An Innovative DIY Flip-Out Cabinet Hinge—Made of Foam!

Ramy Wafi, a woodworker based in Egypt, created this innovative cabinet hinge. It allows you to flip an interior compartment out of the front of a cabinet, providing access to the larger area at the rear:

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Interestingly, Wafi fashioned the hinge from what he calls “plastic wood;” it differs from the American product of the same name, which a wood-filling putty, and is actually made of foam. You can see Wafi machining the stuff with a variety of tools here. (Perhaps he’s prototyping with the material and intends to eventually go with metal.)

Wafi says the material is water- and fire-resistant, but sadly I was not able to learn more; Wafi writes in Arabic, and Google Translate can only get you so far.

The full build video of the hinge, where you can see how the hinge material behaves as it’s machined, is below. There is no English translation/subtitles available, but it’s easy enough to figure out what he’s doing:

Source: core77

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