Core77 Weekly Roundup (4-24-23 to 4-28-23)

Here’s what we saw this week:

The technique of pre-fabricating gigantic ships, invented under pressure during World War II, is still the best way to do it. Here’s a time-lapse of a gigantic cruise ship being built using pre-fab techniques.

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My guess is that objects like this CNC-milled tool organizer will become the next non-portable EDC object craze.

From startup Formify, a customized computer mouse designed from a photo of your hand. Does this say more about the state of modern manufacturing, or human psychology?

Swiss industrial designer Renaud Defrancesco designed this Spot lamp with dual user-adjustable rotating LEDs.

Spin the Lightning! Austrian audiophile equipment manufacturer Pro-Ject makes this limited edition Metallica turntable.

The designers of the new Polestar 4 have gotten rid of the rear window altogether. I am not sure why, something about “a new kind of immersive rear occupant experience,” the company says.

The Draft Top Pro, a countertop beer-can-beheading device for bars, can help eliminate plastic cups and reduce glassware.

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

Japanese cutting tool company Olfa makes this odd-looking BTC-1/DX, a combination scraper and leatherworking cutter with a rotating head.

This Light-Up Chess Set features wirelessly illuminated pieces that go dark when “taken.” Electromagnetic induction does the trick.

Airbus has designed a roomy space station called the LOOP. Larger, better-designed space stations will become a reality as SpaceX gets their heavy booster rockets to work.

Lancia’s stunning Pu+Ra HPE concept blends ’70s, ’80s and ’90s design cues with the 21st Century.

This MUECKE line of furniture made from carbon fiber tubes is by architect/designer Jonathan Muecke.

Google researchers are using DeepMind AI to teach robots how to play soccer.

Crocs and Bodega teamed up on this unusual All-Terrain “NICT-TECH” Clog, which features on-shoe storage and a deployable rain shield.

Lu Ban rulers are Feng-Shui-specific tape measures that mark auspicious dimensions in red.

Product designer Erik Stehmann upcycles cast-off furniture with egg crate foam sealed under a polyurethane coating.

As it turns out, there are rather a lot of designs for plates that let you hold both food and drink in one hand.

Engineer and sprocket scientist Sergii Gordieiev used bicycle parts to create this wrapping machine.

Hardware engineer Mohit Bhoite designs and builds these beautiful, functional, technological desktop sculptures.

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