Chicago-based artist recreates puddles and debris found on city’s sidewalks

Jeffrey Michael Austin is a Chicago-based artist who has spent a lot of time capturing puddles that collect on the city’s sidewalks. Some of the puddles exhibit mirror-like qualities, reflecting the surrounding environments. As part of his new series, Austin decided to remake the puddles in all their strikingly reflective glories. The artist even incorporates bits of trash to add to each work’s realism.

Austin says, “The Puddles came from my desire to make work that at first glance feels mundane and unassuming, a candid situation you wouldn’t immediately regard as or associate with an art experience. I’d hoped that in this way they would gently present themselves as yet another detail of your natural environment, before then unfurling with a kind of subtle and surprising magic — an extraordinary quality that you have to grapple with for a moment before facing it with any criticality.”

Check out some of his sculptures below and find more on his Instagram.



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