‘Creepers’ exhibit shows colorful, tasteful perversity

Daniel Boccato’s Creepers exhibition at The Journal Gallery in Brooklyn is underway. The exhibit is made of six fiberglass and epoxy sculptures. Each piece was made this year. The Brazilian native adopted a bold move by using a modern color-and-shape focus on his works. The exhibit is an impressive installment. You would expect such sculptures to have a strong psychological impact, but they seem too strategically done to make there be anything too weird about them. This may be work that is conservative in its core, showing that Boccato is simply a young artist that is full of promise and ambition. In a field that’s teeming with similar artists, it will be nice to see how he fares against fellow sculptors. The show is considerably successful, thanks to its staying power.

The installment features monochrome sculptures that refer to exterior anatomies. Some may appear abstract, even if motivated by natural or mechanical forms. Parallel to the wall, the pieces protrude a little bit, giving a sense of silhouette work.

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Information about the Creepers exhibition is available on the gallery’s website.

daniel-boccato-tokeface-720x720 daniel-boccato-belface-720x720 daniel-boccato-knipface-720x720

Source: designfaves.com

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