94 Surprising Costume Design Details In Movies You Probably Never Noticed

You might think that you know your favorite movies like the back of your hand, but the odds are that you’ve missed quite a few subtle details. Well, we’re here to shine a spotlight on what you need to know. Today, we’re featuring the massively popular r/MovieDetails subreddit, and we’re focusing on amazing movie costume designs.

There’s a whole story hidden in the characters’ clothing and how it changes (or doesn’t!) as the movie progresses, and it takes a keen eye and sharp wit to spot it all. Luckily, the folks at r/MovieDetails are here to lend their detective skills to everyone on the net. They shared some truly amazing details that are hidden in film costumes, and you’ll find the very best ones as you scroll down.

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Don’t forget to upvote the details that wowed you the most. And if you feel that there’s something important missing from your favorite movies, you can tell us all about it in the comments, dear Pandas. Meanwhile, you’ll find some more amazing movie details in Bored Panda’s earlier articles here, here, and here.

#1 In The Dark Knight (2008), Joker Is Constantly Licking His Lips. This Is Actually Because Of The Prosthetic Scars That Heath Ledger Wore. They Kept Falling Off, So Heath Would Lick His Lips To Keep Them In Place. Gradually, It Became A Part Of The Joker’s Character.

Image credits: Russian_Bagel

#2 In POTC: The Curse Of The Black Pearl (2003), Most Of Jack Sparrow’s Hats Are Made Of Rubber. This Is Because Johnny Depp Kept Losing Them And Throwing Them Overboard. After He Lost Ten Leather Hats, The Costume Designer Started Making Them Out Of Rubber So That They Would Float Instead Of Sink

Image credits: Tokyono

#3 In The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe, The White Witch’s Crown Melts As Her Power Dwindles

Image credits: FalconerGuitars

The r/MovieDetails subreddit has been around since late June of 2017. In that time, it’s amassed nearly 3.1 million members, which just goes to show that it’s doing so many things right, it’s ridiculous.

First of all, the subreddit gives anyone on the internet a backstage pass, a glimpse beyond the curtain into the entrancing world of movie-making. There’s so much effort and love that goes into the dialogues, the clothing, and the storylines.

#4 In The Harry Potter Movies (2001-2011), Snape’s Costume Was The Only One That Never Changed. According To Costume Designer, Jany Temine:”Because, It Was Perfect. When Something Is Perfect You Cannot Change It.” She Joined In Prisoner Of Azkaban And Changed Most Costumes Except Snape’s

Image credits: Tokyono

#5 In Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix (2007), Umbridge’s Outfits Become A Darker Shade Of Pink As She Becomes More Powerful. Official Fact From The “Warner Bros Studio Tour”

Image credits: Tokyono

#6 In The Truman Show (1998) The Old Ladies Watching The Show Are Wearing The Same Robe As Meryl Because Everything In The Truman Show Is For Sale

Image credits: Melanie_Jellyfish

The subreddit is a way to rediscover one simple fact: movies are magic. And knowing how the sausage is made can sometimes make us relish it even more.

During an earlier interview, Bored Panda had a chat about the subreddit with one of the moderators, u/Niiue.

“Most details are definitely there for the audience to find, but I think a lot of it also just comes down to creative people wanting to have fun with their projects. Speaking from experience here (though I work on video games, not movies), it really is a lot of fun to add little Easter eggs and whatnot just for the hell of it,” the redditor shared how creatives from all walks of life love adding small details in their work.

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#7 In Mean Girls (2004), Queen Bee Regina Wears A “R” Necklace Around Her Neck. Cady Begins Wearing A “C” Necklace Once She Has Humiliated Regina And Taken Her Place

Image credits: an_ordinary_platypus

#8 In LOTR The Fellowship Of The Ring (2001), After Boromir’s Death Aragorn Puts On His Bracers As A Way To Honor Him. He’ll Wear Them For The Rest Of The Trilogy

Image credits: ImTheTroutman

#9 In The Dark Knight Rises (2012), Bruce Did Not Wear A Mask During The Masked Ball Scene. This Is Because He Considers Batman As His True Identity And “Bruce Wayne” As His Disguise In Public. When Selina Asked Him “Who Are You Pretending To Be? ” He Replied “Bruce Wayne, Eccentric Billionaire”

Image credits: TouyaShiun

The moderator also shared their opinion about which production houses and directors are the best at hiding Easter eggs in their films.

