BMW's Panoramic Vision Feature: Does This Really Qualify as a HUD?

A heads-up display, or HUD, is one of the more useful features I’ve encountered in modern cars. So I was excited when BMW announced their forthcoming Panoramic Vision feature, which they touted as a “New head-up display across the entire width of the windscreen.” However, the version they unveiled is not only underwhelming, it’s downright disappointing:

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BMW’s Frank Weber—notably, a Member of the Board of Management of BMW AG Development, not a designer—can’t make it sound better than it is in this lackluster demo:

Isn’t the entire point of a HUD that it keeps your eyes on the road? And that your eyes don’t have to adjust from focusing downwards at a dark surface and then forwards at a brighter scene? And while I’m assuming the displayed data is user-configurable, what they’ve chosen for the press images isn’t exactly crucial driving data: The speed and navigation info on the left is good–but the track listing of the music and the city you’re in?

One “benefit” the company says of the system is that “all occupants can see the entire content,” unlike with a regular HUD. Is that a feature people were clamoring for?

BMW says the feature will be rolled out in their forthcoming Neue Klasse platform in 2025. As the company is not known for entertaining criticism, I’m guessing the production version will be close or identical to what we see here.

Source: core77

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