90 Times People Clearly Didn’t Do The Math And Ended Up Making Fools Of Themselves

We might act like Muppets sometimes, but we’re nowhere near as good at counting as Count von Count. One! Two! Three! Hahaha. And that’s more or less where our worldly wisdom with numbers ends.

(Un)fortunately, we’re not the only ones whose brains sometimes derp out and throw their math skills out of whack! And that’s what the ‘They didn’t do the math’ subreddit is all about. It documents all of the biggest math fails on the net and all of the times people messed up when doing school-level counting. (Just remember not to mix this community up with its counterpart, the ‘They did the math’ subreddit.)

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Check out some of the funniest ‘They didn’t do the math posts’ and upvote your fave pics by giving them a big old upvote. Do you have any embarrassing math fails to share with all the other Pandas? Drop us a comment below. Who said that math can’t be fun?!

#1 Small Brain Moment

Image credits: Jamo999

#2 Not Sure That’s How That Works

Image credits: Brokenrecords910

#3 Not Age Appropriate.

Image credits: dedokta

The subreddit has over 24.3k members and has been active for 6 and a half years at the time of writing. And the community is all about making your inner numbers’ wiz groan and cringe. There’s nothing like feeling like a genius at math when you compare yourself to the worst of the worst, is there?

But suppose that being better than the worst isn’t enough for you. You like a challenge. You enjoy improving yourself. Pushing past your limits. You’re a Panda, after all! Luckily, there are countless (pun not intended) free and paid resources online to help you sharpen your skills with numbers. From big names like Khan Academy to small scale websites and projects that you’ll find hiding in the cracks of the internet, right in-between posts about cats.

#4 So Close

Image credits: –MichaelScott–

#5 A Penny A Day For A Year Will Get You Nowhere

Image credits: GustavGarlicBread

#6 ?‍♂️

Image credits: AGFNerd247

While some peeps have an easier time learning math, I sincerely believe that everyone can reach the genius tier if they put in enough time, effort, and focus. I for one was really awesome at math when I started school (multiplying stuff was my bread and butter). However, I started struggling when they started throwing in letters and weird concepts into my calculations. I’m sure that more than one of you has been there, dear Readers.

But one thing that I learned was how much carving out an hour or two for practicing basic math problems helped me out. That and knowing some amazing math wizards who explain to you the illogical logic behind numbers. TL;DR—practice makes perfect and soon enough you’ll be a Muppet like Count von Count.

#7 What A Genius

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Image credits: lukeber4

#8 Ah Yes, The 500 People Population Of The U. S.

Image credits: howiemandealt

#9 When Did Free Become So Expensive?

Image credits: reddit.com

#10 Yep

Image credits: migel210

#11 For The 0.01th Time?

Image credits: thatgayguy12

#12 Makes Sense

Image credits: ivan200520052005

#13 Social Distancing

Image credits: adamlm

#14 At Least They Tried

Image credits: shwifti

#15 Centaur Proportions.

Image credits: nosville22_PL

#16 Ignore The Comment

Image credits: StupidButAlsoDumb

#17 Pemdas

Image credits: Finnr77

#18 Once A Day For Whole Year

Image credits: TheStangun

#19 How Do I Take Advantage Of This Special?

Image credits: grrrr12344

#20 Only 4% Of The People Wash Their Hands?

Image credits: LemurFemurr

#21 Please Explain… Yes…

Image credits: XLRIV48

#22 One In Four = Most??

Image credits: DearTereza

#23 Shouldn’t A Vp At A Mortgage Company Understand How Compounding Interest Works?

Image credits: C00LST0RYBRO

#24 20

Image credits: dubnr3d

#25 Ah Yes, Calculation

Image credits: EkskiuTwentyTwo

#26 Close Enough. Put It Up.

Image credits: WeirdAvocado

#27 Fox Is Making Up Numbers

Image credits: itzcookiepvp

#28 Seems About Right

Image credits: EyewarsTheMangoMan

#29 Oof

Image credits: EyewarsTheMangoMan

#30 Tiktokers Can’t Be This Dumb

Image credits: dankmonkeyss

#31 What A Deal!

Image credits: jimred5656

#32 Apparently 4+2 = 7

Image credits: RepliedDawn

#33 Hmm…

Image credits: mavolw

#34 Wow! What A Great Deal!…..wait….

Image credits: fuzzy_devil_dicks

#35 I Don’t Think Pie Charts Work Like That

Image credits: breakfastofachampion

#36 Actually The Margin Of Error Would Be +/- 650,000 Finns, It’s The Population Of Finland Which Is Censused Here, Not The World.

