A Flip-Lid Plasma Lighter with an Extendable Neck

Here’s a nifty concept I wish Zippo would have come up with in their current phase of design experimentation.

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This Plasma Lighter XR, by a Texas-based EDC brand called True, aims to combine the convenience of two different form factors. The rectangular flip-lid lighter fits easily into a pocket and is essentially unbreakable. A candle-lighter is convenient for getting the flame away from your fingers, but their necks are fragile. True’s design takes the form of the former, and adds an extendable, flexible neck.

It is puzzling that the brand doesn’t present a single video, nor even a series of photos, that show how the neck is deployed and stowed; do you just grab the thing and push or pull? Is there some sort of safety so that the plasma can’t be fired up as you’re grabbing the tip?

The company claims the lighter, which contains a lithium polymer battery and is USB-C rechargeable, is good for 300 sparks on a single charge.

The Plasma Lighter XR runs $25.

Source: core77

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