A Bad-Ass Off-Road 4×4 School Bus

As we learned last year, kids in Oulu, Finland ride their bicycles to school through snow, in negative-22 degrees Fahrenheit weather.

Around the world there are schoolchildren who live in remote areas and may not have the bicycles to get them there. Turns out there’s a vehicle for this application: The Praetorian off-road school bus, made by Czech-Republic-based Torsus.

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The 4×4 Praetorian can carry 36 passengers, handle gnarly angles, clear obstacles 13.4 inches in height and wade through nearly three feet of water. With an off-road suspension and a diesel engine producing 290 horsepower and an absurd 848 lb-ft of torque, this thing will get the kids to school no matter how bad the roads are.

You might be wondering: What makes the Praetorian a school bus? The truth is, just the paint job, and the lack of the water cannon mounted to Torsus’ Anti-Riot Praetorian.

The off-road bus was actually designed for multiple applications, of which the school bus is just one. Check out the Praetorian’s range of liveries:

You can read more details about each version here.

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