Chair Chat no. 21: ‘The Splat’

In our 21st Chair Chat™ with Klaus Skrudland and Rudy Everts, we discuss a primitive stick chair that looks so uncomfortable it would best be used to interrogate spies. As usual, the language is on the salty side. Then again, a chair like this needs a rich vocabulary to be discussed properly. As always, if this kind of entertainment does not suit you, maybe you’ll like this endless horse better.

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Chris: OK, bring out the chair!

Klaus: OK, I’ll find it. Hang on.

Klaus: Chair, chair, chair. Hair, hair, hair.

Rudy: Hair?

Klaus: I just wanted to say hair, since it rhymed with chair.

Rudy: That’s fair.

Klaus: I’m eating a pear.

Chris: I’ve got a pair.

Klaus: Bring ’em here. Before I despair.

Klaus: Aaaanyway…was it this one we wanted to talk about?

Chris: Yup.

Rudy: I think so. It looks like a chair. Kinda. 

Klaus: Yah. I’m not sure if this qualifies as a chair. Anyway, here’s the info from the dealer: 

“Slightly wild, incredibly primitive Welsh stick chair. Yew and elm-wood. Various adaptations, most notably the extra slab seat presumably used to repair the existing seat. Wonderful look and feel. Originating from the Heads of the Valley, Wales, 19th century. Dimensions: 51cm x 93cm x 45cm. SOLD.”

Klaus: Slightly wild, they say.

Rudy: That is what I call wonky with a capital W and a capital ONKY.

Chris: I think the most worrisome thing about is that SOMEONE BOUGHT IT.

Rudy: It’s SOLD!

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

Chris: I think everyone who has owned this chair became a cripple. Then died. There should be a government warning label on it.

Rudy: Unless they already had an inverted back.

Chris: I think the chair must have been made by a chiropractor: Here kind patient, sit in this. And you will need my help forever!

Klaus: The Welsh Chiropractor Chair™. Only spineless people can find comfort in it.

Rudy: So, how far back does the back rest lean? Hmmm, about -10°!

Klaus: Minus 5°, I’d say. This is a chair made for discomfort!

Klaus: And it looks drunk from this angle:

Chris: It’s definitely drunk.

Klaus: Or maybe it’s dancing?

Rudy: It is dancing the dance of death!

Rudy: What I find funny about this chair is that the maker had a hard time aligning his or her parts properly – then yet they were somehow able to make very passable stretchers.

Klaus: Agree. That’s weird. It’s like they made some decent stretchers and then just gave up on the rest.

Chris: Can someone explain what is going on below the seat? It has two layers?

Rudy: It is a Seat Doubler™.

Klaus: The dealer says it’s a repair. If so, it’s a lazy one! I mean, it’s like just gluing a new car on top of a wrecked car to “fix” it.

Rudy: Is the new seat glued to the underside of the old seat? I can’t see any nails.

Klaus: Hard to see. There are some holes there.

Chris: It looks like the chair has a colostomy bag hanging on its belly.

Klaus: Haha! Well, something has for sure gone wrong with the primary seat.

Chris: Yes. It was probably TOO comfortable.

Rudy: Very funny with that big back splat, too.

Klaus: The huge splat and that upright back is just completely weird.

Chris: If anyone has died from a non-electric chair, it’s this one

Klaus: Haha! Yeah, you could really torture people in this. They should buy it for Guantanamo:

“If you don’t tell me about that submarine, we’ll make you sit in the Welsh Chiropractor Chair™ for three days!!

Rudy: No no no, that is worse than waterboarding!

Chris: Noooooo! Not Chair Splatting™!

Rudy: Hahaha.


Klaus: Oh nooo, my back!!

Rudy: Anything! Not the splatting!

Klaus: Oh no, feed me to the alligators instead!

Chris: Cut my wiener off and feed it to me. Anything but THE SPLAT!

Klaus: I’ll sit in Windsor instead! Anything but the splat!

Chris: Haha! Please Fanback me instead! Sackback my head!

Klaus: Stretch me on the Birdcage! Anything!


