Bride Picks Out Dress For Her Friend Who Rocks It So Much That She Gets Uninvited From The Wedding

Even though marriage is not a societal requirement anymore, people that decide to have this commitment ceremony spend months perfecting the event. Which absolutely makes sense – why wouldn’t they? An occasion where two become one should be a special day to remember.

Whether having a wedding is a significant part of one’s culture or religion where the celebration can go on for weeks, or it’s purely done to let the bride and the groom experience their magical day – weddings have an extremely valuable and universal purpose of those spoken promises that will seal people’s love forever.

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However, sometimes instead of focusing on the said love and the actual importance of the day, people feverishly concentrate on insignificant things.

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Everyone wants their wedding day to be perfect, but sometimes things take a bizarre turn

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The story of a woman named Alena perfectly suits this kind of category, as she shared her icky story about how one of her closest friends decided to disinvite her from her wedding purely because of the way she looked.

The TikTok that Alena posted went viral with over 7M views and received 10K comments where people expressed their opinions and also debated about this rather ridiculous situation.

A woman claims that she got uninvited from her friend’s wedding because she looked “too good”

Image credits: alenayildiz

Alena, a German model, took it to TikTok to share the upsetting incident that happened to her and one of her oldest friends, who was about to become a wife. With the wedding date already chosen and the ceremony preparation coming to an end, Alena was excited to be present and to finally support her friend on her magical day.

The wife-to-be decided to go all out and even personally chose the dress for Alena – however, right before the wedding, the OP received some shocking news about being uninvited from the event as she ended up looking “too good”.

Image credits: alenayildiz

The level of absurdity of the situation where a close friend chooses to push someone away right before their wedding purely because of being potentially outshined is unpleasant enough. But understanding that this happened due to a pre-planned outfit that the bride chose herself is very much shocking.

However, despite this nonsense, Alena didn’t let it upset her and ended up taking some fabulous photos while wearing this beautiful sequin gown.

Image credits: alenayildiz

Image credits: alenayildiz

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Toxic wedding culture is unquestionably a thing. People want everything to be unhealthily perfect, which takes all the charm away. The day that was supposed to be special is not so special anymore, as people choose to focus their attention on the visual and materialistic parts. And this kind of mentality often leads to unnecessary troubles, where people can’t enjoy and truly celebrate their love.

Image credits: alenayildiz

Unfortunately, this is exactly what seemed to have happened in Alena’s story as her friends decided to put their love aside and focus on completely irrelevant things that led them to have this worthless conflict.

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Many TikTok users supported the OP and showered her with compliments

But some users thought that the bride had a point and that the OP was in the wrong

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