Core77 Weekly Roundup (6-5-23 to 6-9-23)

Here’s what we looked at this week:

Absolut Vodka is trying out lightweight, recyclable paper-based bottles in the UK.

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The Leatherman Style PS is a (supposedly) travel-friendly no-knife multi-tool. It complies with TSA requirements, but you have to hope it complies with the TSA agent’s mood.

The ID Buzz, Volkswagen’s electric design update to the magic bus, is coming to the U.S. next year.

Viille is furniture designer Ari Kanerva’s visually interesting take on stackable stools.

We looked at different designs, both vintage and new, for hat presses. (The modern ones seem to range from cheap junk to pricey overkill.)

Motorola’s Razr Plus boasts a new dual-screen, folding form factor for the smartphone. The designers hope the hinged shape will be used in new ways.

The TruRest is a bizarre object that allows you to sleep face-forward on airplanes. It’s been successfully Kickstarted, and ought motivate you to crowdfund whatever ideas you have.

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

Despite debuting in 2002, industrial designer Maarten Baptist’s Outline Cutlery still somehow looks current.

We took a close look at the design of Apple’s Vision Pro goggles.

A look at the actual applications Apple pitches for their Vision Pro goggles.

LG’s StandByMe Go is a battery-powered touchscreen monitor in a briefcase.

The Migo Ascender is a robot vacuum that can climb stairs. But can it go back down?

Architectural Researchers PLP Labs use 3D-printed forms to grow structural mycelium blocks, which could have applications for furniture and architecture.

We asked for your thoughts on this design for vertically staggered airplane seats, conceived of by industrial designer Alejandro Nuñez Vicente.

Parameters, by ID student Linus Brorsson, are a series of “expression controllers for electronic music.”

Industrial designer Gustav Carlberg’s stackable outdoor Tråd Chair seems like it should be a design classic.

In Sandtrix, an unauthorized Tetris variant, the blocks crumble after landing. Color-matching becomes the goal. A creative way to rethink long-established game mechanics.

Recent headlines that ChatGPT designed a robot are misleading. In fact the researchers used the AI as a kind of design advisor.

Great example of a simple design finding crowdfunding success. 55 66 88, by design firm CW&T, is a a 3-way phone stand made of extruded aluminum.

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