Barack And Michelle Obama Post Tributes To Their Dog Bo, Who Has Died Following Battle With Cancer

Often a dog is not only a man’s best friend, but it becomes a family member. A lot of people joke around that they like dogs better than people and that when a dog in movies dies, it’s a lot more heart-wrenching than when a person does.

So when a dog or any pet dies, it really feels like you’ve lost someone very dear and close to you. The whole world got the sad news that the Obama family dog, Bo, died last Saturday. Barack and Michelle Obama shared some photos on social media and said that the family had lost “a true friend and loyal companion.”

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Barack Obama announced on his Twitter that their family dog Bo has died

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Bo was a Portuguese water dog and he was gifted to the Obamas in 2009 from the late senator Ted Kennedy. It was a thoughtful gift as this breed is hypoallergenic and one of the Obamas’ girls, Malia, has allergies. Also, the former President promised his daughters that he would get them a dog after the elections.

Bo died on Saturday at 12 years old after a battle with cancer. He was supposed to be a companion for the girls, but Michelle Obama says in her Instagram post, “We had no idea how much he would mean to all of us.”

In the announcement, the former President reminisced about what a good boy he was

Image credits: BarackObama

Image credits: BarackObama

Barack Obama remembers the dog as very patient and well-behaved, tolerating “all the fuss that came with being in the White House.”

Like Mrs. Obama said in her Instagram post, Mr. Obama agreed, “He was exactly what we needed and more than we ever expected. We will miss him dearly.”

Presidents having pets in the White House is quite an old tradition—for the last 100 years, with the exception of Donald Trump, US presidents have had pets.

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Michelle Obama also posted that they lost a good friend and that the family is feeling down

Image credits: MichelleObama

Image credits: MichelleObama

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The dog was a gift from from the late senator Ted Kennedy and Barack Obama promised his daughters that they would get a puppy after the elections

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Michelle Obama posted a tribute on Instagram describing what a huge part of their lives Bo was: “He was there when the girls came home from school, greeting them with a wag. He was there when Barack and I needed a break, sauntering into one of our offices like he owned the place, a ball clamped firmly in his teeth. He was there when we flew on Air Force One, when tens of thousands flocked to the South Lawn for Easter Egg Roll, and when the Pope came to visit. And when our lives slowed down, he was there, too—helping us see the girls off to college and adjust to life as empty nesters.”

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Bo lived for 12 years and died of cancer

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The name Bo was given by the girls. They have cousins with a cat named Bo and Mrs. Obama’s father was nicknamed Diddley, after the musician Bo Diddley. When the dog first came to the family, Barack Obama said, “He’s a star. He’s got star quality.” And the Kennedys were very pleased that Bo is bringing so much joy to Obama’s daughters.

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The Obama family has another dog, Sunny, who also is a Portuguese water dog

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The family has another dog, Sunny. She is also a Portuguese water dog and was introduced on Michelle Obama’s Twitter account on August 19, 2013. While Bo was a gift, Sunny was purchased from a breeder.

The former President once said he would have preferred a dog from a shelter but because of his daughter’s allergies, a compromise had to be made.

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Bo lived a happy life and he brought infinite joy to his family

Image credits: michelleobama

Image credits: michelleobama

People on Twitter were very understanding and were expressing their condolences. Now Bo is in doggy heaven, but he will never be forgotten. He was not only loved by his family, but had a lot of fans all around the world.

And now, those who have furry friends, go hug them and rub their bellies for the former First Lady.

People in the comments were responding by expressing their condolences and sharing their experiences to say that they understand the family’s pain

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