Experimental Furniture Design: An Aluminum and PVC Inflatable Chair

Tokyo-based designer Ryota Akiyama, who specializes in “researching the nature of materials,” came up with this Airbay, an experimental and non-obvious design for a chair:

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Constructed from a 1.2mm aluminum sheet and a 0.05mm PVC balloon, “Neither material in this form can perform the function of a chair,” Akiyama writes. “However, once the balloon in the aluminum frame is inflated, the two gain enough strength. The size and weight of the two materials are designed to have the most beautiful balance and high strength. The combination of soft materials and invisible materials gives birth to a chair with interesting spatiality.”

It’s an interesting concept, and I’m a little sad these two photos are the only things posted on it; I’d like to see more examples of this idea being explored.

Source: core77

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