“Besides the obvious choices like Pixar, I think Edgar Wright is another example of someone great at hiding details in his movies. Shaun of the Dead, Scott Pilgrim, and Hot Fuzz are the first ones that come to mind in this regard. You’ll find that his movies tend to get featured on this subreddit a lot, which I think reflects his skill as a director,” they told Bored Panda.

#10 Doc Brown’s Bandana From Back To The Future: Part III Is Made From His Shirt From Back To The Future: Part II

Image credits: reddit.com

#11 In Baby Driver (2017) This Bank Robbery Scene Was Supposed To Include The Michael Myers From Halloween (1978) But The Studio Couldn’t Get The Rights. Edgar Wright Reaches Out To Mike Myers And Asked If They Could Use His Likeness For The Masks. He Thought It Would Be Funny And Said Yes.

Image credits: ETHNJCB

#12 In The Last Jedi (2017) You Can See Finn’s Jacket Has Been Repaired. Patching The Hole From Kylo Ren’s Lightsaber In The Force Awakens

Image credits: xraig88

“Personally, I liked the way Scott Pilgrim had a recurring number motif tied to the Evil Exes. For those who aren’t familiar with the story, the gist of it is that the protagonist has to fight his new girlfriend’s six ex-boyfriends (and one ex-girlfriend) in order to continue their relationship, as a parody of the bosses fought in a typical video game,” the moderator opened up about the details that they personally loved seeing.

#13 In The Harry Potter Films, Voldemort’s Robes Faded In Colour Every Time A Horcrux Was Destroyed, To Give The Impression He Was Slowly Fading Away

Image credits: MrScottAnthony

#14 Stephen Spielberg Wanted To Direct A James Bond Film, But Eon Studios Said No. When He Told George Lucas This, They Decided To Create Indiana Jones, And In This Scene In Indiana Jones 2, Indiana Jones Is Dressed As James Bond

Image credits: reddit.com

#15 In Back To The Future 2, Docs Shirt Design Has Two Horses Chasing A Steam Train, Foreshadowing The Events Of The Next Film

Image credits: DockingCobra

They continued about the Scott Pilgrim movie: “In the scenes before each fight, there are numerous references to the corresponding Evil Ex; for instance, right before the fight with Lucas Lee, the main characters pass by two crossing signs with an X design, a reference to Lucas being the second Evil Ex. These kinds of references even continue after the Evil Ex in question is introduced, such as Lucas Lee saying (twice) that it will take ‘two minutes to kick [Scott’s] ass,’ and later fighting Scott accompanied by his stunt doubles.”

#16 Inception (2010) The Debate Between People Regarding The Ending Of Inception, Was It Real Or Not Can Be Ended By Looking At The Wedding Ring Cobb’s Wearing. In The Real World He Has No Ring Whereas The Ring Is Present In The Dreams. In The Final Scene He Has No Ring So The “Happy Ending” Is Reality.

Image credits: EndlessEdvoid

#17 In Little Women (2019), Laurie And Jo Swap Articles Of Clothing

Image credits: -ramona

#18 Before Making Spaceballs, Mel Brooks Asked For George Lucas’s Permission To Parody Star Wars. Lucas Was Fine With It And Said The Only Condition Was Lone Star Didn’t Dress Like Han Solo. As A Result, Lone Star Was Dressed Reminiscent Of Indiana Jones Instead

Image credits: esskay1711

According to moderator u/Niiue, some of these motives even apply to the protagonist. “Later in the film (spoilers!), after defeating Evil Ex #4, Scott’s girlfriend dumps him, saying that he’s ‘just another Evil Ex waiting to happen.’ Afterwards, Scott’s seen wearing a Fantastic Four shirt with an edited logo saying ‘4½.'”

