A Pendant Lamp with Hidden Fan Blades

I’m a big fan of ceiling fans, no pun intended, but my only gripe is that the blades quickly gather dust and become unsightly. This Macrozone Fan Lamp, designed by industrial designer Yuchao Lin for Chinese electronics manufacturer Bull Group, doesn’t solve that problem—but it does hide it.

The blades are tucked away atop the fixture, and they unfurl once the fan is activated, as seen in these renders.

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The renders look handsome enough; alas, you can see the aesthetics suffered a bit in the transition to actual production, seen below.

Also apparently lost between the concept and the execution is the designer’s intention for the fixture to be quick-connect:

The base would still have to be wired in, of course, but I suppose that’s easier to do when not dealing with the weight of the entire fixture. And I suppose this might make it easier to clean, as you could just pop it off for dusting.

Source: core77

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