Couple Uninvites A Guest From Their Wedding After Reading His Facebook Posts, Divides People’s Opinions

Wedding etiquette can be a tough nut to crack, a difficult maze to navigate, and far from a piece of (delicious three-tiered wedding) cake. Knowing how to behave when problems arise can let you avoid a lot of stress before your big day. However, some situations are trickier than the rest.

Case in point, redditor Quackers4Crackers shared how she and her fiancé uninvited a religious guest because of his intolerant, “aggressive,” and “cruel” posts on Facebook about progressive issues like LGBTQ+ rights. What’s more, the redditor explained that this particular guest also routinely posts anti-vaxx and Covid conspiracy theories online, even though he’s perfectly polite in person.

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However, she felt guilty about uninviting him and wanted to get the internet’s opinion about whether she made the correct decision to tell him he can no longer come by sending him a message. Have a read through the full story posted on the AITA subreddit, think about what you would have done in this particular situation, and share your thoughts and opinions in the comments, dear Pandas.

A couple recently uninvited one of their guests after they took a closer look at the things that they posted on Facebook

Image credits: Jeremy Wong (not the actual photo)

Image credits: Quackers4Crackers

Image credits: Quackers4Crackers

Even though most of the AITA community agreed that Quackers4Crackers did the right thing, far from every redditor was on her side. Some criticized the bride-to-be for lacking the courage to call the guest and having a mature conversation about the situation.

Meanwhile, others pointed out that the redditor herself stated that the guest was always polite and non-aggressive in person.

Uninviting someone from a wedding can be a harrowing experience. Odds are, you’ll feel guilty and embarrassed. After all, it’s tough telling someone that they’re no longer wanted at your special celebration.

The Knot highlights the simple truth that prevention is the best cure: if you’re mindful about your guest list from the very start, it’ll be far less likely that you’ll then have to disinvite someone. After all, it’s far easier emotionally (if not financially!) to add to your guest list than to subtract from it.

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“When creating your guest list, think long and hard about whom you choose to include. If budget restrictions or venue capacity are the reason you’re tempted to downsize your headcount, it’s perfectly okay to create an A list and a B list of guests. Much better to use this strategy than to overshoot on invites and have to revoke them later,” The Knot explains.

Something else to keep in mind before disinviting someone is the fallout. Think about how this will affect not only your relationship but also the entire atmosphere surrounding your wedding. Of course, it’s your special day and everything is supposed to go according to your plan, but sometimes compromises are necessary for long-term stability, so grinning and bearing things is also a viable strategy.

However, if you do go down the uninvitation route, then it’s best to be very mature about it and talk it out in detail, looking for a resolution. What this means is having a face-to-face conversation if possible. Giving them a call is the second-best option

Most redditors thought that the happy couple were well within their rights to uninvite the guest

However, some internet users thought that the situation was a bit more nuanced, based on the information the poster shared

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