#19 In Monty Python And The Holy Grail The Chain Mail Was Actually Knitted Yarn. I Have Seen This Movie About 30 Times And Just Noticed This Detail Yesterday. Not Sure If It Was Super Obvious To Everyone Else….

Image credits: MustardTiger05

#20 In Event Horizon, Sam Neill Requested That The Union Jack On An Australian Flag Patch Should Be Replaced With An Aboriginal Flag; The Way He Thought It’d Look In 2047

Image credits: Eskimonk

#21 In Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (2010), Scott Is Seen Wearing A “Plumtree” Shirt. Plumtree Is A Canadian Band That, In 1997 Released A Song Called Scott Pilgrim. This Song Would Inspire Bryan Lee O’malley To Create The Scott Pilgrim Comics, Which The Movie Is Based Off Of

Image credits: IHeartPallets

Creating good designs is a lot of hard work. Previously, Bored Panda spoke to Nigerian fashion designer, dress-maker, and the founder of the Janore brand, Oyinda Akinfenwa, to learn about her work.

“When it comes to my process, it varies depending on the design and my state of mind at the point. It could be fast like just envisioning a style and sometimes it’s quite slow which may involve drawing various patterns to make sure I get the right fit and styling necessary for each design,” Oyinda explained to Bored Panda during an earlier interview about how she tends to work.

#22 For Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix (2007), Luna Lovegood’s Actress Made The Radish Earrings That Her Character Wears In The Movie Herself

Image credits: Tokyono

#23 [the Matrix, 1999] The Oracle’s Outfit And Kitchen Are A Reference To Michaelangelo’s Delphic Sibyl, Depicting A Greek Oracular Figure

Image credits: VonAether

#24 In Ironman 1 (2008) Obadiah Struggles To Make A Arc Reactor Small Enough To Fit His Armor. In Civil War (2016) We Can See A Small Arc Reactor In Tony Wrist Watch Showing How Far Tony Developed His Technology

Image credits: SkepticalSpaghetti

“I wish people understood that it is not easy to actually create designs out of an idea, there’s a lot of creative process that goes into it and it will be nice if people were a bit more understanding of designers and also understanding the story behind their art,” the fashion designer stressed that creating clothes is an art form that requires a lot of patience, patience, and perseverance.

#25 In Pulp Fiction (1994) Tarantino’s Smiling Globe T-Shirt Is For A Detroit Magazine Called Orbit. They Were The First Magazine To Ever Interview Him About Being A Filmmaker And He Wore The Shirt As A ‘Thank You’ To Them

Image credits: nedelbach

#26 In Deadpool 2 (2018), Wade Wears A Shirt That Says: “Olivia & Meredith. Best Friends Purrrr-Ever”. The Two Cats Actually Belong To Taylor Swift. The Production Crew Had To Get Permission From Her To Use Their Image.

Image credits: Numerous-Lemon

#27 In Django Unchained (2012), One Of Django’s Outfits Is Based On An Outfit That Michael Landon Wore In The TV Western Bonanza

Image credits: Numerous-Lemon

“I have to make sure that all the styling options I offer look just as good as the next one and also ensure that it fits into the category of outfit that I’m going for. Also to make sure that it can not only be styled differently but also styled to fit different occasions thereby creating ease as well as comfort for whoever is wearing it,” the fashion designer said.

