up for yourself and make your feelings known, regardless of how your parents may feel,” the Reddit user explained their thoughts to Bored Panda.

Another mind-boggling case of ‘insane’ parenting happened to Reddit user TheCityKitten, who couldn’t believe that their father was tracking them while they were out on a date.

#7 Shooting A Schools Computer Because Your Daughter Is Talking To Boys…

Image credits: rosiesummer17

#8 My Mother, After She Kicked Me Out When She Found Letters My Girlfriend Wrote For Me (We’re Both Girls)

Image credits: phisea

#9 My Father Tracking Me While I’m On A Date

Image credits: TheCityKitten

You’d think that stories like these were rare, but that’s not entirely true. Turns out, there’s a whole community on Reddit called Insane Parents that chronicles just such events. The subreddit describes itself as “a weird place where you can post those crazy parents who post in those woo-woo anti-vax groups on facebook and do things harmful (directly and indirectly) to their children.” The group’s description also states that it’s a place for both support and laughter.

#10 Mother Impersonated Me To Bofa To Remove $1500 From My Account Of My Awarded Scholarship Money As Punishment For Her Ex Husband Not Paying For Her Vacation

Image credits: SulfaPowder

#11 It’s A Shame It Took Her 7 Kids To Realise

Image credits: IDC07

#12 My Dad Is Sending Me To Boot Camp This Month Because I Didn’t Get My Hair Cut The Way He Wanted But He Didn’t Tell He How He Wanted It. I Was Sobbing In The Back Off My Work When He Sent Me These Messages

Image credits: Tohken_Lordy

Bored Panda talked to the head moderator of the subreddit more about the community itself — mynameisethan182. According to the Redditor, the subreddit “started off just as a one-off comment” on one thread.

“From there it kinda morphed into what it is today. This weird chaotic place where people can post about their real issues and hopefully some awareness can be raised about some of the darker sides of the internet.”

When asked what the most insane stories about parents the moderator has come across, he replied that it’s “two cases of mothers giving their children bleach,” while “the proper authorities were alerted, given the information, and did nothing to stop it.”

#13 Imagine Seeing Your Mom Post This

Image credits: dromijn

#14 Asking For Pictures Of Children.. Not Weird At All

Image credits: Importanceofbeinidle

#15 Already Dislikes Her Baby Before It’s Born…

Image credits: MisunderstoodToast

“If you can — reach out to a trusted authority member (teachers, principals, professors, etc.),” mynameisethan182 gave advice to kids dealing with ‘insane’ parents. “If you can, document what is happening; however, things do get better. There is always the opportunity to get away from these people and cut them out of your lives. Whether it is joining the military at age 17 or 18 or any other available option. You can get away from it.”

#16 It’s Horrible To Think That The Kid Had To Beg Her Parent To Take Her To The Emergency Room, But I’m Glad She Did

Image credits: RatInTheCowboyHat

#17 Poor Poor Kid

Image credits: Stan_Lee_is_dead

#18 That Guy That Had His Parents Put Up Cameras? Heres Mine. There Are More

Image credits: nlegendaryguy

“I wish more people knew about certain issues kids are seeming to face today. There are parents who seem to think it is okay to track their children — it is the most common thing I see. It causes nothing but problems and resentment,” the subreddit moderator remarked. “You may think you’re doing the right thing, but you’re not. You have to trust your kid and allow them to make mistakes. They cannot grow into fully actualized people without those mistakes. Your job is to guide them and to be there to pick them up when they do make those mistakes.”

#19 My Mum Is Abusing Our Brand New Security System

Image credits: heartrate_

#20 Not Sure If This Qualifies, But About A Year Ago My Stepmother Used My Younger Sisters Phone To Ask Me For Money. No, I Did Not End Up Giving Money To My Stepmom For “Field Day.”

Image credits: YEEEEZY27

#21 It’s Time To D D D D D D D D Duel

Image credits: DrSixSixSix

We can understand why kids would be ashamed of their parents when they monitor them or ask for ridiculously large loans. But why is it that kids are embarrassed by their parents in general? Well, Fatherly writes that this embarrassment usually starts appearing between 9 and 13 years of age, right when a major shift in attitude occurs. As kids become more independent and try to figure out the ‘rules of the game’ in society, they reject what their parents stand for.

Meanwhile, Empowering Parents suggests that parents shouldn’t take things personally when kids act up and should give their offspring some space grow. And, whatever happens, we can all agree that setting up cameras in someone’s room should be avoided at all costs.

