Embr Wave Helps Your Body Temperature Stay Regulated Both Indoors and Outdoors

If you’re in New York City right now—or any other city experiencing extreme drops in temperature—you know how it goes: One day the winter chill is tolerable, then the next you’re wearing three jackets, two beanies, and a scarf wrapped around your entire face except your eyes. And then the next day, you’re sick as a dog. 

Yes, heated jackets are a solution to staying warm and ditching a few layers, but what about when you ride overly heated public transportation or when you get to the office and your coworkers are fighting over who gets to adjust the thermostat?

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That’s where Embr Wave comes in. A wearable that acts as a personal thermostat, Embr Wave lives on your wrist similar to an Apple Watch. When you’re feeling a bit too hot or too cold, simply press a button and let Embr Wave’s thermotechnology take its course. A light strip down the face of Embr glows blue when you’re in cooling mode and red when you’re in heat mode to ensure comfort and awareness. You can also operate the device through its accompanying app. Embr Wave’s design is unassuming, but through a mixture of technology and mental stimulation, the device is able to alter your body temperature up to five full degrees in either direction. 

Are Embr Wave’s temperature powers too good to be true? On the floor at CES 2019, (and with the help of Covestro), we met with Embr co-founder Sam Shames to learn more about the technology behind Ember Wave and what he aims to accomplish:

If you’re ready to try Embr Wave out for yourself or as a gift for a loved one struggling with temperature regulation, you can learn more and preorder Ember Wave here.

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