#28 In Clueless (1995), Josh Wears A University Of Kansas Ballcap. This Hat Really Belonged To Paul Rudd. He Asked The Costume Team If He Could Wear It In A Few Scenes To Honour His Alma Mater

Image credits: Numerous-Lemon

#29 For Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban (2004), Alfonso Cuarón Asked The Kids Playing The Hogwarts Students To Wear Their Uniforms As They Would If Their Parents Weren’t Around. This Is In Sharp Contrast To The First Two Films; Were They Wore Their Uniforms In A Very Orderly Fashion

Image credits: Tokyono

#30 In The Final Scene Of Django Unchained (2012), Django Wears The Same Outfit Calvin Candie Was Wearing When They First Met—right Down To The Extended Cigarette

Image credits: duckinfum

#31 Avengers Endgame – Stan Lee’s Cameo In The Movie, His Outfit Was Based On His Real Life Wardrobe From The 1970s. Looking Fly In The Movies And Real Life.

Image credits: MJanvier95

#32 Harry Potter And Neville Longbottom Wore Similar Clothes, During The Battle Of Hogwarts, To Their Fathers In An Old Picture. (Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part II, 2011)

Image credits: agentma

#33 At The End Of The Empire Strikes Back, Lando Can Be Seen Wearing Han’s Signature Outfit. This Is Because Lando Escaped Cloud City With Nothing But The Clothes On His Back, And Had To Wear Some Of Han’s Clothes Left On The Millennium Falcon

Image credits: reddit.com

#34 Forrest Gump- When Jenny Introduces Forrest To His Son, They’re Wearing The Same Outfits As Burt And Ernie And Are Also Leaning To The Left Just Like Them.

Image credits: jeihkeih

#35 In Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix (2007). Dumbledore’s Army: All The Girls Are Wearing Skirts Except Ginny (3rd From Left) Who Is Wearing Pants; Probably A Hand-Me-Down From Her Brothers (Good Going Costume Department)

Image credits: MariaRehan

#36 In Wall-E (2008) The Captain Is Physically Incapable Of Wearing The Original Captain’s Uniform, So He Just Wears It Around His Neck With The Top Button

Image credits: geekbot9999

#37 In Zombieland 2: Doubletap (2019), The Character Of Madison Is Seen Wearing A Von Dutch Tank Top. New Fashion Trends Stopped When Z-Land Happened In 2009, When Von Dutch Apparel Was At Its Height Of Popularity

Image credits: absurdapple

#38 In Batman Begins [2005], Bruce Wayne Wears A Jlc Reverso, Which Is A Watch That Can Flip Over To Hide It’s Face.

Image credits: MyUsernameIsJudge

#39 In Psycho (1960), Marion’s Bra Changes From White (Angelic) To Black After She Steals The $40,000 To Show That She Has Done Something Wrong And Evil. Similarly, Her Purse Changes From White To Black After She Steals The Money.

Image credits: ShaneMP01

#40 In Hocus Pocus (1993), Max Dennison’s Tie Dye Shirt Features The Colors Of The Sanderson Sister’s Outfits

Image credits: rebel_cupcake

#41 For Wild At Heart (1990) – Nicolas Cage Wore A Snakeskin Jacket, Black Clothing, And Leather Boots As Homage To Marlon Brando Who Wore The Same Outfit In The Fugitive Kind (1960). Cage Bought The Jacket At An La Thrift Store (Aaardvark’s) Prior To Filming And Specifically Asked Lynch To Include It.

Image credits: WhileFalseRepeat

#42 Til – The Self-Lacing Nike Shoe From Back To The Future II Was Modified So The Laces Exited The Bottom Of The Shoe. Michael J. Fox Stood On A Platform And A Stagehand Underneath Pulled The Laces To Make The Effect.

Image credits: millamber

#43 In Once Upon A Time In Hollywood (2019), Margot Robbie Actually Wore Some Of Sharon Tate’s Personal Jewellery. (Sources/More Info In The Comments).

Image credits: Numerous-Lemon

#44 In John Wick (2014), Before The Action Starts, John Wears His Wristwatch Normally. But When He Goes Into The “Battle Mode”, He Wears Them Face Inside The Wrist, Which Is The Way Soldiers Usually Do It. (So That They Could See The Time While Holding A Rifle And To Avoid Reflections Of The Glass)

Image credits: reddit.com

#45 In Coco (2017), A Skeleton Is Wearing Sid’s Shirt From Toy Story (1995).

