Engineer Adds Robotic Spider Legs to Household Objects to Increase Utility

A Japanese engineer and dad who goes by “Ianius” on Twitter has an unusual hobby: Adding robotic spider legs to household objects. ” I want to live in a convenient and enjoyable house full of furniture and home appliances that move and help people,” he said in an interview with HuffPost Japan.

In his vision, a walking toy box makes it more fun for his daughters to clean up after playtime:

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When one of them needs to use a stepstool to reach the counter, Ianius sends it over there:

And if someone needs to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, he’s created a walking nightlight to guide them with:

It should be noted that these are not autonomous devices, but remote-controlled by Ianius. He uses off-the-shelf motors and components to build the creations, but designs and 3D prints the legs himself. Why not wheels? Because legs “can avoid steps and obstacles and can be used well even in small and cluttered rooms.”

Ianius regularly posts videos of his spider-bots to Twitter, where they’ve been viewed and liked hundreds of thousands of times. It’s not social media glory he’s seeking: “I hope manufacturers who see these posts will realize there’s demand, and consider development and sales.”

Source: core77

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