A Contraption for Keeping Workers Cool in Un-Air-Conditionable Environments

Lately the heat on the farm has been brutal, going into the 100s (38 Celsius). Yesterday I had to push a broken 870-pound machine across just 25 feet of grass and I thought I might suffer a heat stroke.

I know there’s no such thing as outdoor air conditioning, but I was curious how employers keep manual laborers cool in extreme heat. The closest thing I could find is this Power Breezer Misting Fan, designed for workers on loading docks or in warehouses too large to conventionally cool.

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It’s kind of a neat design. The fan unit actually fits inside that tub for storage, and when you’re ready to use it you pull out the fan and mount it, then fill the tub with water.

The fan then blasts “a cool, fine mist” that won’t actually wet you or your equipment, but reduces the temperature by up to 27 degrees Fahrenheit, claims manufacturer Uline.

Sadly, I won’t be picking one of these up. They run $4,600!

Source: core77

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