#22 10pm. I Wanted To Go For A Walk, Went Through Some S**t And Had To Clear My Head

Image credits: jmzofficial

#23 One Of Many Times My Narcissistic Mother When She Took Her Frustrations Out On Me

Image credits: Overly-Manipulated

#24 I Hate It When Doctors Act Like They Have A Medical Degree

Image credits: JadedAyr

#25 Nothing Good Will Happen To Me Bcz I Told My Mom I Could No Longer Help Her After Moving On My Own At 19 Because She Got Evicted Twice In The Span Of 4 Months And Put A Power Bill In My Name Without Me Knowing Which I Now Owe 700 To The Power Company

Image credits: sheiiri

#26 Sometimes Insane Is Just A Birth Defect!

Image credits: hooman26

#27 Meet My Loving Father

Image credits: The-Daily-Aleksandr

#28 Mom Posted This A Few Days After She Threatened To Have To Cops Called On Me Because I Didn’t Feel Comfortable Talking To Her. I Had An Anxiety Attack And She Looked Me Straight In The Eyes And Told Me To “Quit The Act” While I Was Hyperventilating

Image credits: keepitcalm34

#29 Just Wow

Image credits: SaltySam64

#30 Hold Up

Image credits: Latino_Gang101

#31 What The Hell

Image credits: x_vier

#32 My Mom Confiscated My Sketchbook For Reasons Completely Unrelated To It

Image credits: Spaghetti_Asker

#33 I’m Going To An Iron Maiden Concert. I’m Also Almost 30

Image credits: cothromaiochta66

#34 She Can’t Be Serious… Can She?

Image credits: Xxcrzy4jdxX

#35 Let Another Dog Lick It

Image credits: aliceslicer

#36 My Mom Texts Me And All My Siblings Every Sunday To Tell Us To Go To Church. The Youngest One Of Us Is 19 Years Old And We All Live Hours Away From Her Now. I Had To Do It To Her

Image credits: Ian_Drums2

#37 This Freshman Is Gonna Have A Rough Year

Image credits: The-Thespian

#38 The Children Deserved Better Than Her Anyways

Image credits: Ghetzi

#39 Mom Makes Son Show Her All Of His Social Media Accounts

Image credits: Zetanoid

#40 You Brainwashed Your Daughter Into Thinking The Solar System Is A Lie? Okay…

Image credits: mynameisethan182

#41 I Got A Tattoo And Sent My Dad A Picture… This Is From My Step Mom 3 Days Later

Image credits: jaynellll

#42 My Mom Implying I’m A Wh*re Because I Managed To Save Up Enough Money To Move Out In A Couple Weeks

Image credits: tell-your-mom-i-said

#43 Parents Got Home Late From Work, Knocked On My Window Instead Of The Door. I Asked If They Could Text Instead Next Time And This Was The Response

Image credits: A_Spicy_Panda

#44 All Because I Wouldn’t Pay Rent In Advance Because She Spent Her Pay On Endone Like She Asks For Every Week Because Of Drugs

Image credits: azzabug

#45 My Estranged Caribbean Father Who I Haven’t Seen In Person Since I Was 4 Believes I Can’t Know My Type Since I’m Not Dating A Black Guy…

Image credits: kayasphotographs

#46 Saw This On Twitter

Image credits: aesthetic_pansexual

#47 Mothers Don’t Be Afraid To Kill Your Children And Give Them An Awful Education

Image credits: je_suis_un_negre

#48 Mom Thinks She Knows Better Than A Psychologist

Image credits: Carasouls

#49 All I Wanted Was To Go To Waterworld With My Dad (Who Divorced My Mom 10 Years Ago) Somehow, That Escalated To My Mom Thinking I Never Wanted To Be Part Of The Family Again, And Posting It On Facebook For All To See

Image credits: ShadowMonsterz

#50 Being A Parent Isn’t A Disability

Image credits: velvetmandy

#51 Titles Are Hard

Image credits: Miniweeble

#52 Started Work At [Sandwich Chain] And Had To Leave Early For Illness, My Mothers Wonderful Idea Was To Instead Commit A Crime And Endanger People

Image credits: egrith

#53 All Because I Apparently Told Her I Didn’t Wanna Be Part Of The Family Anymore (Which I Didn’t Say) She’s Been Cold To Me For About A Week Over It Now