Image credits: Numerous-Lemon

#46 In “Black Panther” (2018), The Outfits Of T’challa, Nakia, And Okoye While They Travel To Korea Represent The Colors Of The Pan-African Flag

Image credits: carsonjr

#47 In Knives Out (2019), Ransom’s Sweater Has A Ripped Collar And Several Noticeable Holes. The Costume Designer Added This Detail To Show Ransom’s Nonchalance Towards His Wealth And Disrespect For His Family

Image credits: Numerous-Lemon

#48 In Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade (1989), The Nazi Outfits Are Genuine World War 2 Uniforms, Not Costumes. They Were Found In Eastern Europe By Co-Costume Designer Joanna Johnston

Image credits: Numerous-Lemon

#49 In Juno (2007) Mark Dresses More And More Like Juno After Each Encounter With Her

Image credits: CONVERSE1991

#50 In Forrest Gump (1994), After Every Temporal Transition, Forrest Is Always Wearing A Blue Shirt Which Symbolizes A Change In Time.

Image credits: ShanksAkagami9

#51 In Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets, You Can See That Ron’s Robes Are Dingier/Older Than Everyone Else’s, As They Are Hand-Me-Downs

Image credits: Knottsville

#52 In Zodiac (2007) Director David Fincher Wanted To Make The Film As Authentic As Possible, Even Dressing The Actors With The Same Outfit That The Victims Were Wearing When Found.

Image credits: HellotoHorse

#53 In Hercules (1997), The Cape Attached To Hercules’ Armor Is Actually The Shawl That Is Given To Him By His Adoptive Mother.

Image credits: thepickleofmyeye

#54 Just Noticed That Jim Morrison’s Outfit In The Desert Scene In Wayne’s World 2 Was Based On This 1968 Photo Of Jim And His Dog!

Image credits: shaboom-kaboom

#55 In “Anger Management” (2003) Starring Jack Nicholson And Adam Sandler, This Guy Can Be Seen Wearing Jack’s Outfit From Kubrick’s “The Shining” (1980).

Image credits: BroccoliBoys02

#56 In Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story (2007) After Dewey Marries Darlene While Still Married To Edith, He Can Be Seen Wearing Both Of His Wedding Rings

Image credits: jedisandwich

#57 In Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (2010), Neil Is Wearing A Sloan Shirt. This Is A Canadian Rock Band. Chris Murphy, A Member Of The Band, Was The Music Coach For Michael Cera And The Other Actors.

Image credits: Numerous-Lemon

#58 Just Noticed That In Jurassic World When Bryce Dallas Howard Rolls Up Her Sleeves And Ties Her Shirt At The Bottom To Say “I’m Ready”, She’s Wearing It The Same Way Laura Dern Did In Jurassic Park

Image credits: nickgene79

#59 In 13 Going On 30 (2004) Jenna’s Party Dress And Sleep Mask In The Future Are The Same Material As The Blindfold She Wears In The Closet During Her 7 Minutes In Heaven In The Past.

Image credits: BishPwease

#60 In Sound Of Metal (2019) Ruben Wears An Einstrürzende Neubauten T-Shirt: A Band Renowned For The Fact That They Use Pieces Of Scrap Metal And Power Tools To Construct Their Music – Quite Literally The Sound Of Metal.

Image credits: maccaroneski

#61 In Donnie Darko (2001), Patrick Swayze Wore His Own Clothes From The 1980s. He Wanted To Give His Character A Genuine Look. According To The Director: “He (Swayze) Wanted To Take A Flame-Thrower To His Image. He Was Fearless.”

Image credits: Numerous-Lemon

#62 In Captain Marvel (2019), When Monica Is Changing The Color Of Carol’s Suit She First Chooses A Combination Of Red And Gold, The Same Colors Of Dc’s Shazam, Who Was Previously Known As Captain Marvel.