Image credits: SyraEdit

#37 Tipping Ain’t A City In China

Image credits: atlienk

#38 Off By 100x. Still Way Too High But Holy Shit How Do You Mess This Up?

Image credits: Whos_Sayin

#39 Communicative Property Is Anger

Image credits: cckarate7

#40 Abc Did Not Do The Math

Image credits: fearclutchy

#41 Seems Right To Me..

Image credits: reddit.com

#42 Yummy Pie

Image credits: y0mayne

#43 Valentine’s Day Instant Baby Or That Elusive 4th Trimester Pregnancy

Image credits: guyheyguy

#44 One Cookie Is Healthier? But Which One?

Image credits: AUGA3

#45 Spotted On Cnn… Not Sure If This Counts But 50,0000

Image credits: JediIzzie

#46 How Many Trips Back To The Store?

Image credits: tonyoncoffee

#47 Time Traveler On Showerthoughts

Image credits: Thumbs0fDestiny

#48 You’ll Actually Have $146 But Ok

Image credits: quart_knee_

#49 Bbc Didn’t Do The Math

Image credits: fat-jonesy

#50 Wait A Minute…

Image credits: reddit.com

#51 This Was Not A Joke

Image credits: cheapasianproducts

#52 Stanford Didn’t Quite Do The Math.

Image credits: ThomasTheHanksEngine

#53 Man’s Got A Ping Going Well Beyond Our Solar System, And This Mf Still Stuck Behind On Mars ??‍♂️

Image credits: kryptofarmer

#54 328 Million X 1 Million = < 500 Million

Image credits: fruedianslip

#55 Graphs Are Hard In The U.k.

Image credits: Ghost070607

#56 At A Local Eatery And I Saw, Written On A Box, This Attempt At (What Appears To Be) A Math Problem…

Image credits: campbell-1

#57 How Does This Make Sense

Image credits: blazikin55

#58 Eating More For Less

Image credits: King-Archdemon

#59 Infallible Logic

Image credits: nokatydidnt92

#60 Movie Theater Math Is Hard.

Image credits: SodaPressing789

#61 They Are Always Right.

Image credits: travradford

#62 Runescape Player Calculates Subscriber Money.

Image credits: twitchinstereo

#63 Time Is Flexible

Image credits: u-ignorant-slut

#64 Butterfingers On The Calculator

Image credits: MolarPear

#65 Very Long Movie…

Image credits: Manduli

#66 Uh Huh Hmmmm. I’ll Take 2 Sets Of Three’s Thanks!

Image credits: budge1988

#67 A Bad Representation Of 25%.

Image credits: joshq68

#68 Yay! We All Win…

Image credits: plipyplop

#69 Yeah, That Don’t Add Up Sir

Image credits: fly72j

#70 If You Plug Numbers In The Wrong Part Of The Equation, The Answer Can Be Anything You Want

Image credits: goofyonlinepersona

#71 Spotted In Class Today

Image credits: thedrdu

#72 How Much Money Is Disney Losing Due To Corona?

Image credits: masterzeus2

#73 Time Divided By Distance Gets You Units Of Distance Over Time? Makes Sense To Me

Image credits: HamMan_42

#74 They Didn’t Do The Math

Image credits: nwmqpa

#75 This Drawing My Friend Just Sent Me

Image credits: dj_ordje

#76 Soooo… How Much Cash Back Do I Get?

Image credits: TheMillersWife

#77 They Are Selling Each For 1.49$ ???

Image credits: Tuni09

#78 6/Root(2)?

Image credits: y0mayne

#79 When You Try To Correct Someone But You’re Wrong

Image credits: reddit.com

#80 Flight Didn’t Take Quite This Long…their Math Was A Little Off.

Image credits: justthetipping

#81 Fabulous Tax Math

Image credits: DudeWithTheStuff

#82 The More I Question Its Origin, The More My Brain Hurts

Image credits: AhoyPalloy

#83 Umm.. Who’s Gonna Tell Him?

Image credits: Nogray02

#84 What A Deal!

Image credits: cckarate7

#85 Makes Sense…

Image credits: reddit.com

#86 And What Of The Other 0.09%?

Image credits: reddit.com

#87 At A Loss For How This Works Out…

Image credits: reddit.com

#88 Unless They Have Some Sort Of Time Machine.

Image credits: reddit.com

#89 10 Billion Billion – 7 Billion = 3 Billion Billion, Yeah

Image credits: p_vit

#90 Someone Caught The Ladder Before It Fell, So There Was No Need To Find The Solution.

Image credits: carlos_ch_s

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