A Swiss Fire Engine Converted to Designey Camper Home

A decommissioned Swiss fire engine was transformed into this designey motorhome by Collectief Soepel, a six-man creative collective from the Netherlands.

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“A family of five will live permanently in this 4×4 Mercedes Vario, a former Swiss fire engine,” they write. “The interior was designed and realized by Collectief Soepel in close collaboration with the customer, and the construction and technology were realized by [motorhome modifier] Doncamp.”

“The interior focuses on a balance of practical use of space and a sense of space. The result is a beautiful interior full of natural shapes and materials.”

“The kitchen is made of birch plywood with an ash worktop. The wall cabinet with a curved bottom, which accentuates the round window, is special. The rest of the wall units have doors made of GOGO plastics, 100% recycled material. Many details are made of plato wood.”

“In the alcove there is another bed, which you can climb into with climbing handles.”

The story behind the collective is rather interesting: As boys, six friends growing up in the Dutch village of Elden liked getting together in a barn to build stuff. When it was time to go off to school/learn a trade, their chosen fields of study spanned industrial design, mechanical engineering, welding and draftsmanship. With these new skills under their belts, the six reconvened at the barn and simply picked up where they left off.

Within a few years they outgrew the barn, and now operate out of an industrial park in Arnhem. You can see more of their work here.

Source: core77

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