Image credits: _OakyAfterbirth

#63 Wonder Woman (2017)’s Blue Dress Is A Nod To The 1975 Wonder Woman Series

Image credits: dancingbanana123

#64 In The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Paul Rudd Wears A Shirt With His Photo On It. The Photo Came From The Day They Shot Their Work Badges. The Costumer Printed It On A Shirt On A Whim And Left It With The Rest Of Rudd’s Wardrobe. When He Saw It, He Chose To Wear It In This Scene.

Image credits: whiteymcgroovenhaven

#65 In Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014) Black Widow Is Seen Wearing An Arrow Necklace, A Nod Toward Her Close Partnership To Hawkeye

Image credits: HellotoHorse

#66 In Saving Mr Banks (2013), Tom Hanks Wears A Tie That Walt Disney Wore In Real Life. The Strange Symbol Is The Logo For “Smoke Tree Ranch”, A Real Place In Palm Springs Which Was A Vacation Spot For Walt Disney And His Family

Image credits: Russian_Bagel

#67 Thor: Ragnarok (2017) Is The Only MCU Film Where Dr. Strange Used His Classic Yellow Gloves From The Comics

Image credits: Heraszor

#68 In Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix (2007), Harry Wears Button Down Sweaters At Da Meetings Similar To What Professor Lupin Would Wear. This Was Daniel Radcliffe’s Idea As He Thought Harry Would Want To Emulate His Favorite Dada Teacher

Image credits: KittenSquish

#69 In Encanto (2021), Agustín’s Outfit Has A Flower For Isabela, A Sock With Luisa’s Symbols, And Another Sock In The Style Of Mirabel’s Embroidery. They Are His 3 Daughters.

Image credits: Numerous-Lemon

#70 In Coraline The Other Mothers Outfit Slowly Changes To Resemble A Black Widow Spider, Which Could Be Foreshadowing The Scene In Which She Makes A Spider Web To Catch Coraline

Image credits: TheStrangledCat

#71 In Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021) As An Homage To The Comics, In A Few Shots, The Electric Field Around Electro Reveals His Original Mask For A Split Second.

Image credits: Mattokakka

#72 In ‘Fantastic Mr. Fox’ (2009), The Corduroy For Mr. Fox’s Outfit Came From Wes Anderson’s Suit Fabric.

Image credits: penultimate_evil

#73 In Infinity War (2018) Cap’s Suit Is Slightly Damaged Revealing The ‘Scales’ Used In His Outfit During Endgame (2019)

Image credits: Marky_Mark_Official

#74 The Emerald Ring Worn By Eleanor In “Crazy Rich Asians” Is Not A Prop But An Actual Piece Owned And Designed By Michelle Yeoh. She Chose To Wear It Instead Of The One Designed By The Film’s Art Department Because She Felt It Was Truer To Her Character’s Taste.

Image credits: epicurious_aussie

#75 In Dial M For Murder (1954), Alfred Hitchcock Intended For The Colour Scheme Of Margot’s (Grace Kelly) Outfits Change From Happy To Somber, As The Plot Thickens And Her Innocence Is Questioned (With The Exception Of A Pivotal Scene With The Nightgown).

Image credits: nCRedditor-21

#76 Doctor Sleep 2019, The Main Characters Are Seen In The Hotel Wearing The Same Outfits They Had In ‘The Shining’. Danny Is Wearing Jacks Whole Aesthetic And Abra Is Wearing Dannys Red Jacket

Image credits: Kirbruby

#77 In Thor: Ragnorak Odin States That Hela Draws Her Power From Asgard. On Earth Her Costume Has Multiple Tears, Signifying Her Weakened State. When She Arrives On Asgard Her Outfit Is Now Whole And Takes On Her Traditional Green Color Scheme, Showing That She Has Regained Her Strength

Image credits: ThatGreenGentleman13

#78 In Rocketman, During The Goodbye Yellow Brick Road Scene, Elton Is Wearing A Blue Suit With Red Slippers For Dorothy, A Silver Shirt For The Tin Man, A Straw Hat For The Scarecrow And A Furry Coat For The Cowardly Lion.

