Core77's Ultimate Gift Guide for Designers: Week 2 Winners

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This holiday, share your Ultimate Gift Guide with Core77 for a chance to gift yourself some fun prizes. We’re on the lookout for your favorite 5 holiday gift ideas and will reward the best gift guides with awesome rewards, including gift certificates and designer-approved products. It gets better—one Editor’s pick will take home a Spin Bag from IAMRUNBOX, and one Community Choice winner with the most votes will win a Core77 ~Mystery Box~!

This week, three submissions chosen by our editors have earned their curators a $25 gift certificate to Tetra and a spot in the running for the grand prize come December 18th. And remember, the more guides you submit the better your chances are of one of them getting selected!

Here are our 3 Editor’s Picks:

Oscar Salguero’s “A Holiday from the Panopticon” gift guide is all about identification, whether it’s identifying electronic “birds” or concealing your identity from biometric facial recognition technologies. Creepy, but we like it.

Dogs have feelings too, and if yours has been a good boy this year, treat them with the high quality objects found in Sam Watson’s “Top Dog” gift guide. Only thing missing? Anything with peanut butter.

We love a good steal, especially when it’s coming from a world renowned designer. that’s why we gravitated towards the Revision Team’s “High Brow, Low Budget. the Biggest Designer Names Under $100” gift guide—bonus points for the creative title. Stock up, people! 



Want in on the fun? MAKE YOUR OWN ULTIMATE GIFT GUIDE HERE— three of next week’s winners will be receiving a gift certificate to Tetra so you can gift yourself some designer-approved smoking accessories. If you didn’t win this week, get your friends to vote for your guide, and you could still be crowned the Community Choice winner!

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