Image credits: coppertop0000

#54 Stopped Responding To My Mom’s Messages And She Sent Me This (At The End Of A 10 Paragraph Narcissistic Rant)

Image credits: alexiagrace

#55 My Mom Trying To Make Me Run A Booth At The Fair Organized By My Previous High School/Church (I’m 19 And Already In College)

Image credits: color-not-colour

#56 My Stepmom Gave My Lunch Meat To The Dog

Image credits: debstrashclaw

#57 She’s A Good Mom She Just Has Her Moments

Image credits: Our_Uniform_is_Panic

#58 We’re On Different Continents

Image credits: anonworkingcat

#59 My Mother After I (22f) Was Sitting In My Car At Night Trying To Work Out An Argument With My Boyfriend Like Adults. She Demanded To Know Why I Was Sitting In My Car For So Long. I Told Her It Was Personal And We Were Just Talking. And She Says “Get The F**k In Here, Don’t Get An Attitude W Me”

Image credits: crystalizedwolf

#60 This Is The Text I Got When I Had Duty Over Christmas… It’s Not Like I Was Trying To Waste My Money And Leave To Get Yelled At [19f Active Military]

Image credits: bronwen-noodle

#61 She Should Have Been Proud Of Him

Image credits: gagandeepvats

#62 (Seminary Is A Religion Class For High School Students In The Mornings Before School)

Image credits: absentlyabbie

#63 Ah Sweet Unconditional Love

Image credits: KeGenek

#64 She’s Old Enough To Get Married But Not Old Enough To Be Trusted Around Another Man’s Penis In This House

Image credits: loki2002

#65 Girlfriend’s Mother…

Image credits: Jadonw99

#66 My Parents Think I Became Trans Because Of The Roommates I Had

Image credits: Kvanantw

#67 The First Time I’ve (Age 20) Stood Up To My Mother, Who Loves To Make Plans For Me. This Was About The Yearly Family Reunion. For Context, I Live On My Own In A Different City From Her

Image credits: honeybeebutch

#68 My Mom Tried Calling Me Multiple Times In Less Than A One Minute And Then Threatened To Not Help Me Fix My AC. (What’s Even Funnier Is That They Live With Me So They Wouldn’t Have Ac Either)

Image credits: Ally-2016

#69 My Financé Son Used Some Of My Daughters Nail Polish And He Posted It To Twitter

Image credits: samatha1995

#70 My Biological Father Who, Assaulted Me A 5-8 Y/O Keeps Making Facebook Accounts To Message Me

Image credits: spookyarnofcheese

#71 Mom Took Away Therapy Because I Wasn’t “Getting Better” Even Though It Was Less Than A Year And She Refused To Medicate My Condition

Image credits: Bearshark777

#72 Had My Mom Come Get Me From A Friends House And She Had To Wait Outside For 2 Minutes Before This Ensued. When I Walked Out 4 Minutes After The First Text, She Had Left And I Had To Get A Friend To Take Me Home

Image credits: forgetlastaccount

#73 This User On R/Teenagers…

Image credits: gimblo

#74 Insane Dad Threatens To Empty My Bank Account For Having Too Much Fun At The Beach

Image credits: white1ightning

#75 Told My Parents Before I Left Where I Was Going. These Are Just The Texts. After I Didn’t Respond To His Last Text He Called Me Three Times. This Morning I Woke Up To Six Missed Calls, He Drove Past My Friends House (20 Min Away) To See If My Car Was There (It Was In The Garage). Also I’m 24

Image credits: jusalilsad

#76 I Am 18 Years Of Age, Live Alone, Work A Full Time Job, And My Parents Demand That They Track My Phone, My Car, And Regulate The Apps I Download On My Phone To “Protect Me”. If I Turn My Location Off Or Disable Anything They Threaten To Report Me Missing To The Police. How Do I Get Out Of This?

Image credits: Flurt-Cobain

#77 Family Tends To Call Police After We Argue On The Phone. More In Comments

Image credits: PandathePup5

#78 She Tried To Guilt Trip Me After I Spent Time With My Other Legal Guardian

Image credits: je1lybaby

#79 She Was Commenting “Delete” On Pictures Of My Exboyfriends On My Profile. Thanks For Dragging Up Ancient History. (I’m Married Btw)

Image credits: minahern

#80 Does This Belong Here?

Image credits: tgpbmgg_

#81 Finally Finished

Image credits: Fulza

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