Image credits: nightsreader

#79 In Midsommar (2019) Dani’s Clothes Are All Ill-Fitting And Baggy. The First Outfit She Fits Into Is The Dress The Village Makes For Her, Showing That She Fits In There Better Than Elsewhere

Image credits: Adhara27

#80 In Talladega Nights (2016) Ricky Bobby Initially Has A Sponsorship From Wonder Bread. Later, When He’s Lost His Sponsor, He Resuses The “W” And “E” From “Wonder” To Spell “Me”

Image credits: MahjongDaily

#81 Yul Brynner Dons The Exact Same Outfit As Chris Adams In The Magnificent Seven (1960) And As The Android Gunslinger In Westworld (1973)

Image credits: owledge

#82 In “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation”, You Can See That Eddie Is Wearing A Mock Turtleneck That Shows Through His Sweater

Image credits: Peacewise

#83 In Mean Girls (2004), Regina Forbade Gretchen To Wear Hoop Earrings. Once They Broke Up, She Is Seen Wearing Hoop Earrings.

Image credits: kws1993

#84 The Breakfast Club’s Brian Has Turned His Sweater Inside Out After Smoking Weed.

Image credits: dipping_sauce

#85 In Robin Hood: Men In Tights (1993) The Sheriff Of Rottingham Wears Many Cowboy Sheriff Badges On Some Of His Outfits

Image credits: IndieGengar

#86 In Spider-Man: Far From Home, The Pattern On Mysterio’s Control Suit Are Very Similar In Placement And Design To The Cape Clasps Of His Original Comic Outfit.

Image credits: Legionx37

#87 Django’s Blue Outfit Has A Striking Resemblance To A Painting Called “Boy In Blue” That Was The Inspiration For The 1919 Movie Bearing The Same Name By Filmmaker F.w. Murnau. He Invented The “Unchained Camera Technique”.

Image credits: TheWafflerOG

#88 The Blackcoat’s Daughter (2015) The Original 3 Victims, When They Die, Are All Wearing Outfits That Wendy Torrence Wore In The Shining (1980), Although Not The Right Colors.

Image credits: DJse7entyse7en

#89 In Back To The Future 3 (1990) The Outfit That Marty Goes Back To 1885 In Has The Symbol Of The Atom On It.

Image credits: jtmy99

#90 In The Big Lebowski, The Dude Wears The Same Outfit As The “Technician” From Logjammin’

Image credits: __Zyrek__

#91 In Ant-Man (2015), When Darren Cross Shows Up At Hank Pym’s House To Invite Him To The Unveiling Of The Yellow Jacket, He’s Wearing Black Clothes/Gloves, The Sort Of Outfit A Murderer Would Wear To Minimize Evidence. Later In The Movie, Darren Admits To Him That This Was His Original Intention.

Image credits: RyanSmithN

#92 In Vertigo (1958), James Stewart’s Character Isn’t As Obsessed With Madeline As The Movie Infers, But Instead Obsessed With Obtaining Control Over A Girl And Projecting His Desires Onto Her – Hence The Neutral Grey Outfit He Makes Her Wear.

Image credits: WooDadooDooRakeYohn

#93 In Heavyweights, At The End Of The Dance Scene, Two Actors Can Briefly Be Seen Awkwardly Standing In The Background, Wearing The Same Outfits Worn By Jerry And Philip Earlier In The Scene.

Image credits: UltimaGabe

#94 In Ocean’s Thirteen (2007), When Basher (Don Cheadle) Pretends To Be Stunt Performer Fender Roads, He Completes His Patriotic Outfit With An American Flag Painted On His Front Teeth.

Image credits: running-tiger

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