Barbecuing with Good Industrial Design: Robert Brunner's Fuego Grills

It’s almost the season to start roasting meat outdoors, which reminds me that barbecue grills are a product category in desperate need of some UX attention. Happily, veteran industrial designer Robert Brunner has stepped up with his Fuego Professional grill design.

The wheels on most grills I’ve used are a total afterthought, and who wants to do a three-point turn to maneuver the thing into place? Brunner has opted for four omnidirectional casters, allowing you to position the grill easily and precisely.

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The hinges on most grill lids place your hand directly over the leaping flames when you open them. Brunner has wisely offset the hinge, keeping your hand well out of the way.

There’s also a thermometer built into the lid.

The 415-square-inch lower grill is large enough to cook 20 quarter-pound burgers (4.5″ diameter) at once, and has an internal height of 9″ with the warming tray removed…

…yet the overall object’s footprint is a trim 24″ x 24″, so it takes up a minimum of space.

The grate, by the way, weighs in at 18 pounds.

Lastly, I like the clean look Brunner’s penned. It looks substantial, but still trim and sexy.

The Professional rings in at $500, but for those on lower budgets, Fuego offers smaller 21″ x 21″ Element models for $300/$400.

Source: core77

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