A Cooler Cuter Smog Mask For Kiddos

In most densely populated cities, smog is nothing to sneeze at. Kids are particularly at risk from airborne pollutants, but getting them on board with wearing annoying safety gear is even harder than with adults. To help get kids more invested in the boring and uncomfortable world of smog ventilators, Kilo Design was approached by Airmotion Labs to create the Woobi Play. 

The Woobi Play is a colorful and simple ventilator, designed from a child’s point of view to invite hands-on assembly and interaction. The Woobi ships deconstructed, with instructions on how to piece it together like a puzzle.

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Kilo designer Lars Larsen points out that making the function of the mask accessible also opens up room to talk about the health reasons around its use. With fun visual tools on their side, kids’ understanding of how pollution works and how masks work to prevent harm can feel more like a meaningful task and less like a vague parental mandate. 

The Woobi Play uses a certified micro high-efficiency particulate HEPA filter, positioned asymmetrically at the side of the mask. The filter protects the wearer from 95 percent of airborne particles, and the soft materials keep things face-friendly.

As the campaign points out, there are an estimated 300 million children living in regions with dangerously high rates of toxic air pollution. Creative solutions to make things better, from lowering toxins to increasing protection, are going to be increasingly important for the foreseeable future.

Kilo Design via Dezeen

Source: core77

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