Chris: But seriously, who bought this dung pile?

Klaus: A Welsh Chiropractor who works in Guantanamo?

Rudy: Maybe it was really cheap?

Chris: Maybe it was ISIS?

Klaus: Maybe Bin Laden used to own it. The Welsh Bin Laden Chair™?

Chris: The only way I’d buy it would be to burn it.

Rudy: More importantly – do you think they are sitting in the chair right now?

Klaus: If so, they’re probably dead by now.

Chris: Maybe Galen Cranz bought it. And then wrote her book.

(Editor’s note: Galen Cranz is the author of the book “The Chair,” in which she argues that chairs are basically horrible for the human body.)

Klaus: Hahaha. 

Rudy: Hahaha. Such a source of inspiration, this chair.

Klaus: Well, is there anything good about this chair?

Rudy: Yeah. It is Chair-Chat worthy.

Klaus: Good point. And it’s made out of wood.

Chris: The stretchers look like they’re made of wood, too.

Rudy: Definitely

Klaus: The dealer’s info says that the chair is “incredibly primitive.” I don’t agree. It’s just incredibly ugly.

Rudy: That is offensive to primitive chairs, agree.

Chris: I think it’s incredibly still together.

Klaus: It’s incredibly called a chair.

Chris: The primitives wanna have a word with his chair.

Klaus: Indeed. The other primitive chairs would be so offended by this wombat-looking creature. Just look at that stance.

Rudy: I like how the short sticks look like pinched off turds, though.

Chris: That seems to be a common problem with these ugly chairs. I made some sticks like this until I figured out how to make them not look like turds.

Klaus: If my kids came home from woodworking class with this chair, I would tell them to go sleep somewhere else.

Chris: Your kids’ chairs would have looked better. But really, my sticks were comical! I’ll show you guys next time you visit. 

Klaus: You still have those chairs?

Chris: Oh yes.

Rudy: I look forward to seeing them.

Klaus: I’ll bring matches.

Chris: If I can make a decent chair, there’s hope for everyone. Because my chairs were not looking good at first!

Klaus: Is the arm a branch?

Rudy: I was just going to ask the same.

Chris: A branch that got pillaged by a beaver.

Klaus: A branch that was first pillaged by a beaver, then eaten by a moose.

Rudy: And then molested by a primitive chairmaker.

Chris: And then pooped out, picked up by a bald eagle and dropped in Wales. Where a blind woodworker found it.

Klaus: And then nailed on a splat.

Chris: Plausible. Totally. 

Rudy: Very.

Klaus: And then the whole shebang ended up in an antique store, and sold for too much money.

Chris: And here we are, making it famous!

Rudy: Do we know the price it sold for?

Klaus: Nope.

Rudy: I’m guessing around 62 GBP.

Klaus: I’m guessing one rusty nail and a parrot’s turd. That’s what I would pay.

Chris: Still too much.

Rudy: How much are parrot turds these days on the black market?

Klaus: They are in high demand.

Rudy: The arm bends inward too. This chair is really one of the worst…

Klaus: Yes. Gotta love arms that pinch you in your side.

Chris: It’s trying to kill you – one way or the other.

Klaus: If you’re a chubby person and sit in this, you’ll never get out alive. They’ll have to burn the chair off you.

Chris: The shape of the splat…. what would you call it?

Rudy: Ugly?

Klaus: A vase?

Chris: Throwing-up Snakey?

Klaus: Haha. That’s a good one.

Chris: Distended Colon?

Klaus: Snake who swallowed a possum?

Rudy: “My penis looks a little weird but I like it anyway”?

Klaus: LOL. Can I say LOL here, by the way? 

Chris: Is LOL bad now?

Rudy: LOL! I mean, that’s what the splat looks like. I’m not talking abut my own… you know.

Klaus: Oh, good. Because for one second there I thought… I mean, if you have a weird penis, that’s alright, but…NEVERMIND!

Chris: I do like the color, though.

Klaus: Of Rudy’s…?

Chris: Of the chair. Not Rudy’s Johnson.

Klaus: Phew. LOL.


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